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Dragon Kin: Fire in the Sky by Michelle Hasker

Dragon Kin: Fire in the Sky
by Michelle Hasker

Cover art by Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-60521-326-2
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Interracial, BBW, Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures
Series: Dragon Kin (Multi Author)
Length: Novella


Selena's had the hots for her boss Kyden since she started working for him. There's something about him that just drives her insane with desire. It doesn't matter that she's too fat and too dark for him, she wants him desperately. And it's gotten worse over the last few months. This month she even found herself ready to masturbate in her cubicle. Kyden's ordered her to stay late to work tonight, just the two of them, but she's not sure she can control the desire if they're alone in the building. Or if she wants to.


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Selena sat at her desk and stared at Kyden Lisander's door. The room was empty, the light out. He was at a meeting. If it went well he'd be happy when he returned. If it didn't go well... then she'd pay the price. She always did. He was a very grumpy man. A hard-as-nails boss. Though she loved a challenge, she didn't love dodging bullets at work.
What she wouldn't give for that man to just look at her one time the way he looked at all the bimbos he took out on dates. Why did he keep picking petite blondes when not one of them lasted longer than a few weeks? He needed a real woman. Someone who was interested in him, not his money. Someone like her. But he only viewed her as a release for his anger, not for his sexual frustration. What a shame.
The man was drop-dead gorgeous, with thick black hair that brushed his shoulders, and eyes a mesmerizing green. Her favorite body part to ogle when he wasn't paying attention wasn't his broad chest or long muscular thighs. It was his delectable ass. Selena wanted to squeeze that bit of him and hear him purr in pleasure.
She'd love it if one day he called her in there and had her shut the door, instead of bitching at her for someone misfiling something, or for a client who said they faxed over something they hadn't. She'd like it if he pushed everything off his desk and shoved her down on the smooth surface to fuck her brains out.
Smiling, she relaxed in her chair and continued with the little fantasy. Maybe he'd yank up her skirt. She always wore skirts because the office was so hot. Hell, she was always hot. Today, she wasn't just hot, but she was bothered too. Very bothered. Normally she didn't fantasize about sex at work, but today she was hot and panting for some action. Hell, she'd take it in the janitor's closet.
Selena focused more on the fantasy and Kyden. He would tear her panties off and then bury his face in her pussy, licking and sucking on her clit like it were a piece of candy. Ooo, she could have him coat her pussy with whipped cream or chocolate sauce. Did they have either of those in the break room? She made a mental note to check. It would help future fantasies if she knew.
Kyden would unbutton those black slacks he always wore, and then he'd put his dick at her wet pussy. Was he long? Thick? Thin? She imagined him both long and thick, and grinned. He'd thrust into her hard and fast, making her scream as he fucked her on his desk, his cock filling her pussy and his balls slapping against her ass. Harder and harder he'd take her on that desk, her climax building and building.
"Selena!" Kyden's shout interrupted the pleasant fantasy. Selena jerked upright, almost falling off the chair. "I'm not paying you to sleep on the job!"

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Naughty Nights: Enslaved by Kate Hill

Naughty Nights: Enslaved
by Kate Hill
Cover art by Sahara Kelly
ISBN: 978-1-60521-136-7
Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi
Theme(s): Ménage, Bisexual and More
Series: Naughty Nights
Length: Novel

To end the war between their kingdoms, Darkrock and Strongsea are ordered to marry and select a female mate to be shared between them. Bitter enemies, the men rebel against the notion of being bound for life, but despite their opposing personalities, they can't control their passion for each other.
When Radiance, a merchant from Earth, crashes on the planet Shandra, she is taken into slavery and bought as a gift for Darkrock and Strongsea. Both desire the exotic human slave, but Strongsea's compassionate nature drives him to protect her against Darkrock's lust.
Soon Radiance and Strongsea realize there's more to Darkrock than his harsh veneer, but only together can they draw out his inner man.


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"Darkrock come. Sit," Ridgeback said in his rumbling voice while gesturing toward the empty seat to his left.

Darkrock did as ordered. His advisor sat near him and the guard stood behind. Darkrock bowed his head respectfully to the Tri-Ruler, then his gaze locked with Strongsea's. The man was annoyingly handsome. Almost too handsome for a Shand leader. His wheat-colored beard was neatly trimmed, accentuating his chiseled bone-structure. Only his strong nose and the predatory look that sometimes gleamed in his thickly-lashed blue eyes kept him from being too pretty. He wore his pale hair ultra-short, almost shaved to his scalp, probably because dark-haired men were considered far more masculine on Shandra. Tall and lithe, he gave a deceptively elegant appearance, but as Darkrock had discovered during their battle, Strongsea was tough and supple. Grappling with him had been like tangling with warm metal -- powerful and almost impossible to break. Just thinking about it made Darkrock's belly tighten and his cock tingle to life. Of course he wasn't turned on by Strongsea. He hated the man, but at times anger and arousal provoked the same response. If and when he chose his mate it wouldn't be a man like this.

Rugged good looks, similar to Darkrock's, were preferred in their culture.

During their earlier battle, Darkrock had tried his best to destroy his rival's gorgeous face. He nearly curled his lip in disgust, noting that even the swollen lower lip, blackened right eye and four painful-looking scratches down his left cheek couldn't disguise Strongsea's beauty. Maybe exile or sentence to a hard labor prison camp would.

Ridgeback said, "I was saying, and Strongsea agreed, that as leaders of the two most powerful sectors on Shandra, your recent behavior has set a poor example."

"He's agreed?" Darkrock said, not bothering to keep the sneer from his lips. "Strange, considering he's the cause of the problem, as you must have seen if you read my report."

"In your report you accuse Strongsea of planning an assassination and takeover of your sector. Of course such allegations warrant a full investigation, which would take much longer than a single day," Ridgeback said and Darkrock didn't miss his note of sarcasm. "However, a quicker method is to question Strongsea."

