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Damons: Speed Dating by Sophia Titheniel

Damon's: Speed Dating
by Sophia Titheniel
Cover art by Reneé George
ISBN: 978-1-59596-410-6
Genre(s): Urban Fantasy
Theme(s): Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures, Gay and Lesbian
Series: Damon's
Length: Novella

Welcome to Damon's, the hottest club in town -- the must-go place for every single gay Elf (or Human) around.
Alyan's life has gone down the tubes. After a painful breakup with his long time lover and boss, he's shut himself off, trying to mend his broken heart. His sister, however, has other plans. Meredith's not willing to let Alyan wallow in self-pity any longer. Deaf to his protests, she drags him to Damon's big Friday night event -- speed dating.
Alyan's trying to play along, but he's really not interested in a one-night fling. No matter how many years -- or lovers -- have passed, something always brings him back to Damon's. Not something. Someone. The man who's everything Alyan is not -- confident, charming and charismatic. What Alyan truly wants is the owner of the club, Damon himself. But he'd better get a move on, before he ends up with a Troll.
This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"I don't want to go out."
Meredith sighed, breezing into his room as though Alyan hadn't spoken. "Sweetheart, it's been weeks. Of course you want to go out."
"I'm pretty sure I don't."
Meredith stopped in the middle of his bedroom, grimacing and scrunching up her nose at the smell. "Jesus Christ, did you let a Dwarf in or what?"
Meredith snorted. She tied up her long, wavy dark hair in a ponytail and threw the window open, taking a full breath before rounding on the bundle of covers on the bed. "I swear between you and Lairi, I need a goddamn holiday." She paused and made her way to the bed, gingerly. "I hope you aren't naked under that duvet because I'm about to pull it off."
Alyan groaned, trying to scramble for the sheets, but Meredith was quicker than he was. She yanked it all off, balling it up and stocking it under her arm with a smug smile. "This was due for washing two weeks ago. Now follow me. There's a shower with your name on it."
"Go away," Alyan muttered miserably, burying himself in the pillow. He loved Meredith, he did, but he wasn't in the mood to play games.
"No, I will not, not until you become an active member of society again." She sat on the mattress, her voice gentler now. Alyan peered at her from under the pillow, his eyes bloodshot and sad like those of a kicked puppy. "You can't mope forever."
Alyan begged to differ. "It was forty-two days ago," he mumbled. "Not forever."
"That's still an impressive chunk of time to drink oneself stupid."
"I haven't," Alyan said morosely. That was true. Alyan might have had his heart broken, lost the job opportunity he'd been working on for the last few years, and become the topic of gossip amongst pretty much the whole community, but he was still an Elf. It took more than a brutal end to a relationship for alcohol to have any effect on him.
Which, by the way, sucked pretty hard.
There were times when Alyan craved to just shut off his mind and let go. Even though he wouldn't admit it to Meredith, he envied humans and their ability to separate themselves from their pain, numbing it until it was reduced to a dull throb.
No such luck for him. All his memories were still standing pretty sharp in his mind's eye.
"Come on, go shower and rejoin the immortals." Meredith prodded him, standing and picking up discarded clothes as she went. "I'm going to start your laundry, and you better be all sparkly and shiny when I get back."
Alyan sighed. It was pointless to argue with her. His sister had always known how to kick ass, even when they weren't yet living in the human world and he was still the 'older' one.
He stood and wobbled to the master bath, where most of Sellion's possessions were still standing around like lonely ghosts. He really should start cleaning up the shattered remains of their relationship and box them all up with a no-return ticket. He could totally do it. He could take the higher route and flip him the bird from a distance. That was respectable, and if he did that, maybe people would forget the screaming match he had with the CEO of EnterPrise and the walk of shame that had followed.
Alyan shook his head with a grimace and stepped under the blistering hot spray of his shower with a pained hiss. He did realize the bridging of Elven and human culture was much needed, especially in this day and age, but he felt increasingly nostalgic towards the times when they hadn't need to trudge the same path as the mortals. One good thing to be said about humans, though, was that they forgot fast. Soon his and Sellion's break up would be old news, and life would go on as usual for everyone.
For everyone but Alyan.
A sudden knock on the door startled him, and he nearly slipped on the wet shower tiles. Soap suds trickled down from his hairline into his eyes.
"No jerking off. Save the juice for later. We're going out."
Alyan groaned. "I'm not Lairion. I don't do post-break-up rebound sex."
"You need to see something besides these four walls." Meredith pushed the door open, her tall, lean figure distorted through the glass panel of the shower. "I mean it. I'm not letting you drown in your own self pity any longer."
"Meredith, I'm doing fine."
"The state of your place says otherwise." She tossed some clothes on the counter by the mirror. "Get dressed."
"Don't I get a say in the matter?"
She walked out. Alyan turned off the taps, yelping when, as usual, the last trickles of cold water dripped down his back. Maybe his sister was right. It had been long enough. Also, he strongly suspected that the pile of mail growing inside his door was mainly composed of bills he had been ignoring. Soon it would be time to start looking for a new job. One that possibly didn't involve his boss screwing him over to the point of breaking his heart.
He toweled his hair dry, facing the mirror for the first time in forever. He'd hand it to Meredith, he did look pretty crappy. His eyes were circled with dark purplish bags that didn't belong on the fair skin of an Elf. His usually sleek chocolate brown hair was hanging damp on his forehead in an unruly, messy mop.
Decidedly not fit to be seen in public.
Meredith poked her head in again. Alyan was just too used to her doing that to bother covering himself up. "Get a move on, will you? I told Damon we would be there soonish."
What in the blessed name of Galadriel! Damon was not part of the bargain. "I'm not going to Damon's!"
"Yes you are, and you'll like it. Get dressed. The pruney look doesn't suit you at all."
Alyan was too busy gaping at her retreating back to follow orders.

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Wolf Hunt 1: Urban Wolf by Marie Treanor

Wolf Hunt 1: Urban Wolf
by Marie Treanor

cover art by Kassie Thrace
ISBN: 978-1-60521-276-0
Genre(s): Futuristic, Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Dark Fantasy
Theme(s): Werewolves
Series: Wolf Hunt
Length: Novella

A man wakes up naked and alone in a city doorway -- with no memory of how he got there or who he is. The locals assume he's a drunken pervert and try to drive him away. Only journalist Rose Winter believes he's more than that, but even she isn't prepared for the truth.

Following up a story, Rose finds herself hunted through the city at night by a giant wolf. As her wolf story begins to converge with her sexy naked man, her own secret becomes impossible to keep. Loyalty and duty can't prevent these enemies from becoming lovers on the run, but they both know their love is doomed as much by their own nature as by interplanetary politics.

