Sunday, December 03, 2006

What's Stuffing YOUR Stocking?

Changeling Press is stuffing reader's stockings with short, hot reads throughout December. These stories will melt way more than just snow!

Stocking Stuffer: Werewolf Christmas
by Kyla Logan

Stocking Stuffer: Happy Howlidays
by Isabella Jordan

Stocking Stuffer: The Gift
by Lia Connor

Stocking Stuffer: Christmas Cookie
by Elizabeth Jewell

Stocking Stuffer: Snow Man
by Willa Okati

Stocking Stuffer: Christmas for Eve
by Michele Bardsley

Stocking Stuffer: Jingle Spells
by Dakota Cassidy

Stocking Stuffer: Santa’s Bag
by Alexis Fleming

Stocking Stuffer: Elves Gone Wild
by Lacey Savage

Stocking Stuffer: Fruitcakes
by Renee George

Stocking Stuffer: Ice Maiden
by Alecia Monaco

Stocking Stuffer: The Christmas Bunny
by Camille Anthony

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Hey there -- sorry I've been AWOL for a while but I've been moving and working my butt off to get The Shequanti series done...WHICH, by the way: the first book The Stone Table comes out this January. In celebration of this and the holidays, I've started a new contest on my website. The "I Want To Live in Isabelle's World" contest kicks off today and ends on December 30th. Check out my website Mythos Erotica for more details on how to enter.

So anyway, you'll be seeing more of me in upcoming weeks and just as soon as I can find the boxes with my office in it, I'll be popping around with some more excerpts and general fun. Stay safe, and have fun in the snow this weekend. I know I will!



Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Let it snow!

Most of you know I live on the coast of Washington, at sea level I might add, so when I tell you there is six inches of snow on the ground here you might think I've hit my head or something. But, it's true -- there is a pile of white stuff in my yard and it is colder than a frozen pond in Maine in January. I was going to say colder than a witch's tit, but since many of you might not know how cold a witch's tit can be, I figured I'd give you something easier to compare too.

In honor of our snow and the idiots who think getting to work is the most important thing on the 'to do' list today, I wrote a little ditty I'd like to share with you.

Twas a night of great snow fall and all through the town,
it fell from the sky to white kiss the ground.

The children did run up the street in delight,
noses red, frozen hands, oh to see such a sight.

Snowball fights, dazzling lights, children shouting with glee,
as a blanket of snow covered each and every tree.

And the snow it did fall on the buildings and streets,
turning all of our drivers into dumb little freaks.

Not a tail light unbroken as they plowed here and there,
hitting cars, curbs, and lamp posts with nary a care.

As adults we forget all the fun to be had,
when snow comes a calling wee lassies and lads.

Don't you get in that car, tell the boss you'll be late,
life's too short don't you know to make wee children wait.

Grab a coat and a muff, grab a scarf if you must,
Get a pail or a sled and some other great stuff.

Out the door you must run with the children in tow
Take a day. Take an hour. Just go play in the snow!

Monday, November 20, 2006


Christmas in December Contest

For details click

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pandora's People 2: Keely--Now Available

Pandora's People: Keely is now available

Pandora's People: Keely was released by Changeling Press on Friday.

Last year, Keely lost her lover, John, in a supposed anti-terrorist operation. Now, as she and her fellow aberrants uncover a government plot to destroy the society they’ve built for themselves, the facts about this conspiracy come to light. To complicate matters, Keely is teamed with West, a powerful aberrant who captures her heart. Afraid to love again in the face of her recent loss, Keely must come to terms with her past and decide whether to accept the love West offers as they fight together to uncover a shocking secret.

This is volume two in a three-book series.

Over the past generation, children all over the world have been born with strange powers. Scientists have no explanation. Aberrant communities have sprung up across the world. In the US, Pandora, a mysterious woman with even more mysterious powers, acts as a liaison between the aberrants and the government.

Gale Harrison is new to the aberrant community, having been raised by affluent parents who sent him to a private school among "normal" people. Gale channels electricity through his body, but he’s never learned how to use his skill, only to ruthlessly control it. Intimacy with another person has always been denied him. When he meets Michael, he finds a reason to learn another way. And when he and Michael stumble into a plot to destroy the aberrant society, he must use the powers he was born with to save innocent lives.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Desire Island

No idea if I did this right, but if you want to see one of my usual half-witted (almost said half-something else) posts on my blog about Desire Island, you're welcome.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Oh my gods...

