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Devil's Man Collection by Kira Stone

Devil's Man (Collection)
by Kira Stone
cover art by Fabiano Fabris
ISBN: 978-1-60521-312-5
Genre(s): Paranormal, Dark Fantasy, Collections
Theme(s): Ménage, Bisexual and More, Magic and Mayhem
Length: Collection

Research at Loveland College has never been quite so productive...

Devil's Man: Roman vows to have Carter, a reclusive professor, one way or another. Roman's devilish scheme to seduce Carter succeeds, to the great pleasure of all involved, but their tryst ends with dire consequences. To stay alive, Roman and Carter will have to face their deepest fears.

Between the Covers: Leah has to discover why Loveland College students are obsessed with having sex in her section of the college library. Leah turns to Sam, a Campus Security Detective, for expert advice. Together they seek the truth... Between the Covers.

Mayan Destiny: Professor Patrice Valez dreams of Mayan ruins and gods of old. When she wins a grant to study an obscure Mayan temple, she's stunned, and not entirely happy, to discover her Mayan obsession has a purpose -- and a price.

Bump in the Night -- "Department of Paranormal Research." Wade's colleagues laugh at the title on his office door. But if he can debunk the ghosts of the famed Hoag Mansion, he'll finally start getting the recognition he deserves. What he finds instead are things that go bump in the night...
This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"Over here."

There was an impatient huff before a woman said, "I thought you said you knew where it was."

Leah Spencer paused in the act of replacing a book into its proper Dewey decimal order on the shelf. She looked around but didn't see anyone. Still, the sounds of heavy breathing were coming from a nearby location.

"I do. It's right here." Teeth of a zipper were parted.

"That is not what I'm looking for." This time instead of sounding aggrieved, the female's voice dripped with amusement.

Oh, crap. Not again. Her section of the library had to be the hottest make out spot on campus lately.

"Suck me," a male voice hissed.

"Like this?"

"Oh, yeah. That's it."

He started to moan. Wet sounds slipped between the logically ordered tomes to reach Leah's ears. Her face heated, and so did her feminine core.

"Lick it."

Apparently his lover complied because inarticulate encouragement ensued. Leah considered peeking around the spines to catch a glimpse of their faces so she could give a description to campus security, but as soon as she moved, the book in her hands rasped against the ones on the shelf at her waist.

"What was that?" the woman asked, suspicious.

Leah froze, her heart beating frantically at the thought of being discovered. It would certainly get her fired if the administration learned she'd been listening to, rather than interrupting, the copulating couple. Assuming, of course, that she survived the humiliation of being labeled a sexual voyeur.

"It's nothing. Ignore it," her partner replied.

"I really think --"

He cut her off. "No one ever comes up here. No one except people like us. Might get crowded, but we're not going to get in trouble."

His partner seemed reassured by his explanation. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

Safe for the moment, Leah carefully stepped out of her shoes so her feet wouldn't make a sound as she dashed down the main corridor, away from the action. Once she'd reached her miniscule office, she picked up the phone and dialed a number she knew by heart.

"It's happening again," Leah said as soon as Campus Security Detective Samuel Zheng answered.

"Damn. That makes the fourth time today."

The husky tenor of his voice jumpstarted the lust already simmering in her veins. Leah wished she were brave enough to intimately touch herself during one of these conversations. So far, she hadn't dared. But to come to the sound of his voice, to be that close to him whether he knew it or not, would be... would be... pathetic.


She sighed, dismissing the fantasy and zeroing in on reality. "Yeah, I'm here."

"I'm on my way. Don't let them leave."

Right, she thought as the dial tone echoed in her ear. Even if Sam ran the whole way, it would take him ten minutes to arrive. She was a five-foot-nothing couch potato. How was she supposed to restrain two healthy adults if they were determined to go? Keep them riveted with a discourse on the finer points of fellatio?

Assuming they hadn't already left, she'd have to stay where she could monitor them. Listening to their passionate directives. Picturing them...


As quietly as she could, Leah tiptoed back to her hiding place. Again, somehow she betrayed her presence. Damn Sam for asking her to do his job!

"There's another noise," the woman hissed. "Someone's coming."

"No one is coming but me, baby. Suck me a little harder, would ya?"

The woman chuckled softly. "Mmm, you're such a big boy. Gonna have to find something special to do for you." In the quiet, close quarters, Leah detected the rustle of fabric, followed by the snick of a bra being undone. "How about this, stud? Does it do anything for you?"

"That... is so... hot."