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"Hey, what's going on?"
The female voice seemed to cut through his skin. Clear, brisk, curious, with a warm pitch that spoke straight to his cock. Or would have, had that organ not been so shrivelled with rain and cold. A ripple moved through the hostile crowd. Voices muttered and he had to strain to catch the words.
"I know her. I'm sure I do."
"Who is she?"
"She's that girl on the newscreens. Shit, she's probably got a camera. I'm off..."
Threatening arms in the crowd lowered. Stones dropped casually on the ground with a scattering of dull thuds and several people drifted away.
A young woman emerged from the dispersing crowd, pushing down a rain hood to reveal luxuriant long hair of a bright and rare shade of amber, falling around a face that he supposed was beautiful. Certainly, her bone structure was exquisite, her lips full and tempting, her eyes large and brown...
But it wasn't her beauty or her melting eyes that truly caught his attention. It was her smell. Frowning, he tried to place it. Did he know her? Surely that scent was familiar... Something about it filled his mind with visions of naked, sweating bodies, mainly his own and hers.
She came to an abrupt halt and stared at him. Oh yes, she was highly fuckable, and yet, stronger than his upsurge of unexpected and inconvenient lust was the desire to put his hands around her elegant, swan-like neck and strangle her.
He flexed his fingers.
The older woman was explaining. "Art found him asleep in his doorway when he came home from night shift. Must be a drunk or a down-and-out, some kind of pervert too. Look at him!"
After her first flickering glance, the newcomer seemed to be rather determinedly focusing on his face. "He must be freezing," she said unexpectedly. In an instant, she'd stripped off her raincoat, revealing an orange bodysuit that seemed to match her hair, and bright, chunky beads around her throat. She advanced upon him.
He fell back, giving ground before her as he hadn't before the stone-throwing mob.
She paused. "I won't hurt you. What's your name?"
His throat closed up. Panic threatened to resurface. Her eyes searched his. Every hair on his body stood up in alarm. Though he'd no idea who she was, either, his every instinct was against trusting her.
"Where does he live?" she flung over her shoulder.
Silence and a few shrugs. "Why's he scared of her?" someone muttered.
Scared? Was he? Forcing himself, he stayed still when she took another step nearer to him. Maybe. But it felt like a powerful tug of lust. Mixed with an equally strong urge to exterminate her.
"He's not scared of her," answered another voice with a definite snigger. "He likes her."
She heard them. He could see it in the color soaring into her neck and face. He even admired the way she deliberately didn't so much as glance at his growing cock. And yet it didn't embarrass him. Perhaps he was an exhibitionist after all.

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Wednesday's New Reviews for Changeling Press!

Congratulations, Authors!


New Review - SENSUOUS - Aubrey Ross

Five Nymphs from Literary Nymphs


The twists about both Tess' and the Zoltan Clan's enemies keep you on your toes. The relationship between the three is extremely hot.


http://literarynymp hsreviewsonly. blogspot. com/2009/ 07/sensuous. html?zx=aec1ca67 d4e54ffd


New Review - VIRTUAL ATTRACTION - Kira Stone

Four Nymphs from Literary Nymphs


I found the stories interesting and believe those who enjoy gay erotica will enjoy the anthology.


http://literarynymp hsreviewsonly. blogspot. com/2009/ 07/virtual- attraction. html?zx=dfb2c4e4 a9ba4353


New Review - EMPIRE: BURNING DESIRES - Cat Marsters

Four & ½ Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews


I recommend that you make sure that your air conditioner is set on high, and that you have a big glass of ice water on hand when you read this.


http://whippedcream 2.blogspot. com/2009/ 07/empire- burning-desires- by-cat-marsters. html?zx=42db79bc df49c0f7


New Review - SUNLIGHT AND SLAVERY - Mina Carter

Four Nymphs from Literary Nymphs


Mina Carter did a fabulous job of writing of how different people can be, in their attitude, outlook and upbringing.


http://literarynymp hsreviewsonly. blogspot. com/2009/ 06/sunlight- and-slavery. html?zx=d861621e 86fcf014


New Review - MISSION: RAW - Mary Winter

Four Hearts from The Romance Studio


Ms. Winter does a great job using this fantasy couple to reflect what most new lovers have to cope with to have anything worthwhile. This is another great read from a gifted author.


http://theromancest reviews/reviews/ missionrawwinter .htm



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Dawg Town: Big Dawg by Celia Kyle

Dawg Town: Big Dawg
by Celia Kyle

cover art by Reneé George
ISBN: 978-1-60521-292-0
Genre(s): Paranormal, Humor & Satire, Hot Flashes
Theme(s): Shapeshifters, Gay and Lesbian
Series: Dawg Town
Length: Hot Flash


Mac's dreamed of owning his own golf course from the moment he hefted his first club. It's opening day at Dawg Track and for Mac, it's Time to let the Big Dawg Eat. But things don't go according to plan and his owl shifter lover, Douglas, is there to smooth the way for some wayward dawgs looking for a home.

