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Interview with Daniel O’Hare from It’s In the Mix (Wit & Wizardry) by Ayla Ruse

List three things about Aisling that turn you on.
Her wings.
Her love for me.
The way she dances.
Do you have any pets?
No, but ever since I saw a little Tweetzle, I’ve been trying to convince Aisling for us to get one. I’d never heard of it before, either. But a Tweetzle is a cross between a tiny cat and hedgehog. I know, it sounds weird as shit, but it’s adorable. I think we will end up with one because even though Aisling claims she doesn’t want pets yet, I’ve seen how she lights up whenever we go to her brother Orien’s house. He has three of them and Aisling plops right down to snuggle them when they run up to her. 
What is the craziest place you and Aisling have made love?
On the roof of her tree house. Scary as anything, but it was crazy fun.
Are you a night person or a morning person?
I am a night person. Aisling is full blown morning. It works though. If I make her happy before bed, she makes me not so grumpy come morning time. (He says this with a wink)
What do you like to do in your free time?
I hardly have free time anymore. Since moving to Ireland, I’ve been neck deep in supervising and building our new tree house. Don’t roll your eyes. The tree houses that fairy’s live in are huge and breathtaking. We’re going all out with plenty of room for the big family we plan to have. Any free time is usually spent with Aisling. We take a lot of walks through the hills and have picnics and simply enjoy each other. I am the luckiest man on Earth to have her by my side.
Would you share the blurb from your story?
Sure. Read on.

Mix 1 part narrow minded fairy with 1 part human bachelor to get 2 parts love everlasting.

Aisling is not happy to be tending bar in a human pub. Her fairy aunt predicted she'd find love by the next full moon, and that means she should be back in Ireland -- not in the middle of Massachusetts.

Despite the happy married lives of his friends, Daniel is content to remain a bachelor. After all, the pretty new bartender may want to come home with him. Why spoil that with a relationship?

Something might have happened on its own, but a mischievous pub owner slips each of them a Wit & Wizardry brew known to contain a powerful love potion. Before either can say a word, Aisling and Daniel find themselves tumbling headlong into love.

Unfortunately, all is not happily ever after. Aisling does not want to love a human, and Daniel believes he's unfairly pressured her into being with him. When the pair settle down to breathe, can they discover something deeper to bind them, or will daylight make the heady effects of a potioned brew fade away?

How about an excerpt?
Absolutely. I’d normally give you my version of the moment when I knew I fell in love with her, but I like her version better, so here it is.

"Here, Aisling. Drink up."

Aisling had her head on her arms on the little table in the break room. She lifted her head at Dirv's voice. He held out a shot glass with something green inside.

She eyed the drink. "What's this?"

"Just a little something I mixed up. An old Russian drink of apology. I know you don't like to work with humans. This is my way of saying I'm sorry."

She looked from the drink to Dirv and back again. "Will it make me drunk?" It could be nice to be drunk, she thought absently, if it could make that delicious human get out of her thoughts.

Again he shrugged his bony shoulders. "I don't know. It doesn't make me drunk, but I'm a leshy, so very little makes me drunk. Your being fairy, I don't know how it will affect you. But that's not the point. Drink up. It's an apology. Refusal will insult me."

She shrugged. "Why not?" She took the offered glass and tipped it back in one long swallow. It didn't burn like she'd expected, but the taste was one she knew all too well.

She sputtered, but it was too late. The brew had gone down. "What was in that?" she demanded.

"Just a little of this and a little of that."

"You put Wit & Wizardry beer in that!"

"Of course. You think I make an apology drink with my vodka? No, you don't like that stuff. You like Wizardry brew. So I made the drink with that."

"You aren't supposed to use that stuff!"

"I'm not supposed to sell it. I didn't sell it. I told you I'd never sell from that batch. Besides, there is some missing anyway. One more beer gone won't hurt."

"Dirv! You used the brew with the love potion in it." Her nerves began to hum as thoughts of that handsome human flooded her mind. Daniel. She started to mellow at thoughts of him, then her spine snapped straight.
No. No human. She could not love a human.

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Author Bio: Handed a historical romance at young age, Ayla Ruse fell in love with love and with happy endings.  Having grown up living life tasting a little of this and a little of that has not changed this attitude, but it’s expanded her views.  Love isn’t always happy and it isn’t always the way a person “thinks it should be.”  Sometimes it’s outside the box, and it’s always a challenge. 
Ayla is a stay-at-home mother who also home schools three young men-in-training. In her free time, she loves the outdoors, reading, and exploring.  

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