"As if he'd tell the truth," Darkrock scoffed, his gaze shifting from the Tri-Ruler to his hated rival.

"He accepted questioning by the Spike of Integrity," Ridgeback stated.

This surprised Darkrock. The Spike of Integrity was an old and powerful tool that never failed to bring forth the truth from its victims. Sector leaders were rarely subjected to it. A long, ultra-thin needle was inserted into the back of the neck, supplying a controlled stream of serum that forced the suspect to tell the truth.

"The results have cleared Strongsea of your accusations. He submitted to a full questioning regarding this matter as well as some others that have caused concern. I must admit that I had some reservations about him when he first took leadership, but they have been eradicated. He is a most worthy and respectable man."

Darkrock drew a deep breath. His fingers gripped the chair arms so hard that his nails sank into the wood, yet he tried to appear calm and collected. This was completely unexpected and most unsettling.

"I suggest you question your intelligence staff closely, particularly those who provided you with the false information about Strongsea. I fear if there is an assassination being planned, it won't be coming from another sector, but will be internal," Ridgeback said.

Darkrock nodded, his jaw tight. "It seems you may be right."

"My praise of Strongsea doesn't mean that I find him to be a perfect leader," Ridgeback continued. "Nor do my reprimands toward you mean that I am not pleased with your performance. On the contrary, I have always found you to be one of the strongest and most honorable leaders on Shandra."

Darkrock wasn't moved by pandering -- not that he felt the Tri-Ruler was being untruthful. Sugar coating anything wasn't Ridgeback's style and that was a quality Darkrock respected.

"The problems between your sectors have always been a source of concern on Shandra. Now that it again has you on the brink of war -- and has driven you into a leadership battle -- I am compelled to step in. I sanctioned this morning's battle only because I hoped it would put an end to your rivalry and bring peace to Shandra. When the battle ended in a draw, I realized you are equally matched in many ways, but also complement each other. The best decision for Shandra won't be to choose one of you over the other, but to merge your sectors."

"Merge?" Darkrock said, his control close to snapping.

"As in they become a single sector?" Strongsea demanded, his peaceful expression fading, replaced by the same tension Darkrock had seen during the leadership battle.

"Exactly," Ridgeback said. "You can learn much from each other and will balance each other well. Strongsea, you are a modern man of new ideas and fresh insights. Darkrock, you are rooted in tradition. Together you can improve Shandra as surely as you would destroy it fighting each other."

"Which of us will be the leader?" Darkrock asked, almost afraid of what the answer would be.

"Neither. You will have equal control."

"And if we don't agree to this?" Darkrock said.

"Then you relinquish your position and a new representative of your former sector will be chosen to share leadership."

"I'll have to rule with him?" Strongsea said, his wide-set blue eyes narrowing almost to slits as he glared at Darkrock.

"More than that," Ridgeback said. "You and Darkrock will be joined in matrimony. You will select a wife to be shared between you, and your heirs will be of the new sector."

Darkrock couldn't quite retain any of the Tri-Ruler's words past "joined in matrimony." Somehow he managed to notice that Strongsea's golden-skinned face went quite pale and his pearly teeth clenched visibly. Even when furious the bastard was fucking handsome.

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Wednesday's New Reviews for Changeling Press

Congrats to all our authors! We’re feeling the love from Whipped Cream Reviews and Romance Junkies.






New Review - LAST CALL EUROPE: IRISH CRÈME - Mina Carter

Five Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews


Mina Carter has a way with humor and world building like few I've read. Ash and Dev are beautifully developed characters, and the antics they get up to in that room at Last Call would make a tree blush.


New Review - DAWG TOWN: BAD DAWG - Lena Austin

Four & ½ Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies


From the attraction between these dynamic characters or Loren's shock in discovering that the town of Barkus is full of shapeshifters BAD DAWG is an enchanting read.


New Review - DAWG TOWN: HOMECOMING - Selena Illyria

Five Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews


I had already fallen in love with this small community but this story sealed the deal. This story will tug at your heartstrings one moment and leave you sexually charged the next.


New Review - DAWG TOWN: HOT DAWG - Marteeka Karland

Four & ½ Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews


Humorous and fun, with characters readers can relate to even though they are shifters. This is one for the keeper shelf.


New Review - DAWG TOWN: HUSTLE - Anne Kane

Four & ½ Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews


With a few twists that I didn't see coming, Hustle is a wicked story that kept my interest.If you are looking for a humorous, yet sexy and seductive quick read, then I'd recommend this one.

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Dark Dichotomy Collection by Aubrey Ross

Dark Dichotomy (Collection)
by Aubrey Ross

Cover art by Reneé George
ISBN: 978-1-60521-299-9
Genre(s): Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Collections
Theme(s): Ménage
Series: Dichotomy
Length: Collection

The Burton brothers' secrecy has kept Napa Valley gossiping for generations. Now a vision reveals an enemy lurking in the shadows, waiting to destroy them all. A soul bonding is the only way to ensure Kendra's safety. But first she must accept the complexity of their nature and learn to revel in the pleasures awaiting her as the mate of a Dichotomy.

Determined to find her missing niece, Lark Emery follows the clues to Napa Valley. Aidan finds the stunning blonde poking her nose into matters that don't concern her and decides to use her in his revenge plot against the Burton brothers. He manipulates her perception with erotic dreams and false memories then sets her in the path of Evan Burton.

One of the few humans trusted with the secrets of the Dichotomy, Nicole has always been fascinated with brooding Leos and his handsome day-dwelling twin, Daniel. Her newest artistic creation is a multi-media display called "Mischief." Claiming she needs a male perspective on the project, Nicole uses the erotic images to arouse and entice the widowers. Leos and Daniel are far from immune to Nicole's obvious charms, but can they trust her with their wounded hearts, or is she merely a pawn in their enemy's dangerous game of revenge?

This collection contains the previously released novellas in the Dark Dichotomy series: Misbehaving, Mistress, and Mischief.