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

It was a good day to own a golf course. The grass was green, the course was clear and he'd just sucked his lover's brains through his cock. Yes, today was the perfect day to own a golf course.
Mac inhaled a lungful of the sweet Kansas air. At seven in the morning, the sun just peeked over the trees and a whisper of a breeze danced through the foliage. Not too hot just yet and near perfect weather for the first round of golf to ever be played on the Dawg Track.
He'd worked hard on building the best course possible west of the Mississippi and damned if he hadn't succeeded. In his mind, at least. The course would help to bring money into their little town of Barkus while still staying true to his roots.
No high falutin' pro golfer would ever step foot on the Dawg Track green as long as he had a say so. And considering he signed every check and approved every membership application, Mac had a feeling the Dawg Track would always be a place for the working man to enjoy a round of golf with his friends and grab a beer at the 20th hole when he was through. (The nineteenth hole was a special place for him and Douglas. Real private like.) As far as Mac was concerned, golf wouldn't remain a rich man's sport.
At the Dawg Track the idea of wearing polo shirts and slacks for a round was thrown right out the window. Mac liked being comfortable when he played and he knew other men did as well. Hell, he'd even gotten a pair of shit-kickers made with cleats so he could go straight from his Harley to the course and back again without having to strap on some namby-pamby golfing shoes.
Yeah, this was the life. It was opening day for the Dawg Track and every tee time had been reserved months in advance. Whoo, boy. He had to be the luckiest golf lovin' Dawg to ever live.
With one last look over his domain, Mac figured it was about time to get the show on the road before the heat made playing unbearable. He reached into his bag, pulled out a tee and ball and teed up. Then he went back for him, the Big Dawg, a custom driver made just for him. Mac slid the club from his bag and admired the workmanship once more. A big ol' sweet spot in the middle of the head and the purtiest bit of graphite, steel and God only knew what else, made the club one of his most prized possessions.
"Ooh yeah, time to let the Big Dawg eat." He grinned and took a few practice swings. The Big Dawg sliced through the air like a knife through warm butter, and the soft whoosh as it skimmed the grass was music to his ears.
Not willing to delay his game any longer, he stepped up to the tee, eye on the ball. Lining up his shot, he couldn't suppress his smile. He'd done it, he'd designed and built his own golf course for guys like him and there was nothing stopping him now. Mac swung the club back, the head of Big Dawg rising higher in the air while he completed the arc. With a soft exhale, he brought the club down, eyes focused on his target.
The first ball to ever be hit on Dawg Track...
Out of nowhere a blur of tawny fur darted across his field of vision, taking his golf ball with it. Mac woofed the shot, striking the tee and losing his club on the upswing. Big Dawg went flying across the course to land a good twenty feet ahead of him.
"Gawd damn it, Trenton! Get your furball ass back here with my ball!" Damned little pint-sized prairie dog didn't know to leave well enough alone. The eighteen-year-old pup dogged his heels all the time and now he'd mucked up the first game! He bellowed, "Trenton!"
"Aw, Mac, leave the poor kid alone. He just wants attention, you know that. With so many pups running around Barkus, you know some of 'em get attached to other men. Especially since you won't let me snack on any of them."
Mac spun around (as much as his cleats on grass would let him) and glared at Douglas, his partner and lover. The man winked at him. Of all the...
"Dougie." His lover hated that name. "Why don't you tell me how that little prairie dog got onto the property when you know this is a dog-free zone?" He stalked forward. "I didn't sink eight feet of fencing into the ground around the course just so you could let them all in." He took a deep, calming breath. He wasn't going to blow up at Douglas. He. Wasn't. His frustration needed to stay directed at the pint-sized pup that stole his ball and ruined his freakin' game. He softened his voice. "Baby, we talked about this and --"
"And I told you I disagreed." The shorter man propped his fists on his hips with a stomp and Mac's favorite curl dropped over Douglas' forehead, dipping behind the man's glasses. "It's not right, Mac."
"You just want to gobble them up for a midnight snack, don't you, Douglas? My little owl's got a hankering for a little prairie dog, don't ya?" Mac reached out and tugged his lover into his arms and nuzzled his neck, nibbling the soft skin below his ear. "I've got something you can snack on."

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Monday's New Reviews for Changeling Press

Congratulations to all the Authors!

New Review - SCREWED - J. Hali Steele
Four & ½ Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews

The sex scenes in this work are sizzling! If you want a read that'll make you laugh and squirm, this is the novella for you.

New Review - SEDUCED BY DARKNESS (Collection) - Lacey Savage
Five Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews

The bonds of love and trust that develop between these characters throughout the story were a wonderful thing to see.

New Review - SUNDOWN INTERNATIONAL (Collection) - Cat Marsters
Reviewed by ParaNormal Romance

Another hot, sexy anthology from an amazing author. the plot is great, and the backstory with secondary characters from SUNDOWN, INC. makes everything that much better. Excellent job!

New Review - UNICORN VALLEY (Collection) - Lena Austin
Reviewed by Whipped Cream Reviews

I would recommend this to anyone who loves romance, because at the heart of all four tales is a deep and sincere sense of love, along with some extremely hot romance.

New Review - MISSION: TOUCHDOWN - Mary Winter
Four Hearts from The Romance Studio

Mary Winter pens another well crafted tale of love and friendship. humor and eroticism into some realistic scenarios of male bonding and support.


Dawg Town: Puppy Dawg by Camille Anthony

Dawg Town: Puppy Dawg
by Camille Anthony

cover art by Reneé George
ISBN: 978-1-60521-265-4
Genre(s): Paranormal, Hot Flashes
Theme(s): Interracial, Shapeshifters, BBW
Series: Dawg Town
Length: Hot Flash


Puppy. Quentin Mosely hates his nickname. He might be the youngest member of the Dawg motorcycle gang, but he's a grown male, one who's thinking about mating. Unfortunately, the female his tail is wagging for is the new librarian, and a human. Knowing a human/shifter relationship rarely succeeds, Quentin spends his days gazing hopelessly through the library windows at the luscious black woman.

Carly. Carlisle Brothers has the hots for teacher -- even if he is ten years her junior! She's moved to Barkus, Kansas -- the absolute middle of nowhere -- chasing peace and finds it in this back-of-beyond town. It's a slice of heaven... or it would be, if not for being overrun with prairie dogs. Still, she'd gladly put up with the little rodents if that sexy schoolteacher Quentin Mosely would teach her the ABC's of love. Unfortunately, she's an old-fashioned kind of gal, uncomfortable with making the first move -- especially on a younger man. That's up to him.

It'll take a determined matchmaker, a summer storm, a missing baby, a huge misunderstanding and a sheriff with handcuffs to set these two stumbling lovers on the path to each other.


Unedited excerpt of DT: Puppy Dawg
(c) 2009 Camille Anthony

How it all began…Quentin Mosely braced his paws against the glass and peered through thebottom window of the library, the only one he could reach in his present form. Sneakingaway to ogle the new librarian was insane. He’d seen her from afar and liked what hesaw, but ever since their lunch meeting to plan a fieldtrip for his English class, he’dbeen unable to get the luscious black woman off his mind.

Third period Math had been a bitch. The unruly pups, along with the few human students that attended Barkus Elementary, had played him for his lapse. He’d get back at them with a surprise quiz, but right now, none of that mattered.

Quentin couldn’t understand this driven need to enact the Prairie Dawg version of a peeping Tom. He only knew he had to see her, smell her, be as close to her as hecould get. His nose twitched, trying to catch a sniff of her through the glass.Carly, Carly, Carly…Her name -- full of fun and curves -- was like a mantra chanted in his mind. Hel iked wrapping his human tongue around the syllables. He liked the way she looked,too. From her pretty dark brown eyes that seemed to be always smiling, to the round,compact shape she carried with a serene acceptance he’d rarely noted among humans.

He leaned closer to the window.

