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Interview with Noah from Taming the Cyborg by Anne Kane

What kind of job do you have?

We’re both military. I’m a Captain the Elite Guard on Terras Five. Our mission is to protect the planet and provide assistance to any of the Alliance planets that request our help.

Describe yourself in three words.
Fit. Loyal. Focused.

Who is your love interest?

Hailey. I know, it’s unusual for a cyborg to romance a female, let alone a human female but I just can’t let her go. She’s amazing, and I’m not sure I want to find out what life without her would be like.

List three things about Hailey that turn you on.

Oh, that’s easy. The sound of her voice, the wiggle in her hips when she knows I’m watching her ass from behind, and the way her eyes turn kind of smoky when she’s in the mood for a little loving.

Top or bottom?

Not sure I understand the question. I like all of her. Top. Bottom. Middle. That dimple at the base of her spine. The spot behind her ear that makes her whimper when I nibble on it. Her nipples that turn in hard pebbly peaks when I lick them. No way can I choose just one area.

What? You mean do I want to be on the top or the bottom? That’s a really narrow choice. You need to do some more research. There are hundreds of positions, and in most of them top or bottom isn’t even an option.

What's one thing about Hailey that pisses you off?

Oh, that’s an easy question. She is way too independent. She absolutely refuses to do what I tell her, when I tell her to do it. She wants to know why and if she doesn’t agree with me, she argues the point! I’m not used to having the male pilots under my command second guess me, let alone a female. I’m getting used to it though. Sort of have to. It’s not like she’s going to change and anyways, it’s kind of also one of the things I love about her. Love sure can make a guy do strange things!

You and Hailey are stranded overnight in a cabin. What would you do to pass the time?

What’s a cabin?  You mean the bunk in a ship? I’m not sure how we could be stranded in a bunk, but I’m sure we’d be able to pass the time. Talk. Have sex. Talk. Have sex. Have some more sex. Maybe nap a little to recover from all that sex.

Would you share the blurb from your story?

Although he doesn’t understand why his brother chose to bond with a human female, Noah agrees to be the official cyborg witness at the birth of the cyborg/human couple’s first son. When he arrives on the human space station, he finds himself face to face with a female pilot, an unheard of occupation for a female on the cyborg home world of Terras Five. Hailey’s cute, she’s sassy, she’s sexy and she doesn’t automatically defer to him just because he’s male. Noah finds that combination irresistible.

After a night of amazing sex, Hailey heads off on a reconnaissance mission with her squadron, and Noah arranges to spend a little more time in the human world to get the sassy redhead out of his system. But when her ship goes missing, it’s up to Noah to use all the tricks of his cyborg heritage to track her down and rescue her.

How about an excerpt?

Noah wrapped one arm around Hailey, using his other hand to tilt her head back. Lowering his mouth, he seared a kiss across her lips. She tasted so damn good. He slid his tongue across her lips, demanding entrance, and she obliged without hesitation.
Human females were so different from those on his home planet. Hailey wanted him, and she didn’t feel the need to hide her lust, or try to justify it. The heady knowledge that a female who hadn’t been assigned to him wanted him this badly was an intoxicating aphrodisiac. He felt the ridged mantle of his self-control slipping, and one look into Hailey’s deep blue eyes told him she didn’t mind in the least.
He ripped at her clothes, needing to feel her naked skin beneath his hands. The thin material of her duty suit was no match for his genetically enhanced strength, shredding into a pile of cloth at their feet.
Hailey fumbled with the fastening on his pants, and the feel of her fingers brushing against his skin sent white-hot pokers of lust racing through him. He reached down to expedite the matter, removing his own clothing without quite as much damage and tossing it aside as he reclaimed her mouth.
Their tongues collided, sliding against each other in an erotic duel that sent blood rushing to his groin. Hailey let out a low moan, tilting her head to allow him better access to her eager lips. The kiss lasted an eternity, bruisingly rough as they both fought for control. The novelty fed his already raging libido. This was no cyborg-raised female, content to let him dominate their mating.
His cock, already hard, pressed against her belly. Not the soft belly of a pampered, cloistered female but the hard, well-muscled belly of a fighter. Pushing her back against the wall, he ran his hands over her body, exploring every inch of it, her breasts, her waist, her hips, her thighs, until finally his fingers tangled in the softly curled hair of her mound. That too was different from the plucked and groomed females he was accustomed to.
“You don’t disappoint.” Approval laced the words whispered against his mouth as she traced the hard length of his cock with a teasing finger.
As if she had considered turning him away if she wasn’t impressed.
He growled softly, nuzzling the sensitive skin in the hollow of her neck. Rejection by a female was not something a cyborg male ever contemplated.
“I doubt you invited me back to your quarters expecting to be disappointed.”
Enough of this human foreplay. The time had come to stop teasing and let her know who was in charge. Using his cyborg-enhanced strength, he grasped her hips in both hands and lifted her off the ground to position her pussy right above his waiting cock. A single, teasing drop of moisture dripped onto the head of his shaft.
Hailey wrapped her legs around his waist, taking control from him in a single move. Winding her arms around his neck she locked her gaze on his. A ghost of a smile curved the corner of her lips upward as she slowly lowered herself onto his rigid shaft.
Damn, she was tight. He no longer cared who was in control so long as she moved her hips in that curiously sensual circular motion, sending darts of liquid heat to his very core. He fastened his mouth on hers, savagely taking the breath from her lips as he lifted her up, only to lower her back down the trembling length of his cock with agonizing slowness.
He felt a sliver of satisfaction as she threw her head back, eyes closed, gasping aloud. He once again had the upper hand, although he had a feeling that she had allowed him that small victory.
The slick walls of her vagina grasped his cock with every movement, urging him to thrust harder, faster.
He obliged, letting instinct take over. No need to hold back, to worry that he was being too rough. This human female was a warrior, his warrior, and she let him know with every movement, every little moan, every slick tightening of her pussy walls that he was giving her exactly what she desired.