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Torral let his gaze travel the length of Kendra's body, amazed that he could find no flaw. A friend had suggested he contact Kendra after she refurbished his San Francisco restaurant. She specialized in period recreation and upscale renovation. Torral had been impressed with her confidence and expertise when they spoke on the telephone. He'd known she was relatively young, but he hadn't expected her to be this attractive.
Her hair combined gold, bronze, and copper in a riot of shimmering curls. She stood at an angle, her face presented in profile. He wanted to trace her pert nose with his index finger then frame her face with his hands and outline her lips with his tongue.
She was applying for a job, for god's sake. His lust was completely out of place. Still, he couldn't suppress it entirely. His need deepened and expanded, heating his blood and speeding his pulse. He shoved his hands into his pockets. If he touched her now, he wouldn't be able to stop.
Deep within his being Ryan stirred, possessive and restless. Torral glanced at the horizon. Dusk was hours away. Why had his nocturnal side awakened? Ryan surged, stretching the confines of sleep state, triggering transformation.
Torral spun toward the door, his movements stilted. He couldn't allow her to see the change.
"Are you all right?"
He raised his hand and waved her back without turning around. "Give me a minute."
The proposal sailed to the floor as he rushed from the room and darted across the hall. He closed the door to the master bedroom and leaned against it. The floor tilted and his vision blurred.
Too soon! He shot the thought inward. Go back to sleep.
Do not let her leave,
Ryan responded. She is in danger.
Urgency washed over Torral, heightening his awareness and compounding his lust. Images swirled through his mind, dizzying and arousing.
He lay on his side in a rumpled bed, naked and unashamed. Kendra stood beside the bed with Ryan behind her. She raised one arm and grasped the back of Ryan's neck. Ryan touched her, caressed her boldly, while she gasped and swayed.
Desire, hot and demanding, gathered low in Torral's abdomen. He reined in the compulsion with steely determination. They had the rest of their lives to explore these pleasures. He would not -- the rest of their lives? Why had that phrase popped into his mind?
Her silky breasts quivered as Ryan teased her nipples. Torral licked his lips, anxious for a taste. Following the path of his brother's hand, Torral focused on the shadowed cleft between her thighs.
She's the one. Ryan made the pronouncement with absolute finality.
The tantalizing image faded, leaving Torral aching with need. He closed his hands into fists and fought for breath. She was human, unaware of the Dichotomy's existence, unprepared for the unavoidable challenges.
She was intelligent and accomplished, beautiful and sensuous. What little she knew of his family already had her intrigued. Could he build upon that mystique, cultivate her fascination? He couldn't deny their attraction. He was certain she felt it too.
Besides, Ryan's premonitions were never wrong.
I can't just demand that she stay.
If she leaves the estate before the bonding, she will die.
Another image stabbed into Torral's mind. Kendra's face, colorless and waxy. Her eyes sightless, dead. No!
Then, don't let her leave!
A firm knock vibrated the door against Torral's back. He covered his face with his hands and sucked in a deep breath.
"Just a minute." He forced the words out between clenched teeth.
"Are you sure you're all right?" Uncertainty rippled through her tone. "Should I go get one of your brothers?"
"That's not necessary." Ryan retreated enough for Torral to regain his composure. "I'll be with you in a moment."
Do whatever it takes; she cannot leave the estate.

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Heartfire by BJ McCall

by B.J. McCall

Cover art by Karen Fox
ISBN: 978-1-60521-221-0
Genre(s): Paranormal, Action/Adventure
Theme(s): Vampires, Shapeshifters, Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures
Series: Vazan Vampires
Length: Novella

The universe is vast, but finding a dragon on the auction block isn't a usual occurrence for hunter Daecon Kreass. When the magnificent dragon shifts into a stunning woman she stirs his blood like never before, but Arara is Zyafayan aristocracy and Daecon must keep her at arm's length and return her safely to her royal family.

Arara has never forgotten the handsome vampire who saved her from captivity. Determined to find out if her feelings are true or that of a grateful victim, Arara changes her appearance and her name. She joins Vazan Shield and is partnered with Daecon in the new hostage rescue unit.
Despite her deception the flames of passion are quickly ignited. This time around she's determined to never let him go.

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Arara raised her head and opened her wings to the blustering wind. The ship's bow dipped into a trough, and heaved upward, cresting the oncoming swell. Salty spray spattered her neck, chest and back, glistening on iridescent scales. She swished her long tail, sending flashes of golden hues along its length.
Folding her wings, Arara turned her broad head and looked down at her faithful servant.
Hands on her hips, Elsath shouted over the wind. "Your father has forbidden you to fly."
"We've been confined below for days. I need to spread my wings and feel the wind on my face."
A gust whipped Elsath's brown hair around her thin face. "It's too dangerous!"
"The storm has passed." Arara opened her wings with a snap, the thin membranes catching a strong blast. "A little wind won't harm me."
"Arara. Stop! The captain says the storm has forced us off course."
"I won't go far."
"Arara. No!"
Wings spread, Arara launched off the ship's deck. Sweeping over and under her wings, the wailing wind lifted her skyward. Arara soared high, delighting in the swirling air currents.
She swept her wings high, then down in a power-stroke, pushing higher into the overcast sky. Whipping her long tail from side to side, Arara increased her air speed. Arching her back and slashing the air with her tail, she pointed her nose skyward and threw back her head, performing an aerial somersault. After three flips, she pulled up and straightened her course. Dipping one wing, Arara turned and headed back toward the ship.
A flash to her right alerted Arara, but the warning came too late. A thin, gossamer net fell over her, covering her back, catching on her clawed feet and snagging her wings. She flapped and fluttered her wings, but instead of shaking off the net she merely twisted and turned, caught in the crisscross of thin line. Dangerously ensnared, she tore with teeth and talons, but the net held.
She roared, blasting the net with her fiery breath. The line turned black, but didn't burn or melt.
Sharp stings pierced her shoulder and chest, stealing the breath from her lungs. She gathered her ebbing strength and let loose a dragon cry, attacking the net once more with a sputtering flame.
Her wings useless, Arara fell, spiraling toward the waves below. Her fall ceased, so abruptly that her weight pressed hard into the net, ripping scales from her back. Then she recoiled, shooting back up into the sky. Gravity prevailed, the net halting her sudden ascent.
Tangled, helpless, and quickly losing consciousness, Arara hung in the net and looked up into the yawning belly of an airship. Then darkness claimed her.