God, he wanted to touch that full head of fluffy black kinky twists falling to her gently sloping shoulders, softening the lines of her round face. Her dark, creamysmooth skin -- reminding him of rich loamy prairie dirt after a spring rain -- stretchedacross wide cheekbones. Freckles dotted the flat bridge of her wide, button nose. He justknew she was ripe for burrowing into. What he wouldn’t give to explore her fertile field, dig deep in her dark tunnels. If only she wasn’t human…

“Puppy, is that you?”

Quentin froze. He knew that voice.

“What the hell are you doing skulking around the library in dawg form? Youknow this part of town isn’t familiar with our… peculiar traits.”

Looking way up, he sighed to see Logan Smith staring down at him, his lovelyfiancée, Kaylee, hanging on his arm. Damn it, being found this way, by this particulargossipy dawg, was the last thing Quentin needed. He was never going to live thisdown.

“Hi, Mr. Mosely. What are you looking at?” Kaylee peered over his head into thelarge main area of the library. Her eyes widened. “Oh, I see!”

Logan wasn’t looking in the window. He was focused on Quentin. “Puppy, whatare you thinking, running around town in your natural shape? Someone’s gonna stepon you, if you’re not careful.”

Quentin resented Logan’s interference. Just because he was the youngestmember of the biker group that hung out at the Prairie Dawg Saloon didn’t give Logan the right to treat him like a baby. He wasn’t a child, damn it.

Kaylee aimed a light slap at her boyfriend’s arm, laughing. “Logan, it’s obvious what he’s doing. He has the hots for the new librarian!”

Incensed, Quentin chittered at Kaylee, baring his teeth in frustration. Her soft laughter made him want to sink lower than a field mouse, but while he battled with his embarrassment, he couldn’t help noticing his lack of sexual response to her. Once, he’d thought about challenging Logan for a chance at her, but no longer. The realization was sobering.

Quentin turned his head and stared, really giving Kaylee a good once-over. Shewas just as pretty as before, though now she was mated with Logan she no longer gave off those “fuck me” vibes. That should be it, but Quentin didn’t think so. His nose had latched on to something -- someone -- a whole lot sweeter to him than the half-breedshifter.

No. Impossible.

The librarian wasn’t one of them. She wasn’t a shifter. Why was heharboring thoughts of mating when nothing permanent could come of thisinappropriate attraction?

Sure, the rare human was okay finding out their lover was a shifter, but mostcouldn’t handle it. Also, cross-species romances weren’t easy. Just look what happenedto poor Blake -- Kaylee’s father -- turned into road-kill trying to get back to his humanmate. The outside world was hard on prairie dog shifters.

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Nature of the Beast Collection by Ciarra Sims

The Nature of the Beast (Collection)
by Ciarra Sims

cover art by Sahara Kelly
ISBN: 978-1-60521-220-3
Genre(s): Paranormal, Dark Fantasy
Theme(s): Dark Desire
Length: Collection


Demons from Hell are loose and among us. They shapeshift into handsome, virile forms and like everyone else they look for the perfect mate. But happily ever after isn't in their criteria. Some unlucky woman will meet her Mr. Right and never guess the horror she'll bear until it's too late. But it doesn't stop with demon spawn. Far worse, the women live through the nightmare only to find themselves raising little devils until the fathers come back to take them all to Hell. And they don't take no for an answer.
A retreat in the forest becomes the battleground of good versus evil where there are no winners. Children born of darkness will spread through the world with strange powers and abilities, their purpose as shadowy as the woods where they were conceived. One child, born of love, holds the key. Her parents will go to Hell and back to save her from the demons that demand her blood.

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Carol turned on her side, settling in for a long night. She breathed deep and was about to exhale when the sound of scrabbling on the roof made her shoot upright. Rolling out of bed she padded to the door and hit the cabin’s lights.
Bea was sitting up on her cot, her single wool blanket grasped in tight fists. "What the hell was that?"
The light in the cabin made Carol feel foolish. "Probably raccoons on the roof. I just couldn't sleep."
Bea rubbed her eyes. "We have to be up in a few hours. This is going to be a bad week, I can feel it in my bones."
Carol managed a smile. "I guess sleeping out in the woods will cure us of this silly jumpiness."
"Yeah," Bea agreed, "Cure us or kill us."
Carol would ordinarily have laughed at the sardonically spoken words except somehow they didn't seem so funny out here in the middle of nowhere. She turned off the lights, determined to brave it out when a creak on the porch made her wince. "That is no raccoon."
A movement at the window made her gasp. Was it a bear? A face appeared and Carol almost screamed. When she recognized Alan, she breathed a sigh of relief. "It's Alan, the camp instructor. I'll go see what he wants." Carol was glad to see someone who could lay her fears to rest.
The flannel P.J's she wore were no threat to her modesty so she had no qualms about stepping out on the porch. She looked to where she'd seen Alan at the window but there was no one there. The short porch was empty.
"Alan?" Carol whispered. "Alan, where are you?"
A sound in the brush to her right made her think twice about leaving the porch. She sensed someone behind her and swung around. A shadow retreated off the porch, disappearing over the railing. A shadow with no human form to cast it.
Carol shivered. This was not funny! If the company thought this was a way to test their employees' mettle, they'd have to come up with another plan. Carol wasn't about to go into hysterics over some urban legend scenario set up by the camp. She backed to the cabin door, turning around quickly to twist the knob. A hand grabbed her shoulder, spinning her around.
Carol squealed as Alan's tan face looked down at her.
"Carol? What are you doing out here? You do know you have to be up in a few hours? This isn't going to be easy for any of you, believe me."
Carol could only stare, blank-faced, her heart pounding. "That's not funny!"
"What's not funny?"
"Sneaking up on the cabin then hiding. You may get your kicks this way, but we're not silly girls to scare into peeing our pants over some creaky noises."
"What are you talking about? I saw your cabin light on and came to see if everything was okay. My cabin is across the meadow. It took me some time to get here."
"Yeah sure. I saw you at the window then on the porch. Shadows don't lie."
"Hey. I'm telling you I wasn't here. Jeez. Get a grip."
Carol didn't like his tone. She thought he was rather nice on her arrival at the camp, but now he was acting like a jerk. It was one thing to pull a stunt then enjoy a laugh over it, but to keep denying it was juvenile.
She backed toward the door. Alan's hand came up, touching her cheek. "It's okay, Carol. You're in my group for the week and I won't let anything happen to you. Scout's honor." He smiled at his lame-ass joke and Carol fought to keep from responding. He was darned cute and in this wilderness, it didn't hurt to have a friend. She leaned into his hand as it cupped her jaw line.
She swore he was going to kiss her when the door swung open and Bea's pale face emerged. "Everything okay out here, Carol?"
Flustered Carol replied, "Uh, yeah. Just ducky."
"You'd better get some sleep," Alan murmured. "Both of you. Rise and shine at oh-five-hundred for a brief orientation, then we pick up supplies and hit the woods. Janice hates slackers and will ride them the hardest of all. Just a tip from someone who has butted heads with her on more than one occasion. So get some shut-eye. That's an order from your camp master. You're under my thumb from now on and the only thing that will save you from the worst week of your life is me. So, my fair damsels, I'll see you in a few hours. Night."
Carol wasn't sure if his tone was kidding or not. Bea was looking at her strangely. Carol shrugged. "What?"
"You and he... Maybe it's my gambler's instinct but I see you two having a wild, animalistic time in the forest. Just my luck, I get Hershey bars while you get a hunky man to warm your blood. The story of my life."
Carol smiled. "Come on. I'm not sure at this point if a Hershey bar wouldn't be the wisest choice. Something about our camp master gives me the willies." As they went inside the cabin Carol knew who she'd seen at the window, just as she knew the shadow on the porch had been real. Just what was up with this Alan fellow?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mate Marks-- Breath by Kate Hill