Umm, who forgot to tell me that there was only about two and a half weeks until Thanksgiving? Oy, where has time gone?!

Okay, forget about my head spinning, this week is busy for Changeling Press. On Tuesday, join Sierra, me, and a few other authors over at the erotic Coffetime yahoo group ( for some fabulous excerpts, great chatting, and a lovely prize for those who jump in on the fun!

Then Thursday, it's Thank God It's Thursday with Renee and Dakota! Those two are a crazy, wonderful delight to spend a few hours with in the afternoon. TGITWRAD runs from 1pm to 3pm Central Time (that's 2pm to 4pm Eastern Time, for those of you like me who hate trying to figure that stuff out!). They always have juicy tidbits on offer and they are a riot to boot!

So come and visit with Changeling Press wherever we are this week!

Til next time, be naughty and love it!

Emma Ray

Small town on coast of Washington ...

gripped in deadly struggle for power.

No, this is not a headline from the local paper, nor does it have anything to do with politics or the local electric company. This battle is being fought from one end of my house to the other for control of the on/off switch on my computer hard drive.

Let me introduce you to the combatants.

In the black, swivel, high-back office chair we have yours truly, Michelle Hoppe, romance author.

On the floor, in cute little pink shirt and pants, binky in mouth, hands and knees working as a team, is my seven month old grand daughter.

It is my desire to have said switch left in the on position and Bailey's desire to simply push it in and out. Matters not to her if it's on or off, it's the thrill of victory she is going for. Pleas from me about lost files and crashed hard drives not withstanding, Bailey is like a robot on auto pilot, programmed for one purpose only: to crawl, push, twist and scream in her efforts to meet the objective of pushing the button with the little green light.

A typical battle for supremacy goes something like this:

Bailey, cute little gurgling noises echoing around her, fakes grandma into believing she is engrossed in the current Disney movie blaring from the television.

Grandma turns to computer to write, unaware that little crawler is inching her way toward the desk, her mouth set on silent running to forestall warning anyone (me) of her approach. Her goal within reach, Bailey extends a pudgy little finger toward the glowing green light just as I catch movement out the corner of my eye and react with the speed of a twenty-year old. Scooping baby up, I place her back on the blanket in front of the tv, toy's heaped around her, some with little buttons of their own, in a vein attempt to refocus her attention on something else.

Now aware that snuggly little grand daughter has once again set her sites on my hard-drive, I return to work with one eye on the screen and one on the bundle of pink, determined to prove her stamina is greater than mine. Back and forth the combatants jockey for position. Little does she realize, I have trained for this struggle once before. Yes, I am an experienced, battle weary veteran of the shiny button wars. I earned a purple heart two and half years ago, when training Katelyn that certain things in grandmas house are off limits to little girls. Having succeeded once, I will triumph again or break another fingernail trying.

Katelyn, now aware of how important it is to leave grandmas computer alone will intercede at times, mostly because she gets tired of listening to the crying.

I know, I'm not supposed to cry at my age, but darn it, you all know what a hard shut down of a computer will do to your current project.

The problem with Katie's intervention is it only last about as long as her attention span which is seventeen point six seconds. Barely enough time for me to get comfy and take a sip of coffee. Once free of Katelyn's arms, Bailey rolls onto her hands and knees. Crawling over toys like a hum-v, one track mind reengaged, she heads back towards the light. No longer attempting to hide her intentions, it is now a race to see if she can get to the button before grandma gets her legs uncrossed and sets the coffee cup down without spilling its contents on the keyboard to grab her before the 'click' sounds.

Score one for grandma, as I snatch her up by the back of her shirt and plop her on my knee. For the seven hundred and sixty fifth time I explain why she is not allowed to touch the computer. I might as well be talking to myself, because the rug rat is squirming to get down so she can implement attack plan bravo-charlie-b345ddf. I however swing into action with battle plan warmbottleinbabiesmouth, followed by a victory dance as the little angel falls to sleep.

A cease fire has been called for the next two hours while Bailey recharges her batteries with a much needed nap. Katelyn is also napping, so I have a window of opportunity to get some work done. There is only one problem with my window - I too need a nap after the morning skirmishes so if you will excuse me I think I'll just lean back in my chair and close my eyes for a few minutes.

(reposted from my blog)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered my contest yesterday.