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Lionsbane by Marteeka Karland

by Marteeka Karland

Cover art by Marteeka Karland
ISBN: 978-1-60521-315-6
Genre(s): Futuristic, Paranormal
Theme(s): Shapeshifters
Series: Frozen Earth
Length: Novella

In a world where humans are one of the last links in the food chain, they depend on other races and breeds to protect them. But what happens when humans are left on their own?

Jayla's entire family was murdered when she was ten. Now, eight years later, she's on the hunt for the Lionsblood she believes is responsible. Avoiding the farms that "protect" most of the planet's five hundred thousand human inhabitants, Jayla has taught herself to hunt and kill as efficiently as any human possibly could. What she lacks in acute senses, she makes up for in cunning, fearlessness, and keen intelligence.

Kane has followed and protected Jayla since the day she lost her parents and siblings. He knows she believes him responsible, and though he arrived too late to help her family, he was the one who fought off the rogue clan before they killed her, too. Not intending ever to reveal himself to her, Kane suddenly finds himself in need of her help.

It's up to her now. Will Jayla save his life, or live up to the name she has given herself? This is her one chance to truly become the Lionsbane.


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Icy wind sliced through Jayla like a Tybrerian laser blade. It chilled her bones, but she didn't move. She crouched, perfectly still and downwind, watching the pack of Lionsblood feasting on their latest victim. She'd tracked this pack for the better part of eight years, though admittedly she was only now ready to face them.
Her legs were cramped, the frigid air stung her eyes, and she had to clamp her jaws together to keep her teeth from chattering. Her heated respirator was the only thing keeping her lungs from freezing in the cold. Still, she waited in total silence. Not moving. Hardly daring to breathe. She waited for them to finish gorging. They'd be the most vulnerable then. Full and sleepy. Might seem unfair, but there were four of them, one of her, and she was human. She had to have as much of an advantage as she possibly could.
Sure enough, once their meal was done, the pack moved deeper into the cave for the night. Carefully, Jayla moved to the mouth of the cave and waited until she heard their soft snores. One of them would remain on the watch. He was the one she had to eliminate first.
Knife in hand, Jayla spotted her prey and circled behind him. The Lionsblood was in man form, but he was absolutely huge. Luck was with her and he crouched near the cave opening. Jayla lunged high, gripping his hair and pulling his head back. With one vicious swipe, her blade bit deep and cut both trachea and spinal cord. Her prey didn't make a sound, but the others would smell blood, know something was wrong, and attack.
A deafening roar from behind her signaled the others were on her. Jayla whipped a second knife from her belt and flipped it around so the blade pointed back at her as she gripped the handle. In that position, it would act as an extension of her forearm. With her weaker left hand she slashed with the inverted blade while she stabbed with her right. Two quick blossoms of blood spurted from the second Lionsblood's throat, and her stab went through muscle, scraped rib bone, and punctured his heart. Her knife stuck on a rib, but she didn't waste time trying to free it. She moved on to the third Lionsblood.
A look of pure rage dominated his features. Though Jayla needed to concentrate on him, her gaze darted around trying to find the fourth. Lionsblood were lightning quick, and Jayla almost lost her head because of her divided attention. The bastard lunged with a vicious swipe, his claws missing her by mere inches. She thought he had her but instead of the bite of his claws, she felt the wind from his hand.
Fortunately, he thought he had her, too, because he over-rotated his swing. As his back turned to her for a moment, Jayla stabbed him once, neatly between his ribs. Her blade withdrew smoothly, and she sank it in again, this time with more precise results. Just left of his spine. Lumbar region. The abdominal aorta was in the same place in Lionsblood as it was for any other humanoid. When she withdrew her blade, blood pulsed out of the wound, quickly leaving a puddle.
The Lionsblood staggered forward, blood streaming from his back. He was dead -- his body just hadn't figured it out yet.
Jayla looked for the fourth foe but didn't see him immediately. She backed up slightly and scanned the area. In the darkest corner, she saw a shadow crumple to the floor. A second shadow moved toward her into the dim lighting, his hands outstretched. His features were concealed underneath a black cloak, his hood pulled securely over his head so that his face was deep inside. He wore dark gloves to cover his hands, and dark sleeves hugged his forearms. She could see nothing of him. It was almost as if he were some kind of apparition.
"I'm not a threat." His low, raspy voice carried no warmth to it. Just like the whole of the land, he was cold and calculating. Jayla could tell that from the casual way he'd let the fourth Lionsblood drop to the floor. That, and she had a feeling this man was as dangerous as any Lionsblood.
"The hell you're not." She raised her blood-coated weapon and crouched, ready to spring if necessary.
"Not to you." He didn't seem to be a man of wasted words.
"Where did you come from? Were you their captive?" Lionsblood generally killed quickly and didn't play with their food, but it wasn't unheard of for them to take multiple captives if they were pressed for food.
"I followed you."
That surprised her. She hadn't been aware of anyone following her, and she found it difficult to believe any human could completely slip her notice.
"I doubt that. I may not have the instincts and senses of Lionsblood or vampires, but I've been out here for three days tracking these four. I'm sure I would have noticed a shadow."
"You've followed them for three days, but you spent two days before that at Shiffly's Bar, and got into a heated argument with another human at the Mammoths a week before that some fifty klicks to the north."
Jayla blinked. He could have killed her at any time, and she'd never have known he was around until it was too late. "Why?"
"You needed help." His voice was less raspy now. It seemed to gain strength the more he spoke, as if he hadn't used it in a very long time. Still, he didn't offer much information.
"How would you know what I needed? I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself."
"Of that, I have no doubt." He broke in when she would have continued, though her rant had more to do with her being human rather than the more obvious conclusion of her being female. "Not just any human could have taken on four Lionsblood and come out of the encounter alive, let alone been victorious. You are truly an accomplished warrior, human or Lionsblood." He let his hood fall back. "Man or woman."
His dark hair was shaggy and shot through with gray and silver. His eyes were dual emerald and gold, and the longer Jayla looked at him, the more she had trouble deciding if he was human or...
Comprehension and dread filled Jayla. "Lionsblood," she whispered.
She raised her knife and lunged.