Mate Marks: Breath
by Kate Hill

cover art by Sahara Kelly
ISBN: 978-1-60521-132-9
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Shapeshifters
Series: Mate Marks
Length: Novella


Ever since her childhood, when she'd come face-to-face with a lizard boy on the beach, Dr. Teena Parker has been trying to prove the existence of a new species between reptile and man. During a wildlife expedition in Australia, Teena discovers Flick, a gorgeous golden shapeshifter who has been injured while protecting his young.

Desire burns between Teena and Flick as they explore each other in every way. Teena now has the proof that these supernatural creatures exist, but should she risk their lives by reporting her discovery? Is her love and lust for Flick more powerful than her quest for credibility in her field?


Teena paused a moment and sighed. She'd been walking since early morning and decided to stop for a rest beneath the shade of a tree. She removed her backpack and sat. Her eyes slipped shut and when she opened them, a strange feeling came over her. Glancing around, she saw that only her immediate area was clearly visible. Everything in the distance was dark and blurred. This had to be a dream yet she felt awake and fully aware. Out of the murky depths ahead, she saw a pale gold figure approaching. As it neared, her heartbeat quickened. This was the creature she had spent her life searching for, except it wasn't a boy, but a full grown lizard man. He was frighteningly beautiful with pale gold skin and blue eyes that stared at her with the same wonder and desire she felt. As he neared, his color changed, chameleon-like, from gold to orange. For some reason, she wasn't afraid of him. His eyes were gentle, but she also saw underlying strength reflected in them. It struck her that deep inside she'd wished all her life to meet a man who looked at her like this. She wanted to speak, but they were beyond words. He knelt at her feet and curled his hot, long-fingered hand around her ankle. He lightly caressed her calves and leaned closer, flicking his tongue over her kneecaps and making her shiver with desire. When Teena glanced down, she was shocked to realize she was as naked as he was. His soft, wet tongue continue its way up her thighs and her eyes slipped shut. This was the way to dream! His tongue teased the joining of her thighs then traveled up her ribs and over her belly. Moaning softly, she began exploring him as well, surprised by the almost silken feel of his textured flesh. His scales were ultra-fine, like no species she had ever seen before. Science was the last thing on her mind, however. Her mysterious lover cupped her breasts in his hands and stroked them tenderly. When he drew her nipple into his mouth and used his wickedly skilled tongue upon it, she thought she might explode then and there and he hadn't even touched her clit yet. As if reading her mind, he dipped his hand between her legs and kneaded her soft mound. He slid first one long finger inside her pussy, then another. All the while his lips and tongue remained busy with her nipple. The pert nub ached and tingled, especially when he used his teeth upon it ever so gently. Withdrawing his fingers from her pussy, he began rubbing her clit. Delicious sensations coursed through her. Her hips thrust against his hand and she moaned again, her heart racing. He sucked her nipple hard and she cried out, clutching his head and again noting how hot he felt, almost feverish. No wonder. She felt the exact same way. The sexual fever had already overtaken her. This was the best dream of her life. Any moment she was going to come and she knew the explosion would be incredible. The gorgeous beast released her nipple, grasped her hips and covered her clit with his mouth. This was too much. His hot, wet tongue flicked relentlessly over her aching flesh and Teena burst in ecstasy. Wave after wave of pleasure threatened to knock her off her feet. She moaned and writhed. Teena awoke still moaning, her body bathed in sweat and her clit pulsing faintly in the aftermath. Panting, she glanced around and saw that her surroundings were once again normal. She sat up and rubbed a hand over her face. "What a dream," she muttered, though she almost wished she could slip back into it. It had been more fulfilling than any sexual encounter she'd ever had with a real man. Unfortunately, as with most dreams, the wonderful sensations began to fade now that she was fully awake. Sighing, she reached for her water and took a sip. Then a strange feeling struck her and this time she wasn't dreaming. It was as if a voice in the back of her mind was pushing her toward a specific area of the coastal cliffs. She headed past a small clump of vegetation. Though she had already searched this area, it looked different. Vast caves rose in the distance and she wondered if she wasn't hallucinating. How could she have missed this earlier? Nearing the caves, something caught her eye. Something--or someone--lay on a large, flat rock in the clearing ahead. The sunlight beat down upon the figure, making its pale gold flesh gleam. Teena's heart pounded and her breathing quickened. She could scarcely believe her eyes. The urge to slap herself to be certain she wasn't dreaming again almost overcame her. In fact she did pinch her thigh hard just to be on the safe side. Yeah. She was awake and the sexy monster from her dreams was now right in front of her and shockingly real. There had to be an explanation for her dream. Maybe she had been half asleep and he'd passed by her on the way to this rock? Seeing him while she was in a semiconscious state had prompted the dream. Yes. That was it. The golden creature sprawled stomach down on the rock. He was long, lean and exquisitely proportioned, like the fittest athlete dressed in a lizard skin bodysuit. His long tail, complete with two delicately shaped stingers, rested over one of his muscular thighs. It crossed her mind that there was something familiar about his tail, but she had more important things to consider at the moment, such as the fierce red wound marring the back of his right shoulder. It was a startling contrast to his beautiful gold skin. John hadn't been hallucinating and here was the proof of what Teena seen all those years ago. Teena approached cautiously. Though the creature had human characteristics, she had no way of knowing how he would react to her. Obviously he was in need of medical attention. He didn't seem to be breathing, so she hoped it wasn't too late to help him. Still, even dead, he was an incredible scientific find. Now no one would ever call her the mad scientist again.