Author Bio:

Anne is a gorgeous supermodel who writes romance in her spare time while jetting around Europe with a string of boy toys in tow.
Hmmm… no one is going to believe that. How about this?
Anne is an undercover agent for a super-secret government agency, and when not saving the world for democracy and all the good people, she writes romance one-handed on a special minicomputer designed just for her by a mad scientist.
Yeah, that sounds way better. So, ignore the people who tell you she’s just an ordinary person with an extraordinary imagination. They’re just jealous because she gets to play with James Bond and vacation in exotic locations.
When she’s not busy saving the world or writing the next great novel, she likes to kayak, hike, ride motorcycles, swim, skate, practice karate, play her guitar, sing, and of course, read.

Author Links:

Find more of Anne’s Changeling titles online at

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TGIF Changeling - Ayla Ruse, Megan Slayer, Sean Michael, Anne Kane, Kaylee Grayson, Ashlynn Monroe

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Thirsty Thursdy... with a twist. Megan Slayer offers this scrumptious desert with an equally delicious book!

Monster Cookies... With @MeganSlayer #tastytuesday #recipe #newrelease
I’m celebrating my newest release, Savage Protector. Since Hans is a Savage Protector against foes charging him and Pietro, his beau, is a wolf shifter… I give you my recipe for monster cookies. It’s really just chocolate chip cookies, but with a few more things thrown in. Hey, it’s either a monsterly good time eating them or if you have a few too many, it can be a monster belly ache.
Prep time: 20 minutes
Bake time: 8-10 minutes
Ready when cool or you can’t wait for them to cool.

1 cup butter or margarine or butter flavored crisco
¾ cup white sugar
¾ cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 ¼ cups flour
1 cup chocolate chips
Also can add:
1 cup M&Ms, 1 cup nuts, 1 cup Reeses Pieces…well that’s what I add, but you can add whatever little candies you want. It’s your monster. Rock it!
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C)
Cream together the butter, white and brown sugar until smooth. Beat in eggs one at a time, then stir in vanilla. In second bowl, mix flour, baking soda and salt. Add the flour mixture to the wet mixture little by little. Once all combined, add the candies and chocolate chips, nuts, etc.
Bake for 8-10 minutes until edges are nicely browned.

Now for a little about Savage Protector!
Savage Protector by Megan Slayer
M/M, anal sex
Paranormal, Fantasy romance

Who knew walking in the woods would lead to the adventure of his life? Not Hans. Being held captive by robbers isn't his idea of fun, but there's a silver lining in the form of a hunky wolf shifter. Hans is coming into his own and realizing the depths of his brawn, but things aren't what they seem. Can Hans sort out his feelings for the wolf and defeat the forces working to keep them from their happily ever after before time runs out?

Now for an excerpt:
Although he’d wanted to escape with his mother in tow, knowing Hans had Pietro in his corner helped. He’d find his mother and his father. Then he’d get the answers he deserved. What kind of magic creature was he? What kind of magic did he have? And why didn’t anyone want to tell him? Screw it. If the magic knew, then he’d play along.

“Let’s get weapons and get the hell out of here. I want to see the sunshine without black bars in the way.” Hans counted the coins. “These are hundred-dollar pieces. At least fifteen of them. We can live for a month on these.” If not longer.

“Probably part of the plan.” Pietro held up a ring of keys. “And these are our ticket to freedom. I stole them from the Captain when he was passed out with his latest bedmate. Want one last look before we blow this house of horrors?”

“Not in the least.” Hans grabbed an unused satchel from the table and filled it with a couple of the guns as well as a handful of sheathed knives. His favorite book came to mind. He couldn’t leave without the tattered manuscript. He grabbed the volume from the shelf above the mantel.

“I don’t doubt the magic has this all planned out for us, but do you know where we’re supposed to go?” Pietro hesitated in the doorway. “Do you have a plan?”

“We’ll know when we get there.” Hans placed his hand on Pietro’s forearm. “Thanks for being my partner in crime, so to speak.”

“Me? You kicked his ass. I just watched. You’re a regular savage. A savage protector, and I want you on my side.” The smile returned to his lips. “But I’ll be just about whatever you want me to be. Partner, lover… you name it.”


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TGIF Changeling - Anne Kane, Kaylee Grayson, Ashlynn Monroe, Jessica Coulter Smith, Michelle Hasker, Isabella Jordan

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Taming the Cyborg (Terras Five 2)
by Anne Kane
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Who knew taming a cyborg could lead to so much sexy fun!
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2nd Edition Trusting Red (Forever Wicked)
by Lacey Savage and
Kaylee Grayson
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To save her men, Red must submit to a pack of tempestuous wolves. Oh yeah - and survive.
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Aurora (PRINT Edition)
by Ashlynn Monroe
Prince of the Stars DeMarcus Le'JeMur owes Tasmin his life. Will she choose him or return to Earth?
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Heidi and the Alien Cop (Intergalactic Brides 12)
by Jessica Coulter Smith

Heidi stopped believing in happily-ever-after long ago, but Raylic just may change her mind.
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2nd Edition Rose Red (Forever Wicked)
by Michelle Hasker

Will an evil dwarf bring Rose Red and her estranged bear of a husband closer or tear them apart?
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You've never seen darkness 'til you've looked through the eyes of a leopard.
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