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Friday's New Reviews for Changeling Press!

Congratulations to our authors! Great job!

New Review - DOWN & DIRTY 3: ANTE UP - Moira Rogers

Four Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews


Moira Rogers never disappoints! If you like Westerns, weres, or lusty love scenes, Down & Dirty 3: Ante Up is a delicious and sure bet.


http://whippedcream 2.blogspot. com/2009/ 09/down-dirty- 3-ante-up- by-moira- rogers.html


New Review - SWEET OBLIVION: SNARE - Jordan Castillo Price

Four Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews


Michael and Bill are becoming one of my favorite couples.their erotic encounters are incredibly hot, and have enough zing to give an electric eel a run for its money.


http://fallenangelr 2009/September/ nene-sweetoblivi on2_snare. htm


New Review - DAWG TOWN: HUSTLE - Anne Kane

Four & ½ Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews


Ms. Kane provides us with a pool table scene so naughty and steamy that you will want to go back and read it again. I know I did.


http://whippedcream 2.blogspot. com/2009/ 09/title- dawg-town- hustle.html



Four & ½ Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews


Belinda McBride can take the most innocent of actions and turn it into a decadent romp.a sure-to-please story of desire and self-discovery.


http://whippedcream 2.blogspot. com/2009/ 10/last-call- europe-siberian- husky-by. html


New Review - DAWG TOWN: HOMECOMING - Selena Illyria

Four & ½ Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews


This story will tug at your heartstrings one moment and leave you sexually charged the next.fuels your desire for more.


http://whippedcream 2.blogspot. com/2009/ 09/dawg-town- homecoming- by-selena- illyria.html



The Serpent's Lair by Kaye Sykes

The Serpent's Lair
by Kaye Sykes

Cover art by Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-60521-311-8
Genre(s): Paranormal, The Fetish Club, BDSM
Theme(s): Shapeshifters
Length: Novella

The daughter of an eccentric horticulturist, Ivy is devoted to plant science, but craves an intimacy that embarrasses and excites her. When her father is caught trespassing on Marcus Faraday's estate, Ivy has no choice but to offer herself in exchange for her father's freedom.

Marcus makes her darkest desire come true with his whips and chains, but he harbors a secret that might cost them both their lives. Can they learn to trust each other before it's too late?


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

One of her captors threw her over his shoulder while the other sped ahead, the light from her lantern casting a wild light with his hurried pace. She watched her trek around the house in reverse and from an ignoble upside-down position. Her discomfort played second role to her awe at the ease with which the man bore her. She wasn't thistledown, but felt no strain in the man's shoulders from her weight. She grabbed at his waist when he mounted the steps and entered the front door.
The man pushed aside the door to a library. Even from her compromised vantage, Ivy could tell at a glance the room's purpose. Bookcases towered along the walls surrounded a huge hearth. She expected to be thrown on the rug, but her bearer set her on the floor with a gentleness belied by the stern expression on his face. Once her balance was assured, he stepped to the side, his hands behind his back.
"Ivy, dear girl." Her father gazed at her, hope and shame in stark conflict on his face. She went to him relieved, hands outstretched that her search was at its end.
"Forgive me for interrupting what has all the makings of a charming family reunion." Ivy didn't let go of her father's hand as she turned in the direction of the voice.
A figure emerged from the shadows created by the brilliant firelight. He rested his tall form against the desk. His brown eyes reflected a dark irony and his face and hands bore the tint of many days in the fierce sun. Dark brown hair brushed his shoulders, too long for fashion but not unappealing in its length. His shoulders and arms filled out his simple white shirt, and for all the ease of his posture, he had about him a coiled energy.
Her father stepped in front of her. "Leave her be, Faraday. She came here for me and has nothing to do with this."
The master of the house smiled. Ivy had seen warmer countenances on statues. He crossed his arms over his chest. "You have no say. What am I to think but she is here for the same reason? Should I expect a steady parade of your offspring come to rob my house at ungodly hours of the night?"
She didn't want to suffer any more slights. "A poor attempt at humor, sir. I beg pardon for intruding on your quietude, but now that I have found my father, we will take your leave and intrude no longer. Good night."
They made it as far as the door before Mr. Faraday's sardonic voice stopped them. "What about the attempted theft?"
She started to protest when she noticed the guilt on her father's face.
"My man here found your father in my greenhouse with the intent of making off with a prized orchid."
Despite misgivings and her own shame, Ivy whirled on the man. "Your accusation must be unfounded. My father came here with every intention of a trade."
Faraday's white teeth gleamed in contrast to the dark red of his lips and the tan of his face. "I've no doubt his initial intent was an even exchange. But I fear my refusal drove him to desperate lengths. I cannot recall. Are thieves still hanged in this part of the country?"

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Wednesday's New Reviews for Changeling Press!

Hooray and Congratulations!!
(Patting myself on the head, too.)