Congrats to Riane Lasair, Mishmish and Tehya, your names were pulled from the plastic pumpkin by my grand daughter.

To claim your prize send an email to:

Again, thank you everyone for playing along with my unexpected Halloween contest. Be sure to visit me at: for all the latest and greatest!

Michelle Hoppe

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Hi everyone.

My name is Michelle Hoppe and one of my tag lines is: Experience the Unexpected. I love putting the unexpected in my stories, like my newest release
Jack-O'Lanterns: Warlock's Eve and I enjoy doing the unexpected when it comes to promo's. So, even though it's November 1st, I'm going to have a Halloween contest ~smiles~. Oh, and if you've never entered one of my contest before, they are easy...I'm talking easy with a capital E.

Here's all you have to do to enter and win:

Post a comment here telling me what one kind of candy you can't resist.

That's it. If you post you're entered.

I will pick three winners at noon tomorrow. The prize is a surprise, because of course that is Unexpected!! And don't forget to check out my newest release:

Jack-O'Lanterns: Warlocks Eve

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Life lesson #956.7

When your three year old grand daughter answers the following question:

What are you doing?


Nothing, grandma.

Run, don't walk, run to find out what she is up to or you may spend the next hour trying to wash fushia sharpie off not only the sofa, but her entire right leg, stomach, fingers, and lips.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Geoege Washington--yeah, really

OK, folks. This has nothing directly to do with anything I write or ever intend to write. Just--I saw the forensic recreation of George Washington in his 20s and wow. I mean, he was sexy. I heard of such things in accounts people wrote of him but well, c'mon, who knew?

Of course he is dead and has been dead for quite awhile but I guess I need to take my hunk sources from whatever unlikely spot I find them.

Treva Harte
Turns --

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Results of the Shapeshifter Contest

Boy, you guys made this HARD. LOL Okay, so the following readers, please email me ( for one ebook of your choice from Changeling Press:

Amy S.
Annie in GA
Crystal Stone
Cinquetta Allen

The winner of the $25 gift certificate - tough decision - was Cherie! Congrats everyone and thanks for letting me use your answers in our November ezine!!!

Hugs all around,


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thank God it's Thursday with Dakota and Renee

Thank God it's Thursday with Dakota Cassidy and Renee George

October 12, 2007 on the Changeling Press loop from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm central time!

Join Dakota and Renee for an afternoon of spookalicious spookerotic! They will be highlighting the authors who put the "O" in Jack-O-Lantern. One lucky reader will win a complete set of all 13 Jack-O-Lanterns being released by Changeling Press this month!

Come out and play, enjoy the mayhem and erotic yummy goodness as Dakota and Renee take trick or treating to a whole 'nother level of hot!

Of course there will be a participation prize (they are not above bribery!).

Sunday, October 08, 2006

EJ Checks In

Just dropping by to say hi! I'm a busy gal these days, with books coming out (or that have already come out) in July (Deadly Sins--Gluttony, Sunrise), September (Black Tie and Hot Tails), October (Lady in White), November (Pandora's People--Keely) and December (Glynna's Christmas Cookie). I hope you'll keep an eye out for these new titles--I've been having a blast writing them.

Also, I just (finally) updated my web page, so drop on by for more news.

Elizabeth Jewell

Friday, October 06, 2006

Mythology, Elves, and More

So hey there!!!!! I thought I'd pop in and say howdy to all of you CP fans and see what's going on! It's not like I don't have enough to do on my own blog, but now I have another forum to play with.


At any rate, here's a nice speedy little update from Isabelleland. The first two books from the Mythos series are out (Goddess' Revenge and Mortal Retribution) and seem to be fairly well received--thanks you guys! I'm playing around now with a few new ideas for the next Mythos book. I'm not sure what Greek god deserves to have his/her story told next. Have an idea? Post it here! If I pick your idea, I have a nice little surprise for you. *grin* You'll like it; trust me.

In other news, my new series The Shequanti is nearing completion. I hope to have release info on that for you soon. Ever wonder where the Elves of old are? (They're certainly not around here, which is a shame because I could think of LOTS of things to do with Elves) Well, this series answers that question and poses lots of new ones. Stick a normal American woman into an Elven society and make her choose between a sexy-hot-on-fire good guy Elf and a sexy-hot-like-ice bad guy Elf---would I do something that mean?

You betcha.

And, as always, check out the Save the Quiet Kitty site and auction and help the CP authors with a great cause! We all chucked in together and hope to raise a lot of money for our pet charity.