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Friday's New Reviews for Changeling Press!

Congratulations to all!


New Review - DAWG TOWN: MAD DAWG - Tuesday Richards

Reviewed by Book Wenches


Tuesday Richards' Mad Dawg puts a special twist on cute and furry, and it is funny and sexy and downright entertaining. Dolly and Bryce are an engaging pair that you can't help but like.


http://www.bookwenc views.htm


New Review - DAWG TOWN: HOMECOMING - Selena Illyria

Reviewed by Book Wenches


. Ms. Illyria does an excellent job. She has given us a quick, sexy and fun read with Homecoming, and I am quite interested to see how other stories in this series will pan out.


http://www.bookwenc views.htm


New Review - DAWG TOWN: BAD DAWG - Lena Austin

Reviewed by Book Wenches


Bad Dawg is amusing from beginning to end, and it is chock full of comic similes and metaphors that make for very vivid and humorous imagery.


http://www.bookwenc views.htm


New Review - DAWG TOWN: HUSTLE - Anne Kane

Reviewed by Book Wenches


This story has been written with the same sense of fun that marks the other titles in the Dawg Town series.  And it is that underlying thread of humor that keeps us coming back to Dawg Town to visit its residents.


http://www.bookwenc views.htm


New Review - SWEET OBLIVION: FLUID - Jordan Castillo Price

Reviewed by Elisa Rolle


With the help of Michael, Wild Bill is becoming a better man... vampire, giving a sense to his life, and with the help of Wild Bill, Michael is finding who he wants to be.


http://elisa- rolle.livejourna html



Bad Angels: Burn By Belinda McBride

Bad Angels: Burn
by Belinda McBride

cover art by Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-60521-259-3
Genre(s): Dark Fantasy
Theme(s): Ménage, Bisexual and More, Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures, Dark Desire
Series: Bad Angels
Length: Novella


Following an auto accident, Rex Clark lays near death in the rocky wilderness of the Trinity Alps. Just when it appears that things can't get worse, she shows up. Anahita... the succubus. She's been his frequent companion, and the bane of his lover Rion's existence, for well over a century. But it seems that this time she's come to help.
From the frozen villages of the Inuit to the cities of America, Dr. Noemi Gastineau has seen it all. When a fallen angel shows up at the reservation clinic with an injured Sidhe, Noemi takes everything in stride. Yet within hours, she's swept into an enchanted world she never imagined existed. So why are the men so temptingly familiar? And why is she suddenly so afraid?
A fallen angel, a Sidhe, a human and a succubus. Never mind the demons, these four are about to catch fire! The question is... who will survive the burn?


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"Fancy meeting you here."
Rex Clark lay as comfortably as possible, given that he lay on a rocky embankment, one leg twisted into an improbable position. He sighed, feeling his unwelcome arousal growing in spite of the unremitting pain that lanced his body. He was like a Pavlovian dog that way; a touch of red made him think of her, and thoughts of her drained the blood from one head, relocating it to the other.
"But really, I'm not in the mood right now." His unruly cock denied his words, growing thick and heavy inside his torn jeans. He gasped at the sensation of her touch as it trailed over his groin.
Over the decades, more than a century now, she'd become a familiar presence. She'd initially taken her pleasure from both him and his angelic lover, Orion Hunter, but eventually she'd weaned herself away from the angel. Perhaps she sensed his unwillingness to contribute to her cause. Rion Hunter was normally an even-tempered man. He was as kind and angelic as his origins would suggest.
However, he didn't like the succubus. And she didn't like him.
On the other hand, she clearly found Rex willing and quite tasty. In the beginning, she'd been voracious, nearly draining them both on the occasions she managed to track down the Sidhe and his lover. In time the succubus had learned to temper her appetite. While Rex was more than able to survive even her most powerful attacks, she'd frequently left him crippled and weak. Now feeding her was like donating blood. He felt a bit tired for an hour or so afterwards, but Rex's unlimited energy quickly restored him, leaving him good as new.
It wasn't bad, except for the fact that Rion went quietly hysterical every time she managed to track them to a new country, a new city. In Rex's opinion, they should be chasing her rather than fleeing. Other than giving him a series of blissful, draining orgasms, she really didn't do any harm. He'd never seen any evidence that she was in league with other more dangerous demons. From the beginning, she'd been a lost soul in dire need of their help.
Plus she gave really good head.
So as the red haze began to form over his body, concentrating at his groin, Rex wasn't really frightened. He did wish that she'd wait for a more opportune moment, perhaps after he'd healed from the numerous fractures and internal injuries that currently afflicted him.
"Tell me, lassie, can you hear me?"
He'd lapsed back into the old Highland Scots accent, too tired to pretend to be anything other than what he was. The charms that were tattooed onto his skin hid his extra, less human, features from mortal sight, but he no longer had the magical energy to hide his natural glamour. Even with the wings and tail hidden, most humans would notice the coloring and sheer charisma that marked him as "other." The magic required skill and constant energy to maintain. So Rex lay, praying that he would remain hidden from human eyes until he recovered enough to make his way to the road, or until Rion came for him.
Both prospects seemed unlikely at the moment. Especially if she decided it was time for a snack. In that case, Rex might end up taking a dirt nap on a permanent basis. Immortal didn't mean indestructible, just harder to kill, and he didn't think he could survive the loss of his remaining energy.
"I hear you, Fae."
He blinked in surprise. She'd been chasing and feeding off him for over a century, but she'd never before communicated. He had to be hallucinating.
Oh. That. He was unconscious. "I'm not Fae, lassie. I'm Sidhe."
There was a slight pause as she processed that information. "Same difference."
He snorted with laughter, and then gasped against the pain. He didn't think the Fae he was acquainted with would agree. Uppity creatures.
"Your energy is poor."
Did he detect a trace of concern in that monotone voice? "I do believe I'm dying, lass."
She said nothing, but he felt something ripple through the red haze of her presence. Early on, she'd very nearly manifested a solid form when she'd visited them. Now she was merely a haze floating over his body. His poor, broken body.
"You are immortal."
"True, but I can be killed."
"You are injured?"
"Badly, lass." He tried to shift, to find a more comfortable position. "I'm out of fuel. There's nothing left to keep me healing. So if you don't mind... no sex today."
"I didn't come to feed. I felt... you."
He felt a sensation... soft and shivery. It was almost as if she touched his skin, his face.
"I didn't know you could be killed."
"Or you'd have done it earlier, eh?"
He sensed her feelings. Anger. Confusion. Guilt.
"Perhaps if you could tell Hunter..."
"I can't. He's not asleep."
Now how would she know that? She hadn't visited the angel in decades. In fact, the succubus had been the main source of contention between the men. Rion was afraid of her, angry that Rex allowed her to feed. Rex felt pity for the succubus. Not fear. "Would you keep me company then?"
Rex rolled his head to the side, looking at the beautiful wilderness that was just out of his reach. He knew he was asleep... or unconscious. Otherwise, she wouldn't have had entry to his mind. But still he looked about, admiring the steel-blue waters of the river that was just yards below where he lay. Wildflowers swayed in the wind, and butterflies danced over the brightly colored blossoms. It was a beautiful place to die.
The scene was marred only by the stench of burning rubber and oil leaking from his wrecked car. To his relief, the spilled gasoline had already evaporated. Rex didn't want to test himself against fire.
"Maybe you could call him. You have a phone, don't you?" He grinned at the idea. She was a succubus, an insubstantial spirit that existed to feed on the sexual essence of men. She'd have no idea what he was talking about, but it was fun to tease her.
"Yeah. Everyone has one nowadays. Surely you have cell phones in the demon world?" His phone was up by the roadside, crushed into tiny pieces.
She didn't answer. In fact, the red haze was dissipating. He really didn't want her to go. Beautiful as this spot was, he really didn't want to die here. Not alone, anyway. Even a succubus was better than no company at all. "Hey -- you aren't leaving me now, are you?"
She didn't answer.

