Friday, October 27, 2017

TGIF Changeling - Anne Kane, Danni Price, Kate Steele, Kiernan Kelly, Crymsyn Hart, Lily Vega

All New Releases 15% off at 2nd Edition and Box Sets 20% off
A Deliciously Bothersome Cyborg (Terras Five 3)
by Anne Kane
Sale Price: $3.39

He wants her. She wants him. All they have to do is agree on some rules.
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2nd Edition Once Upon a Touch (Forever Wicked)
by Danni Price
Sale Price: $3.99

Will Lady Charlotte find a man amongst scoundrels who will treat her as both a woman and an equal?
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Hoosier Werewolves Print Edition
by Kate Steele

For Ethan, Dustin and Nick, werewolves are all too real. The family tree is about to get furry.

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eBook: Hoosier Werewolves $5.99 ($1.99 Kindle Matchbook)

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Print Edition: Hoosier Werewolves at $10.95

Midnight Howl (Hoosier Werewolves 1) $3.99 -- $0.00 Kindle Unlimited
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A Fiend in Need (Boyfiends Multi-Author)
by Kiernan Kelly

When his uncle dies without a will Chance decides to bring him back - with the help of a sexy demon!
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Forging Krampus (Krampus 4)
by Crymsyn Hart

Samhain is determined to rock Krampus's world, but something dark is eating away at Samhain's realm...
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Devil May Care (Box Set)
by Lily Vega

A matchmaking lust demon, a fallen angel, a virgin witch, and an imp on a stripclub bender = mayhem.
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