Images of what they might be doing flickered through Leah's mind. She closed her eyes. Their out-of-sync heavy breathing fueled the white-hot lust pulsing between her legs. She envisioned a pair of plump breasts surrounding a hard shaft, the rosy head peeking up from the deep, lily-white valley.

"Gonna let me fuck you?" the guy panted out.

"No, I want you to come like this. All over my breasts."

"Oh, yeah."

The smell of sex permeated the air. Leah's clit throbbed. She didn't want to risk moving around too much for fear of scaring them off, but she had to do something to soothe the ache in her swollen clit. Using the only option that came to mind, Leah placed a heavy tome between her legs. As quietly as possible, she ground against it so the rigid spine rode over her pussy, sending ripples of pleasure through her body.

People often teased her about getting off on books, but this was the first time she'd actually attempted it. The thought almost made her giggle, but she choked it off.

"That's it. Fuck my tits, stud."

"Gonna come," he announced.

"Do it for me. Do it now."

Leah was near the edge herself. As he grunted through his climax, Leah rubbed the book between her legs. Given the volume's size, it took both hands although she badly wished one were free to pluck at her pebbled nipples.

She'd never felt so wanton in her life. She imagined semen coating the woman's breasts, his hands rubbing it in. Her mouth licking him clean. All the while, her BOB substitute stroked her into a frenzy of wet, hot need.

"Here, let me get that." Whatever the man's offer entailed, his partner seemed to enjoy it. Her cry of pleasure triggered Leah's release. It wasn't the best orgasm of her life, but her reaction was intensified by the fact that she'd made it happen at all. In the library. Where she could have been caught at any second.

What in the hell had she been thinking?

As she pondered the depths of her recent depravity, the lights overhead dimmed for a full ten seconds, then brightened again. It signaled the five-minute warning before the staff started herding students out of Loveland College Library. Shit! Where was Sam?

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Cougar By the Tail by J Hali Steele

Cougar by the Tail
by J. Hali Steele
cover art by Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-60521-389-7
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Vampires, Shapeshifters
Series: Extra Cream
Length: Novella

Trent Dallion was screwed. Much older than him, the wily little cougar had him by the balls -- and he couldn't get loose. She'd thanked him for killing her brother. Did she mean it? Or was she playing a game of cat and mouse, waiting for revenge.
Peri Montana tasted her destiny in the blood of the jaguar who took her diseased brother's life. Mountain born and bred, she wanted nothing to do with the desert cat that possessed more vampyre abilities than she was comfortable with. Could she return to the hot desert nights without literally losing her tail?
This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

He heard Jag's roar of pain lift into the air. Pebbles slid down the cliff side, and limbs of the pine trees brushed angrily against each other. An eerie silence followed.


Rushing to the clearing below, Trent saw Jag on the ground with his mate's bloodied body nestled against his chest.

Leron spoke calmly. "She will die if you don't change her."

Tears flowed from the warrior's eyes. "Oh God, she wanted me to take her out for a picnic."

Trent had exchanged blood with Leron and Jag in battle and their pain washed over him. His beast still clawed at his insides. It recognized the distress of one of his own, and it felt Barbara's pain. Her chest heaved with each ragged breath she hitched in.

Leron said, "You should have let the bastard die slowly. Come here."

Trent's wound had soaked his fur, turning it red. Barely able to stand the agony any longer, he made it to his trainer's side.

"Change. You need sustenance to heal yourself."

He didn't have the strength to fabricate clothing so he lay naked on the ground. Leron sat beside him and offered his wrist. Trent's fangs lengthened and sank into the flesh of the stronger warrior.

These two he called friends had taken blood often from humans. They'd gained abilities that wouldn't come to most of his kind until they grew much older. They were now closer to their vampyre cousins. And so was Trent.

Why won't he change her? She'll die. He spoke to Leron using their mental bond. Trent drank his fill from his partner. The shoulder wound began to heal immediately, and strength returned to his limbs.

He's respecting her wish to remain human.

Trent watched Jag rock his mate back and forth. Her breathing grew more labored. She was near death. It wouldn't be long now.

Rocks fell over the ledge where he'd left the dead cougar. He felt Leron move but Trent said, "No, you stay with Jag and Barbara. I'm strong enough." He stood, allowing the fur to climb up his legs and cover his arms. Folding his body, he let his beast take over. Whiskers sprouted on his elongated snout and twitched in the air. Trent climbed the same path he'd used to chase the transgressor.

