Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another CP Author Featured at Dark Ice Goddess Musings

Anisa Damien is the featured author at Dark Ice Goddess Musings! Check out all the yummy excerpts and her interview. Here's a bit about Anisa:

Anisa Damien writes African-American and multicultural erotic romance. She’s been immersed in the wonderful world of romantic fiction and creating characters known for their diversity for years or since grade school (where she sneaked romance books up to her bedroom and skipped to the “good” parts!) But who’s telling? And blames her obsession with heroes on Rhett Butler!
Anisa resides just out of Chicago with her family where she can be found jotting notes for her character sketches, people watching or catching up on CSI.

CLICK HERE to check out the fun!

Terrific reviews for Candy For Valentine

CANDY FOR VALENTINE, my February release, is the story of an ostracized blogger and a rare vampire who hook up at a romance reader's conference. Check out these terrific reviews!

Five Angels! "Valentine was an amazingly biting character who covered her pain and hurt behind cutting remarks. ... Michele Bardsley has penned a phenomenal follow up to Christmas for Eve and tied things up very nicely."
---Serena, Fallen Angel Reviews

Five Blue Ribbons! "I loved everything about CANDY FOR VALENTINE. The characters and the plot were fantastic. I couldn't wait to read about what would happen next. ... Michele Bardsley never fails to amaze readers with her quirky and witty characters, the fun and hot sex, and as always an amazing storyline to go with it."
---Willowxand, Romance Junkies

"Michele writes erotica in ways that men will enjoy. I secretly think she's the editor of Penthouse Forum. ... I was able to get vampires, a little Valentine's Day romance and incredible sex writing in one great story."
---Tony Miller, The Horror Fan

CLICK HERE to read an excerpt or to download the story for a mere $2.99!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Featured Author at Dark Ice Goddess Musings!

Today at Dark Ice Goddess Musings, I am the featured author. You can read an interview, enjoy excerpts from my vampire mom novels, and if you comment, you'll be entered to win erotica e-books. First prize is all three of my Witch Magic stories: The Binding, The Shining, and The Mating.

Click here to go to Michele's Author Day

FMI about my Witch Magic trilogy:
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Thanks! Have a great Tuesday. :-)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

V-Day Interview with Me ... and Jack Ketchum

Check out the Valentine's Day interview that blogger Tony Miller created from interviews with me and with Jack Ketchum. Click HERE to read how we feel about zombies and wedding vows. *G*

Be sure and check out the review Tony wrote for CANDY FOR VALENTINE.

Michele :-)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Candy For Valentine

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Here's a calorie-free treat...

Candy For Valentine
By Michele Bardsley

According the paper in his hand, Michael had been booked into Room 432. Steven and Eve had made all arrangements and Eve had promised him an "awesome surprise."

The stupid key card didn't work. Wasn't that typical? He used some vamp mojo on the door and it clicked open. As he entered the room, he immediately smelled a human female. Her sexual scent was strong and invoked an immediate reaction. Dropping everything, he hurried into the main part of the room.

The gorgeous brunette sat on the bed, dressed in nothing but bra, panties, cuffs, and gag. Woo-hoo! He was mightily impressed by this surprise.

"You are way more than awesome," he said.

Her brown eyes looked glazed and wild. Oh, baby. She was different from his usual donors. Maybe Steven and Eve had realized he needed to change it up. He was a rarity in a world filled with rarities--a vampire who could only feed when engaged in a sexual act. As young as he was in the vampire world (only 40 years undead), he had more power than vampires who'd been around for a thousand years.

He'd stopped having relationships more than twenty years ago; no woman he'd met had been able to keep up with his need for blood and for sex. These days, he hired call girls who could give him what he needed. He never used the same woman twice, he paid her well, and he wiped her memory.

"God, you're beautiful," he said as he kicked off his Vans and shucked his jeans and boxers. He took off his T-shirt and stood before her naked, his cock already primed. "Let's make the first time last a little while."

She shook her head. looking desperate. Frowning, he leaned forward to cup her mound and found her panties soaked. "Playing ahead of time?" His frown flipped to a smile. "Okay." He could hold off on feeding for now. "If you want me, lay face down on the bed, and show me your ass."

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Have you been tagged?

Don't worry if you haven't yet, it's only a matter of time. It seems that game so many of us loved as children has found new life on the internet. I think I've been tagged fifty times in the last week, LOL!

I haven't tagged anyone back yet *sigh* much to my chagrin. I seem to be going from one deadline to another, LOL! You know, though, if someone would tag me with a pic of a fine stud, MWAHAHAHAHA, I might just make time *WEG*!

In other exciting news, Valentine's is only two days away. Do any of you have plans? My DH is taking me to a romantic, candle-lit dinner. I can't wait. Pink champagne, perfectly prepared prime rib, and no dishes to wash after!! Now that's what I call a terrific Valentine's Day, LOL!

Until next time, be naughty and blame it on me, ROFL!

Emma Ray