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Dawg Town Series has been reviewed by the BookWenches


Our thanks to the BookWenches for reviewing four of the Dawg Town series!   


You can access the review here  



Wednesday's New Reviews for Changeling Press


Four Nymphs from Literary Nymphs

Aimee had devoted so much of herself to her family out of love that I nearly wept when these two men showed her the kind of love that she was missing. fantastic.

http://literarynymp hsreviewsonly. blogspot. com/2009/ 07/executive- decisions- research- only.html? zx=578b00606f544 268

New Review - DAWG TOWN: BAD DAWG - Lena Austin
Five Nymphs from Literary Nymphs

Bad Dawg definitely brings us some erotic moments. but it also delivers a message about love, hope, acceptance, and lending a helping hand.

http://literarynymp hsreviewsonly. blogspot. com/2009/ 07/bad-dawg. html?zx=4df885ca 6dd3dca

New Review - KOFFE WITH CREAM - Brenda Bryce
Four Nymphs from Literary Nymphs

. a wonderful story about second chances, finding true love and most importantly, unequivocal trust and acceptance.

http://literarynymp hsreviewsonly. blogspot. com/2009/ 07/koffe- with-cream. html?zx=9338e9d6 e7507da9

New Review - SUNDOWN INTERNATIONAL (Collection) - Cat Marsters
Four & ½ Nymphs from Literary Nymphs

The outcome of this story is not what I expected, but even better. beautifully written with a lot of mystery, steaming sex, and murders. 

http://literarynymp hsreviewsonly. blogspot. com/2009/ 07/sundown- international- collection. html?zx=179e95f7 43ad5e93

New Review - DANCE WARS 4: LAST NIGH STAND - Sophia Titheniel
Reviewed by Elisa Rolle

There is still a lot of sex, down and dirty, but I believe that this is the most romantic book in the series.

http://elisa- rolle.livejourna html



Not Yeti by Celia Kyle

Not Yeti!
by Celia Kyle

cover art by Reneé George
ISBN: 978-1-60521-270-8
Genre(s): Paranormal, Humor & Satire
Theme(s): Shapeshifters
Series: Yeti!
Length: Novella


The twins are five and day-to-day life gets in the way of love. Could this be the end of Sela and Yosi?


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Yosi had the greatest, most perfect cock known to woman. Sela's mouth watered at the thought of getting her lips wrapped around that long, thick dick. At least eight inches, it wasn't too short or too long, but just right for her. And right now, it was staring her in the face.
"Shhh... don't Sela me. Let me enjoy for a bit."
She kissed the tip, licking her lips and savoring the salty-sweet flavor remaining on her lips. The soft, spongy head of Yosi's cock beckoned her and she was only too happy to return. This time, she laved the head, tongue flicking the sweet spot on the underside of his erection, and she smiled at her husband's moan.
Sela opened her mouth, sliding her lips over and around Yosi's cock, licking the vein on the underside as she sank over him. He arched against her mouth, sinking his cock in farther, and she hummed around it.
Yosi tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled. She loved it when he became forceful, demanding, directing. She let him lead and she followed. In no time, he was fucking her mouth, his cock sliding easily between her lips as she licked and sucked on his dick.
The salty snow taste of his precum intensified as his hips sped up and groans became louder. Louder and louder and louder still until he froze, back arched, mouth open and gasping. His cock pulsed in her mouth, filling her with his seed. She swallowed each and every drop, savoring the sweet taste until his cock grew soft in her mouth.
Sela rose from her knees and slithered up Yosi's body to straddle his lap. She fused their mouths together, her arousal still burning bright after giving her husband a blowjob. She wanted, needed. Her pussy ached and throbbed and only two things could soothe the hurt she felt. Both of them were attached to her husband and since his cock was out of commission, that left his tongue.
"Please, Yosi?"
In one fluid move he lay on the bed and rearranged her to straddle his face instead of his thighs. He slipped his tongue between her labia, lapping at her clit, and she moaned, writhing against his mouth.
"Shhh, Sela. The kids."
Mmm hmm... kids. They had 'em. But right now she was more concerned with coming.
His canines scratched against her bundle of nerves and she gasped, shivering with the pleasure and pain of the touch. While he licked and sucked on her hardened nub, his hands kneaded and caressed her ass, fingers dipping into the crevice between them and brushing her asshole.
"Yes," she hissed, loving the barest hint of ass play she was receiving. They didn't play back there often, but she loved a finger or cock in her ass.
If he shushed her one more time...
His tongue circled her clit, round and round and round. She ground against his mouth, looking for more. Her breathing grew heavier by the second, and she panted and moaned, dying to come as if her last breath depended on reaching her orgasm.
The tip of his finger slipped into her ass. "Yes!" she screamed, nerves tingling in response to the invasion.
"Be quiet, Sela," he ordered. "The kids."
And those two words killed the mood.
Sela dug her claw-tipped fingers into his hair and pushed him away, fangs distending. She rose from the bed and stomped for the door. "I'll do it myself then."
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Dawg Town-- Chip & Dale by Mary Winter

Dawg Town: Chip & Dale
by Mary Winter

cover art by Reneé George
ISBN: 978-1-60521-227-2
Genre(s): Paranormal, Hot Flashes
Theme(s): Ménage, Shapeshifters
Series: Dawg Town
Length: Hot Flash


Back from getting a degree in animal biology, Tusa returns to her fiancé, Chip, and -- she hopes -- his brother, Dale. She doesn't realize that Chip has already made plans for their wedding, and for his brother to also be with the woman he loves. Usually a prairie dog colony is one male with several females. This time, it's going to be the other way around, and Tusa wouldn't have it any other way.