New Review - LIONSBLOOD - Marteeka Karland

Four Hearts from The Romance Studio


Marteeka Karland gives us a taste of her wit and humor with this futuristic story of the Lionsblood.


http://theromancest reviews/reviews/ lionsbloodkarlan d.htm



Four &  ½ Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews


Belinda McBride can take the most innocent of actions and turn it into a decadent romp. Full of laughs and sighs of pleasure, it is a sure-to-please story of desire and self-discovery.


http://whippedcream 2.blogspot. com/2009/ 10/last-call- europe-siberian- husky-by. html


New Review - CHANNELING MORPHEUS: VERTIGO - Jordan Castillo Price

Five Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews


Ms. Price has a way of pulling you into the story to experience the sight, sounds, and smells of the surroundings. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.


http://fallenangelr 2009/September/ nene-channelingm orpheus_vertigo. htm


New Review - PACKING HEAT (Collection) - Hannah Beckham

Five Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies


I would recommend this author and this series to anyone who enjoys a good paranormal romp.Great job!


http://romancejunki esreviews. com/artman/ publish/paranorm al/Send_em_ Packing..shtml


New Review - UNICORN VALLEY (Collection) - Lena Austin

Five Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies


Excellent work! The characters were well done, and the interaction between them was very steamy.


http://romancejunki esreviews. com/artman/ publish/paranorm al/Unicorn_ Valley.shtml



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Monday's New Reviews for Changeling Press

Congratulations to our authors!!



Four Nymphs from Literary Nymphs


An unusual, sexually charged love story that I found to be very hot. Readers who love a good paranormal love story will not be disappointed.


http://literarynymp hsreviewsonly. blogspot. com/2009/ 10/last-call- europe-chocolate -shock.html


New Review - PLEASURE HOUSE - Michelle Hasker

Four & ½ Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews

The [story] is written so wonderfully I finished without once looking at the clock or taking a break. A must read for BDSM fans.


http://whippedcream 2.blogspot. com/2009/ 10/pleasure- house-by- michelle- hasker.html


New Review - CAVERN DANCER (Collection) - Kate Hill

Five Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews


Kate Hill has a talent for combining romance, sex, and action unlike anyone else. She shows the depth of the passion these people feel for one another.


http://whippedcream 2.blogspot. com/2009/ 08/cavern- dancer-by- kate-hill. html


New Review - SCREEN SHOTS: SMOLDER - Willa Okati

Four Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews


Be sure to pick this up and follow this incredibly delicious group of men. I look forward to the next installment.


http://whippedcream 2.blogspot. com/2009/ 08/screen- shots-smolder- by-willa- okati.html



Four Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews


The sex is hot, the plot offers unexpected twists and turns, and you'll be entertained from beginning to end.


http://whippedcream 2.blogspot. com/2009/ 10/seducing- destiny-by- anne-kane. html



Bonds of the Maleri' Collection by Kate Steele

Bonds of the Maleri' (Collection)
by Kate Steele

Cover art by Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-60521-340-8
Genre(s): Futuristic, Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi
Theme(s): Ménage, Gay and Lesbian
Length: Collection

On the faraway planet of Belthola exists a group of extraordinary men, the Maleri'. Born with empathic powers, they devote themselves to the service of their planet as mediators, diplomats, doctors, lawmen and scholars. Where help is needed by any planet or people, they generously provide it.
But even those with powers have their weaknesses. For the Maleri', the use of their gift can eventually cause madness, even death. The one thing that can prevent such an ill fated end is the taking of a mate. Male. One with whom they can join -- mind, body and soul.

Publisher's note: This collection contains the previously released titles in the Bonds of the Maleri' series: Mate Hunt, Double or Nothing, Between Love and Law, Ride 'Em Cowboy, and Redemption. This collection is also available in print!


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"Col, can you hear me?"
Coltas Oldarie stirred at the sound of his name and opened his eyes. He lay still for a moment, then commented in a resigned voice, "It happened again."
His gaze wandered the room, a utilitarian yet pleasant place, equipped with a bed and a small table with two chairs. Behind an automatic sliding door, which was triggered by proximity sensors, was a small open closet space and another sliding door that led to the bathroom. It was a typical room in the Contaral Healing Complex, the kind he was well familiar with as this was where he worked.
Col let his gaze connect with his friend's. His green eyes flared for a brief moment and Geral's gray eyes echoed that fleeting flash. Geral smiled. "It's past time, Col. You have to seek your mate before you can continue your work. Your mind has absorbed all it can. Unless you want to end up a permanent patient, instead of blacking out a time or two, you need the relief only your true mate can provide."
"I know, it's just that..." Col swallowed, unable to finish his thought.
Geral caressed Col's face, brushing a lock of sable hair from his forehead while his eyes filled with understanding. "You know Sam and I would keep you as our third forever if we could. We both love you, but we all know that's not possible. You must seek your mate and Sam and I will bring another of our brothers into our home until such time as he, too, is ready to leave." Geral grinned and winked. "Besides, it would be selfish to deny you the opportunity to discover for yourself the joys of being mated."
Col grinned in return. "You mean the nagging, chiding and scolding?"
"Hey! I resent that," said the man entering the room. He frowned, his brown eyes filled with ire at the two already present, which brought a laugh from them both.
"I'm only teasing, Sam. We felt your approach and it's just too much fun watching you rise to the bait," Col confessed.
"Hmm, I suppose for someone with so little imagination you have to get your jollies somewhere," Sam replied with a satisfied smile.
"Is that any way to talk to an invalid?"
"Invalid my ass," Sam snorted and approached the bed. His hand cupped Col's cheek and he leaned down, kissing him gently on the lips. Col responded by sliding a hand to the back of Sam's head and holding him while his tongue slid between Sam's parted lips for a leisurely exploration of his mouth.
When released, Sam drew back and gave him a skeptical look. "Yeah right, you're sick," he responded sarcastically. "If you were any healthier, I'd find myself riding that," he accused, pointing to the growing bulge in Col's pants.
"That's actually not a bad idea," Geral said, giving his mate a look filled with heated intent. "I think Col deserves an appropriate send-off." He turned his gaze to his friend. "Col, go lock the door."
Sam's chest began to rise and fall at a more rapid pace as the rate of his breathing increased. "I should have kept my mouth shut," he quipped, even as he returned the growing look of arousal in his mate's eyes.
"Oh no, lover, I want your mouth open," Geral replied, shaking his head.
Col watched their exchange with an anticipatory smile before sitting up and swinging his legs over the side of the bed. He stood, crossed the room and locked the door. By the time he returned to them, Geral had Sam in his arms, his mouth engaged in a passionate kiss.