Before he crested the hill, he smelled her. A small, tan head lifted at his appearance and looked at him warily. She growled low in her throat, not a threatening sound, but sad. The dead animal had remnants of her scent. Relative or mate?

His wound, not completely healed, had seeped a new thin line of blood down his shoulder. After circling the female a few times, he approached her. Green eyes pierced him before she nudged him with her cold nose and licked his fur. She continued to clean his wound, and his beast purred. He prowled around the little cougar. The beast in him was hungry and wanted to taste the frisky female.

Trent waited until she fell to the ground in deference to his bigger cat. Declaring him master, the cougar lay there, waiting. He straddled her, bent his large head to her neck and bit.

Her blood laced through his veins, calling to something in him he didn't know existed -- it slammed into his soul with a force only nature could wield. She belonged to him. Trent was snared in her web.

Catching him unawares, the tiny beast rose up and flipped him from her back. He growled low in his throat, warning her to obey and remain still. Growling loudly, she glanced at him, turned tail and ran into the trees.

He wanted nothing more than to follow her scent and would have if Leron's excited voice hadn't echoed loudly in his head. Trent, down here, now!

Reaching the foot of the cliff, the first thing he noticed was that Barbara's breathing had relaxed. He changed to his human form, clothed himself, and impatiently eyed Leron, who glared back at him with a funny look.

Jag had given in and changed Barbara. Shit.

You know Barbara -- there will be hell to pay. Trent peered back up the side of the rocky embankment he'd descended. The wily cougar stood there in regal display and glared defiantly, her aroma filling the air. She'd tasted his blood and he felt her stir in his mind. Slipping with ease into her thoughts, Trent saw it was her brother he'd killed.

Thank you for releasing him. Her sadness settled over him like a black cloud.

Feeling Leron's eyes on him, Trent turned to see the warrior grinning like the Cheshire cat before he nodded to the brim of the hill. "Looks like Jag's not the only one in big trouble. You're fucked, buddy." Jag, Barbara, and Leron vanished and left him standing alone in the clearing. Trent heard his partner laughing in his mind. Take your time, man. I'll cover for you.

"Go to hell, Leron," Trent said out loud. The snarling high-pitched roar only a cougar or mountain lion could make split the air. "God damn it."

Leron was right, Trent was screwed.

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Spaceport: The Errogenous Zone by Mikala Ash

Spaceport: The Erogenous Affair
by Mikala Ash
cover art by Marteeka Karland
ISBN: 978-1-60521-360-6
Genre(s): Futuristic, Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi
Theme(s): Ménage, Bisexual and More
Series: Spaceport Multi-Author
Length: Novella

Peri Barberossa is on the hunt. Conflicted over Silas Archimedes' questionable behavior in the Supernova Affair and the bedding of her doomed and virginal cousin by Fyche, her otherwise faithful AI, Peri seeks solace in the arms of strangers.

The amorous accent of a hunky fighter pilot she meets at Spaceport Adana's renowned Haze Bar & Grill sends Peri on a whirlwind adventure to the planet Scalion where, in search of her lost mother, Peri meets the surprisingly erotic Tacha Vaile and two gorgeous and randy men, Titus Dollavera and Moss Cato.

Everyone is more -- or less -- than they seem in this erotically charged Peri Barberossa adventure where secret agendas abound and the name of the game is undiluted pleasure.
This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

I wandered the corridors of Adana in a sort of daydream. My grateful pilot had to leave straight after our morning coupling. Some sort of parade and flyby the navy was putting on to dazzle the citizenry. We did all that awkward stuff that comprises the morning after the drunken fuck ritual; exchanged numbers and promised to call each other.

So now I was at a loose end. My joy ride with him had given me a few ideas for the theme of my guide to the psychology of sex and I figured a quiet café would help get the thoughts straight in my head.

I'd barely taken a sip when Holly and an attractive and vaguely familiar blonde woman in her early twenties, fitted out with Holly's holovid camera, entered the café.

"Hi, sis," Holly said in her usual effervescent manner. "This is Zoe. I'm training her to be a breaking news reporter."

I shook Zoe's hand, gazing at her bright-eyed expression and trying to figure out where I'd seen her before.

"I've read everything you've written, Peri," she gushed.

"I'm flattered. Zoe, I wonder if you could give Holly and me a moment alone?"

She flashed me a genuine smile. "Sure." She turned to Holly. "Boss, how about I finish that council meeting story?"

"Sure, knock yourself out." After watching Zoe stride away Holly turned to me. "Isn't she great?"

"I guess. Sit down for a second. Listen, I need you to think about Nova Town for me."