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Apparently her mother's letters hadn't lied. Chip Muskatoni had indeed done very well for himself. Tusa Riverwell paused on the paved walkway outside C&D Waste Water, noting the upturned cement drainage tubes filled with flowers and the new steel building finished in a nice tan. Black shutters framed each window. Certainly a far cry from the tumble-down shed he and his brother had used for an office before she'd left for college, and the location she had expected when she returned to them.
Tusa strode forward, putting a little extra swing in her hips. She neared the door, hearing a conversation through the open window. Just business, nothing provocative, but the sound of Chip's low voice sent heat drifting southward to flood her pussy with moisture. Her nipples beaded behind the halter top she wore. It tied behind her neck, just below her short-cropped black hair. She curled her fingers around the doorknob.
A moment's hesitation, just a moment's worth, claimed her. They hadn't really talked, and the question of whether she'd return to one brother -- or both -- hung in the air. She forced her hand to turn the knob, forced herself to apply just enough pressure to push open the door. She stepped onto a welcome rug sitting on a cement floor. On her right, a sturdy, workman-like desk with a phone and computer sat empty. She stepped inside and locked the door behind her.
The click of a phone returning to its cradle announced the end of Chip's call. Tusa turned toward the desk on the left, a smile on her lips. She knew she presented a picture in her fuck-me boots, shorts that would have made Daisy Duke blush, and her halter top. "Honey," she drawled, "I'm home."
She posed for a moment, one hand on her hip, the other reaching up to toy with the straps on her halter top. One tug, just one, and the first string swept across her breast, partially baring it. Her inner prairie dog perked up her head and wiggled her tail. She licked her lips and sashayed forward, still holding onto the other string. The top of her halter caught on her nipple, and the puckered bead held it in place.
Behind his desk, Chip gaped. The years she'd spent at college had honed his features and turned his handsome face stunning. High cheekbones, full lips that knew just how to kiss, and thick-lashed dark brown eyes gave him model-sexy looks. He leaned back in his chair, his tan work shirt unbuttoned at the throat to reveal an enticing triangle of skin and a few whorls of dark brown hair. Hunger filled his expression.
She reached his desk and traced her fingers against the hard wood. She guessed his cock would be just as hard by now. Circling the desk, she sat on the edge, surprised her halter top stayed in place. "Miss me?"

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Monday's New Reviews for Changeling Press


New Review - FLIGHT OF THE HERON - Lizzie Lynn Lee

Rated a June 2009 Recommended Read from ParaNormal Romance


A sizzling hot story in an exotic time and place.  A good read!  The love scenes between Yukiko and Matsushita are both sweet and sizzling hot.


http://www.paranorm alromance. org/reviews/ review.php? id=31425


New Review - GINGERSNAPS: SANTA PAWS - Lena Austin

Five Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews


Phaedra and JR are a creative couple with the ability to warm up any cold winter's night with their style of lovemaking.


http://fallenangelr 2009/June/ nene-gingersnaps _santapaws. htm



Five Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews


The double entendres, the beauty of the setting, and the openness of the two characters made this a great story.


http://fallenangelr 2009/June/ nene-gingersnaps _sugarplums. htm


New Review - SNOWBOUND: CAPTIVE HEAT - Lexxie Couper

Five Hearts from The Romance Studio


Darci [has] the adventure of a lifetime. Not only did she meet a man who gave her the animalistic and sexual loving she enjoyed, Darci got more than she bargained for.


http://theromancest reviews/reviews/ captiveheartcapt ive.htm


New Review - SNOWBOUND: DISTRACTION - Elizabeth Jewell

Four Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews


Elizabeth Jewell has written a very sweet and juicy tale in Snowbound: Distraction. Glynna, Brandt and Erik are so funny that you don't want to miss reading their story.


http://fallenangelr 2009/June/ terrir-snowbound _distraction. htm



Dawgtown-- Playing for Keeps by Dawn Montgomery

Dawg Town: Playing for Keeps
by Dawn Montgomery

cover art by Reneé George
ISBN: 978-1-60521-260-9
Genre(s): Paranormal, Hot Flashes
Theme(s): Shapeshifters
Series: Dawg Town
Length: Hot Flash


Prairie dogs may be low on the food chain, but Riley Cates is anything but. More man than dawg, he's finally carved his place in Barkus. Until Tara walks back into his life. Now there's no turning back, because once Riley has his taste, he'll never be able to let her go.

Tara's drawn to the one man who holds her soul, her happiness in his paws. And no matter what happens, this time, she's playing for keeps.


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.
"I'm not here to ask for another chance. I just wanted to let you know you were right."
Riley crossed his arms. "About what?"
"About all of it. The bike wasn't an excuse. It really did start sputtering right outside of town. I wanted to come in and chat with you and then leave you to your life."
"You are a piece of work, baby."
"Yeah. I expected you to say something like that." She turned her head and started rifling through her saddlebag. "I can pay you."
Before he could think, Riley moved close enough to snake her wrist in a loose grip. "Oh you'll pay me, Tara. The question is, how far are you willing to go?"
He felt her tremble at his touch. "I don't play games anymore, Riley. One-night stands and bullshit are behind me."
He tugged her close and inhaled the rich scent of his woman. Too many years had passed without her. "Who said anything about games and one-night stands? I'm tired of waiting, baby." He ran his fingers through her hair. Vanilla shampoo and a musk uniquely Tara teased his nose.
A soft cry of distress left her throat, but she pressed against him, trembling.
"You'd better decide now, honey. I'm not letting you go this time."
Tara's pussy clenched. His voice, that growl. She shivered. He could turn her hotter than hell in less than two point two seconds. Her slick heat dampened her panties and she whimpered. Yes, she wanted this. Was she just fooling herself in believing she'd be able to walk away?
"Make damn sure, honey. I have to hear the words."
"I'm sure, Riley. Please."