You guys have a great weekend!


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Spookerotic October

Ooh, and before I forget, HI RENEE! LOL, I'm on top now!

Okay, back to the point. This month Changeling is totally getting into the holiday! The Jack O Lanterns are fab, but there are a ton of spookalicious erotica coming off the presses this month! Now, Renee and I are gonna run a special contest on our loop, with info on it posted to the CP readers loop. That said, throughout the entire month of October, CP will be having surprise contests at whim on the readers loop!

The first one, I'm mentioning here first. There is a special coupon this month: JOL06. Use it in honor of our Jacks. On October 31, Renee and I will pick FIVE lucky winners at random from the CP loop members. Each of them will win a FREE CP E-BOOK!!!

So, come join in the revelry!

Changeling Press Reader's Loop

Emma Ray

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Renee George Newsletter and Contest for October

Well, I've posted my October newsletter! Why don't you all go and check it out. You can also view it without subscribing in the news section of my website. But, I host a monthly contest for the yahoo subscribers (one subscriber is chosen to receive a $5 gift credit for Changeling Press every month!). I also have a new contest for October up at the website where I am giving away a $15 gift credit for Changeling Press books!

The contests are easy and more of a thank you for dear readers and fans of erotic ebooks!

Happy October every one!

Renee George

Why we love shapeshifters - CONTEST!

Okay, I love shapeshifters. Everything from dragons, to cats, to wolves, Egyptian sphinxes.... and Changeling Press has a lot to offer. =)

How do YOU feel about shapeshifters? I'm looking for top ten reasons to love shapeshifters for the November edition of A Cheeky Changeling - the official ezine of Changeling Press (

Post your reasons and on Saturday (10/7), I'll pick that top ten. Nine will get a ebook of their choice from Changeling Press. The top winner? How about a $25 gift certificate for Changeling Press. That would set you up with some good reads a chilly, spooky October!

Okay, so talk to me. What's so great about shapeshifters....?


Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Save The Quiet Kitty Auction is ON, Baby!

The Save The Quiet Kitty Fund helps authors in medical and/or financial crisis.

Various authors around the world have donated items for a Celebrity eBay Auction. All proceeds go to the Save the Quiet Kitty fund, which will be used to help authors in need.

The auction is now LIVE. Show your support and get some really cool items (autographed books, jewelry, bath sets, and more!):

Please read more about the Save The Quiet Kitty Fund.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Yet another place for me to get everyone all excited! C'mon, I'm good at it, LOL!

Oh, in case you haven't heard, the Save the Quiet Kitty Fund is having a Celebrity Auction! Totally awesome, folks. Some of the stuff on the list, and I kid you not, Angela Knights Cy Cops COMICS!! All THREE!! An amethyst necklace *my favorite stone!* from Elayne S. Venton. I have a massive amethyst pendant (68 carats, baby, LOL) I wear all the time, but I can always use more amethyst! And, copies of all of Changeling's print books. This isn't even the tip of the ice berg, either!

Are you interested yet? LOL, I knew you would be. Check out Save the Quiet Kitty for more information!

Til next time, be naughty and love it!

Emma Ray

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Don't wait til the midnight hour ...'s going to be out on October 6th! Paranormal Mates Society: The Midnight Hour picks up where Werewolves of London left off.

Sent by the Thoth Agency to observe former agent Grace Shaw and her new werewolf husband, Carter Annis, Helen Slade prays for reassignment. She's accustomed to watching subjects going about their daily lives. The problem is, a large part of this subject's life is sex, sex, and more sex. As if watching Grace and her husband going at it for hours at a times isn't bad enough, the husband's cousin, the gorgeous Spencer Kingston, has been joining them for a little menage action. Helen's commitments to the agency make relationships impossible, so she's really only got two choices: buy stock in batteries and find an encounter group for voyeurs or find a way to get off this case.

Spencer Kingston knows the curvy little redhead is watching them each night at his cousin's home. While Spencer enjoys his time in bed with his cousin and his bride, he’d really like to lure the sexy, little spy out of the shadows and into his bed. The problem is how?

Ah, that's where the Paranormal Mates Society online dating site comes in… Because if his mysterious little beauty knows that’s how Grace found his cousin, just maybe she'll find him there.

However, Helen doesn't just find Spencer Kingston - she also finds murder...

Thank you!