Her expression told me Nova Town was not her favorite subject. Nor was it mine, but we had to talk about it sometime.

"Ever heard of Scalion?"

"Um, I think so. Is that the agricultural planet?"

"That's the one. Did either Mother or Father have a connection there?"

She frowned for a moment in concentration. "Nuh, nada. I have nothing. Why?"

"It's just that I think we went there after Nova Town. I can't remember it. I just recognized a guy's accent, and I don't know why it should have made such an impression unless I'd been there."

She tilted her head slightly and gave me one of her penetrating gazes. "The pilot at the Haze last night? From what I hear, his accent wasn't the only thing that would have made an impression."

Fuck me! "How'd you know about that?"

"Zoe saw you. She was doing a story on the singing Kitali."

"That must be where I've seen her," I said doubtfully, but didn't remember any singing Kitali.

"Also, Silas heard about it too. He's pretty cut up. Angry would be a better term. What are you doing to him?"

I was surprised. I didn't know he was back on Adana. He hadn't called me. "It's complicated."

"Well, he's a solid type of guy from what I can tell."

"Yeah, well."

She knew me well enough to change the subject. "Any luck with Jyker?"

I gritted my teeth at the name. He was a notorious criminal and knew something of my mother, and I had so desperately wanted to find out what. Fyche, Silas and I had almost captured him in a bondage and discipline parlor but in the confusion of an assassination attempt, he'd escaped, taking his knowledge with him. "Trail has gone cold. Silas is following it up for his own purposes. I'll probably not hear any more of it."

Her journalist's eyes brightened. "His own purposes?"

"Yeah, it seems Jyker has more to answer for than either Mischa or us." I gave an exaggerated shrug. "More of Silas's secret shit, so I don't know much."

"Have you found out anything more about the connection between Mother and the Naturalists on Jones's World? To think, we had a cousin there and never even knew."

"Mother never mentioned her family origins to me. I guess we'd have thousands of cousins, second cousins and Phong knows what else scattered all over the galaxy. No surprise that some of them might be religious fundamentalists."

"I suppose. Are there any Naturalists on Scalion?"

"There are, as a matter of fact. Fyche found reference to an old colony there."

"Curiouser and curiouser. Any Leesons on record?"

Leeson was our mother's maiden name. "Not that he could find."

She played with a sugar shaker for a moment. "I wonder where Mother ended up."

That question had been foremost in my mind. "The strange thing is these last few months are the first time I've ever really asked that question. You'd think that after all Mother and I had been through; escaping Nova Town, jumping from planet to planet, living out of a string bag and she constantly afraid that the New Guard would catch up with us, I'd want to know what happened to her. But despite all the hardships we faced together when I grew up, after she left me, I never asked any questions."

"Don't punish yourself. You were young."

"Sure, I resented her dumping me like she did, but there's more to it than that. It's not natural for me not to be more curious. I can't even recall seriously thinking about her until you lured me here."

Holly held up her hands. "Innocent of all charges. I had no idea Jyker would trigger this. I just glimpsed him on the playback of one of my stories. I thought you'd be interested. I had absolutely no idea of what he was about."

"I know, but it's like there's a high wall around my memories. I'm peeping over the top, and all I see is a mist. But what troubles me is that until now, I've never even tried to look over the wall. Fuck, I never knew it was there."

"Well, my sense is that if it hasn't troubled you in the past, then don't let it trouble you now. Let her go. She left you in the care of strangers. For whatever reason, good or bad, she left you like she left Dad, like she left me. You don't need to kick yourself around the room for what she did. Let her go."

I knew she was trying to give me good advice, but it hurt nonetheless. Holly was bitter at Mother for leaving our father in the turmoil of Nova Town. I understood that. On the other hand, I'd been with Mother. I needed to know what happened to her. "I don't think I can. Besides, she gave me up because she thought she was being tracked by the New Guard, and that it was safer for me not to be with her."

"Are you sure about that?"

I shrugged. "I don't know. I guess. It sounds logical."

"It may be she doesn't want to be found." She grasped my hand. "I only know that when she took you away, Dad didn't want her to. They had a fight. When she came back for me, Dad stood between us. He wasn't about to let her take me too."

"I didn't know. I assumed it was you who told her you didn't want to leave."

"I didn't want to leave. That's true, and I told her so. But Dad was the one that sent her back to the spaceport."

My expression must have asked the obvious question.

"He told her to leave you behind with us, but she refused. She said you preferred her to him, you always did. That was true; even I knew that. I belonged to Dad and you belonged to her."

