Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Valentine's Day drawing!

I'm having a Valentine's day drawing on my blog. Come on over, it will only hurt a little. :)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

New Release: Leopard Tails 2: Submissive by Isabella Jordan + Contest


Available today from Changeling Press

Neva Kolenkov has lived in the shadows for years. Hiding from a dark and painful past, she just wants to exist beneath everyone's notice.

Yet someone has noticed her. Isaak Stahl sees Neva in his coffee shop every day and is determined to claim her as his mate. They are from the same proud line of demon leopards, from the same homeland, and it only makes sense that they be together. It also doesn't hurt that the exotic, green eyed beauty makes him burn with lust every time he sees her.

When a serial killer claims the life of a young human girl who works in Isaak's shop, the shadow of danger falls on their kind in Madden. Several of their females match the killer's profile -- including Neva.

Can Isaak protect her from the threat the killer poses? While doing that, can he help Neva discover the powerful, desirable being he sees when he looks at her?

To celebrate the release of Leopard Tails 2: Submissive today, I'm holding two giveaways!First, buy a copy of Leopard Tails 2: Submissive using discount code ISYLT208 to take off 5% for a chance to win an autographed print copy of Eyes of the Leopard and PDF copies of Cat Out of Hell and Leopard Tails: Alchemist - all connected stories in my Demon Leopard universe and leading up to this story.

Enter at my site for an extra chance to win. Three winners will win PDF copies of the entire Eyes of the Leopard series + Cat Out of Hell and Leopard Tails: Alchemist. Enter at:

Thank you!