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Mystic U: Wolf 101 by Julia Talbot

Mystic U: Wolf 101
by Julia Talbot

Cover art by Karen Fox
ISBN: 978-1-60521-323-1
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Ménage, Bisexual and More, Werewolves, Magic and Mayhem
Series: Mystic U
Length: Novella

Werewolf Danny thinks that going to a special college for magical creatures is the stupidest thing he's ever heard of, especially since it's in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming. Then he meets local pack member and fellow student Heather, which changes his tune. The only problem is that Heather already has a guy, a werewolf named Lee, who really doesn't approve of college boys, and is not sure he wants to share. Can Danny get an 'A' in Wolf 101, or will he flunk out of Heather and Lee's lives?

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Danny figured going to college was a damned waste of time.
Going to college out in the middle of frickin' nowhere was even worse. Wyoming, for Christ's sake. Skiing, his mother had said. Reconnecting to nature. Like a werewolf needed to connect with nature to be real, or something.
His mother had never set foot in the woods in her life. Or the mountains, save to go to Switzerland to catch a gondola up to get hot buttered rum.
Still, the scenery wasn't so bad, was it? Oh, the craggy mountains were okay. Majestic, even. The trees and shit were pretty. The little blonde in the front row with the rack to die for? That was even better. She was the perfect thing to distract him from the lack of Thai food and the proliferation of flannel and cowboy boots.
Her name was Heather, which made him smile every time he thought of it. Like her parents were stuck in the eighties or something. Who named their kid Heather these days? There were a lot of throwbacks at Mystic U, though. A lot.
The official name of the college was the Wyoming Institute for Metaphysics. Danny thought it was kind of an innocuous name for a university full of werewolves, fairies and witches and shit. In a way, he guessed it was good to know that everyone around you was like you. A freak. That way you didn't have to worry about who to tell.
In a way, it was bad. Take Heather, for instance. She was part of the local wolfpack there in Wyoming, and that meant she had a lot of big, burly protectors who looked like cowboys and loggers. It was nearly impossible to get close to her.
That wasn't going to keep him from trying again.
When the professor dismissed them, Danny glanced down at his blank notebook page and grimaced. He was going to have to beg the notes off his roommate, who had old man Seagram in his nine o'clock class. Good thing Simon was an egghead.
Heather disappeared out the door just about the time he got packed up, and Danny stumbled over his own feet to get out there and find her. He had a plan. It involved the hot roast beef sandwich at the little diner right off the campus grounds. There was a chill in the air, and he'd bet that and a hot chocolate would net him a date if he could get between Heather's many relations to talk to her.
Her blonde ponytail bobbed along, and he followed it through the sea of bodies, the scents enough to make his nose twitch. This one smelled like saltwater, that one like kitty musk. It was distracting, but Danny was pretty determined.
Heather turned on him at the end of the hall, clutching her books to her chest and smiling. "Hi."
Danny came to a screeching halt, all but slamming into her. "Uh. Hi."
"You're following me. Danny, right? You're new."
Up close, her eyes were the prettiest bright blue, and her skin really was that clear. She had to be the cream of the crop in her pack. No wonder she had all sorts of alpha males all over her. He wanted to be all over her in the same way. Just look at her boobs. "Danny, right. I was wondering..." Dude, he was suave. He was a city boy. He'd mastered the pickup line at least five years ago, at the ripe old age of fifteen. So why was his voice all squeaky?
"Lunch? I hear the place across from campus has good roast beast." There. That was more like him. Cool. Casual. Not drooling.
"They do. They have good pie, too." She tilted her head, her smile widening. "Do you have a car?"
"Nope." Her face fell, and Danny bit back a grin. "I have a motorcycle."
"No shit?" When she bounced her tits went up and down. Jesus, they were a sweet pair. "Then I suggest a diner a little farther from all of my nosy neighbors. There's one in Graybull, about thirty minutes from here. They have even better pie."
Wow. She was... aggressive. Sure of herself. Danny liked it. "Then let's go. I'm in visitor parking."
"Oooh. You live dangerously." She took his arm instead of waiting for him to take hers, leading him down the stairs and out to the quad, then down the walkway to the visitor lot in front of the admin building. Heather squeezed his hand when they got there. "Tell me the Harley is yours."
"The Harley is mine." It was vintage, a 1980s white and chrome masterpiece. Danny fucking loved it. It had a pillion seat, so she'd be comfortable.
"That is so hot." Heather hopped on, bouncing some more.
Danny tore his eyes away from her front and gave her his back. She slid her arms around his waist, and man, the whole school thing was getting better by the minute.
"So where are all your nosy neighbors? Usually you have a big old escort by now."
"Lee has jury duty. Can you believe it? The rest of the bachelor males never do anything without his say-so." He could feel her shrug against his back. "He must have forgotten to call in the reinforcements."
"Do werewolves get jury duty?" Man, that had to suck. What if you got sequestered?
"They do in Wolf Creek, Wyoming." She squeezed his waist. "Let's go, huh?"
"Hang on."
Danny opened the Harley up, following Heather's directions to the highway. Then he let it rip, putting on a burst of speed that made her squeal.

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Friday's New Reviews for Changeling Press!

Congratulations to our authors!  

Marteeka Karland

Five Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews

What happens when two power players end up in a vat of
chocolate? Well let's just say it is so hot that even if you don't wear glasses
they will fog up. I love Ms. Karland's writing style.

http://whippedcream 2.blogspot. com/2009/ 09/sex-and- chocolate- chocolate- covered.html

New Review - DAMON'S: BLIND DATE - Sophia Titheniel

Four Stars from Rainbow Reviews

Titheniel draws her primary protagonists for this book,
Jesse and Alagos, with a deft hand. I enjoyed the fact that they developed a
friendship, then a relationship, along with the sex. Pick up these books today!