I squeezed her hand tight. "Why did he really send her away?"

"I never found out. To be honest, I never asked. It was enough that I was still with him. I missed you, but well, it was never like we got along."

I laughed. "No, I don't think we did."

Holly's gaze had wandered off toward her protégé. I saw a raised eyebrow. Holly stood up. "Well, duty calls. Gotta go. I'll think about Scalion, see what I come up with and let you know."


"Oh, I put that order in for you."

I took a moment to remember I'd asked her to do something on the quiet for me, something Fyche didn't know about.


I must have looked a bit confused for she reached for my hand. "Hey. Sis. Look after yourself. Find Silas and sort it out with him. He's a solid guy. I'm sure of it."

"I'll think about it."

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Dhampir by Angela Knight

The Dhampir
by Angela Knight
cover art by Angela Knight
ISBN: 978-1-60521-403-0
Genre(s): Paranormal, Dark Fantasy
Theme(s): Vampires
Length: Novella

Genevieve Drake is a Dhampir -- half vampire, half mortal, born and bred to be the perfect complement to her vampire mate, like those of her family for sixteen generations. Instead, she chose to become a cop. Three months ago she survived a vicious attack by a psychotic ex that left her with psychic scars and a desperate need for a new line of work. Time to rethink her future.

Hunter is tall, dark and handsome -- and very, very powerful. He's also been waiting for Genevieve. She was just sixteen when he had a vision that they'd one day become lovers. He's been biding his time ever since.

But Genevieve's experiences have left her unable to trust any man, even Hunter. If he wants them to have a future, the vampire will have to find a way to banish her ghosts...
This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

The vampire's bodyguard was sloppy when he searched Genevieve Drake. He missed at least three places where she could have stashed weapons. Would have stashed weapons, if she hadn't been going to an interview for a job she desperately needed. To add insult to injury, he smirked up at her when he crouched at her feet to pat her down, hands lingering on her thighs and calves.

Genevieve gave serious thought to kneeing him in the jaw.

Finally, after a last knowing leer, the guard ushered her into Hunter's sprawling office, then closed the heavy double doors and left them alone.

"Ms. Drake." Tall, radiating a power that made her Dhampir senses vibrate like harp strings, the vampire stepped around his big rosewood desk to shake Genevieve's hand, his grip careful and warm. His touch sent a flush of magic radiating up her arm. Her mouth went dry, and she felt her nipples peak. "It's a pleasure."

Her body's intense response surprised her. She'd felt dead from the neck down for months. "Please call me Genevieve, Mr. Hunter." Not Genny. Never Genny. Smiling up at him, she used all her years undercover to keep her expression no more than pleasantly professional.

"It's just Hunter," the vampire said in a black velvet purr of a voice. He gave her a slow, white smile, his eyes the sharp and startling blue of an arctic wolf. His features were starkly masculine, with a long swoop of a nose and a broad, square chin. His hair was thick and black, just long enough to touch his collar.

He gestured her away from his desk toward two armchairs that sat facing each other. Just beyond the chairs, a plate glass window ran the length of the room. Sixty stories below, the glittering glory of Atlanta spread across the night.

As Hunter ushered her to the chairs, Genevieve studied him. If anything, the vampire was more impressive than she remembered. Easily six-foot-two, he had a powerful build that made him look like a warrior even camouflaged in black Armani. His tie was a splash of crimson against his white shirt, while cufflinks of onyx and gold adorned his French cuffs.

"It's good to see you again," Hunter said as they sat. The chairs were positioned so close, their knees almost touched. It was not exactly the arrangement she'd have expected for a job interview -- but then, this was not a typical job interview. "You were what -- fifteen? -- when last I saw you."

"Sixteen," Genevieve corrected. And madly infatuated with you. But that was something she had no intention of sharing. And anyway, it had been fourteen years ago.

Before Gary. Before she'd been left bleeding in a dirty alley with the last of her illusions in shreds.

Hunter probably knew about her painfully intense crush. Probably knew about Gary, too, for that matter. As her father always said, you can't hide anything from a vampire, so don't even try. "It was good of you to grant me this interview."

"Not at all. I need an assistant, and you have excellent qualifications." He watched her settle back into the chair's soft wine red leather. His gaze sharpened. "Something concerns you."

Genevieve hesitated, caught between her desire not to offend and her sense of duty. She needed the job, but her family had been Dhampir for sixteen generations.