Reviewed by Love Romances & More

If you enjoy a series full of unique paranormal creatures
and some really hot sex, then grab Last Call Europe and settle in for a fun
filled adventure.

http://loveromances andmore.blogspot .com/2009/ 09/last-call- europe-siberian- husky-by. html

New Review - SAVAGE NEED - Moira Rogers

Five Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews

The sex, as I fully expected from Moira Rogers, was off the
scale for imagination and pure, unadulterated raw power. I heartily recommend to
anyone who wants a scorching hot happy ever after.

http://whippedcream 2.blogspot. com/2009/ 10/savage- need-by-moira- rogers.html

New Review - NIGHTTIME MAGIC - Marilyn Lee

Reviewed by Joyfully Reviewed

Through all the twists and turns, Nighttime an
excellent story I am sure you will enjoy also.

http://www.joyfully reviewed. com/reviews/ Oct09/nighttimem agic.ML.html



Blood Curse by Mychael Black

Blood Curse
by Mychael Black

Cover art by Reneé George
ISBN: 978-1-60521-313-2
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Vampires, Magic and Mayhem, Gay and Lesbian
Series: Blood & Fire
Length: Novella

Jason Summerfield has finally found the man of his dreams -- Greek vampire Julian Kristados, and together, they're enjoying life in Julian's mansion on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. Jason's still going strong with his metal band, Firestarter, and they're developing a big following throughout the area. Along with the fame, though, Jason has also garnered the attention of a stalker.

When the stalker's attentions turn mysterious and potentially deadly, Julian seeks the advice of a friend, fellow vampire Gabriel Walsh. They discover the truth behind the stalker, but will they get to Jason in time to save him from forced repayment of an ancestor's debt?

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"Thank you to Firestarter for joining me here on The Local Buzz. Do you have any parting words for your fans, guys?"
Before anyone could say a word, I leaned toward the mic. "Yes, I do, actually. This goes out to the 'mystery man' who just can't seem to leave me alone. Fuck. Off!"
The deejay immediately cued up our latest song -- "The One" -- and I bolted out of the small room. I desperately needed a smoke. Not even half a minute after I'd stepped out back to the alley behind the radio station, the door opened and closed again. I didn't have to look to know who it was, so I just continued to smoke and stare at the radio towers.
"What the fuck was that about?"
Knowing Michael for so long had taught me two very important things when it came to arguing with the man. First, he'll keep on until his point has been made; and second, it's impossible to interrupt him, which negates the first point entirely. I just shrugged and let him continue on his tirade, handing him a cigarette before he could think to ask for one.
"We just released a new fucking album, Jase. The last God damned thing you need to be doing is pissing off some guy just because he's sent you a few trinkets."
I handed him the lighter without saying a word. He wasn't done.
"What's so fucking bad about catering to an old fart's fantasies? Just because he obviously has a... thing for you doesn't mean you have to piss in his general direction, hoping the wind hits just right. God damn, Jase." Michael leaned close. "I've seen the shit he sends you; books of your favorite authors, jewelry, fucking sex toys? Damn, dude. Just play along for a change, will ya?"
Okay. Now he was done. I dropped my cigarette and ground it out on the broken asphalt with the toe of my boot.
"Why should I?" I didn't glare at him, didn't shout; just asked him that one question matter-of-factly. "How would you feel if some stranger sent you gifts? The books aren't so bad. It's the sex toy thing. It's no secret that I fuck guys, but bolstering my collection of rubber cocks is hardly the way to make me happy, if that's his intent."
Michael finished his cigarette and flicked it into a muddy puddle from the rain last night. "So he wants to get in your pants, big fucking deal. Not like he's actually going to, right?"
"That's not the point," I grumbled.
"Then what is?"
"The point is that I have some stranger stalking my ass, quite literally!"
"But he hasn't actually touched you," Michael pointed out. "Hell, you don't even know what he looks like."
"That doesn't matter. It's fucking freaky, plain and simple." Not to mention the fact that I'd still not told Julian about any of it. I lit up another cigarette just as the deejay -- Dusty -- came out.
"You okay, man?"
I nodded and shook the pack, sliding a cigarette out for him. He took it and Michael lit it. Dusty took a slow drag and eyed me silently for a moment. "Wanna talk about it?"
"Not really, man. Thanks, though."
"No problem." Dusty finished his cigarette in silence, patted my back, then headed back in, Michael behind him.
Instead of going back inside with them, I gracefully and quietly made my exit. I dug my keys out of my pocket and had just slid the key into the lock when I happened to glance in the car at the passenger's seat.
No way. No motherfucking way.
With a less than steady hand, I got the door unlocked and open, but that was about as far as I could make myself go. I simply stared at the pendant lying on a black velvet cloth in the middle of the passenger's seat, more wondering how the fuck it got there when the doors had been locked than the significance of the piece itself. When the front door of the radio station opened and Mike and the guys came out, I steeled my nerves and got into my car, quickly pulling my leather jacket from the back to cover up the necklace. I don't know what made me do it, but something told me this one was significant. It was too unusual not to be. I rolled down my window when Jesse, our drummer, approached the car.
"You going out tonight?"
Resisting the urge to look at the other seat, I blew out a breath. Hell, if anything, I figured my "mystery man" wasn't the club going type. "Sure. I need to call Julian first. Where do you want to go?"
"Sounds good. Anyone else going?"
Jesse looked back at the others as they leaned against Michael's truck. "Hey! You guys wanna head to Masquerade?"
"I'm game," Michael said, shrugging. Marcus and Vic just nodded.
"Okay. I'll meet you there then." I started the car and Jesse backed away as I pulled out of the parking lot. A night out; I could handle a night out.