Duty won. "Your bodyguard was more interested in feeling me up than in making sure I wasn't armed. I could have knocked him cold at least twice. In my opinion, he constitutes a security risk."

Hunter lifted a cool black brow. "He's a former Navy SEAL."

"And a current idiot."

"You are blunt, bordering on rude." Hunter smiled, satisfaction in his eyes. "And every bit as fearless as I would have expected of Tommy Drake's daughter."

She relaxed back into her chair. "Well, that's a relief."

"That I took the criticism well?" His arctic eyes heated to burning blue as he watched her cross her legs. Her knee inadvertently brushed his, and the contact sent magic flaring up her thigh. Straight into her sex.

She tried to ignore the pulse of erotic heat that flared low in her belly. "No, I'm relieved you ordered your man to play the fool to test my honesty. I'd hate to think you'd hire someone that sloppy."

The vampire laughed, a deep, masculine rumble, seductive and warm. "No, I have not survived three hundred and forty years by surrounding myself with sloppy bodyguards. And there've been times even careful ones..." Hunter stopped and rolled his powerful shoulders as if shrugging off a painful memory.

"Sometimes it doesn't matter how careful or well-trained you are." Genevieve's voice dropped to a whisper. "Especially if you're betrayed."

He studied her, going still as a predator. Seeing too much. "The scars from betrayal go to the soul. And they never quite fade, do they?"

"Not so far." Genevieve forced a smile and deliberately sought to turn the conversation back to business. "What are you looking for in a personal assistant?"

You, Hunter thought.

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New Reviews for Changeling Press

New Reviews for Changeling Press: 1/25/10

Congratulations to Selena Illyria, Marie Treanor, Belinda McBride, Lena Austin and Lexxie Couper!

CARNEVALE (Selena Illyria)
Reviewed by Joyfully Reviewed

Everything is a superb fusion of past and present, perfect for a futuristic story loaded with passion and intrigue.

Four & ½ Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews

Marie Treanor has created such a wonderful, timeless love story, filled with love and hope and new beginnings.

Four & ½ Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews

If you are looking for a magical, sweet but hot holiday tale, this will satisfy quite nicely.

Four Hearts from Love Romances & More

...memorable characters, some scorching sex scenes and a mystery to keep the reader glued to see what happens next. I love Ms. Austin's books and her latest story delivers everything to keep the reader enthralled.

Reviewed by Joyfully Reviewed

Sinfully sexy and better than some battery operated toys, Captured Rapture is a delicious treat. It's pure enjoyment!

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Men of ODIN 1: Death Sequence by Ann Vremont

Men of O.D.I.N. 1: Death Sequence
by Ann Vremont
cover art by Ann Vremont
ISBN: 978-1-60521-391-0
Genre(s): Futuristic, Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi, Cyber-Punk
Theme(s): Men and Women in Uniform, Shunga
Series: Men of O.D.I.N.
Length: Novel

Six years ago, Wendel Spears murdered his best friend's abusive father. Too bad he was being watched by government agents. Forced to become one of the agency's Berserkers, he thought he'd lost Jericho Bastillo forever, only to find that she followed him into the agency and is one of the Director's Valks.

Since then, he's kept her at arm's length, wearing his disdain for all Valks as a shield against his feelings for her. But when a computer code falls into the wrong hands, threatening Wendel's life and that of every other Berserker, he has no choice but to work with the woman he loves but can never trust to love him back.

Visit the Men of O.D.I.N. at
This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Wendel tightened his grip on Jeri's wrist as he fought the urge to drag her across the table and show her right there every pleasure he'd dreamed of inflicting on her the last six plus years. But she was dangerous and a Valk, making her one of all-father's women now. Not his woman -- there was no chance of that anymore. All-father could have sent any other Valk to him or paired Jeri with any Berserker. A simple command and she would have been offering to spread her legs for some other guy.

"Show me, or let go of my arm." She repeated the dare, her body temperature spiking so high that his enhanced senses felt it like a warm shove.

Wendel slowed his breathing but kept his hold on Jeri tight. That trace of a tear on her cheek was killing him, softening a hard promise he'd made to himself the day he found out all-father was training her to become a Valk.

The bastard was cunning in finding ways to control the Berserker agents, particularly those who hadn't volunteered for the program. There were only two ways all-father could get to him, to make him submit. His brother and his...

Wendel cut the thought short and jerked Jeri halfway across the table.

If she was the only woman he wanted, then she was his woman, damn it.

If only that were enough to make him her man. But it wasn't -- not with all the programming and re-engineering they'd put into her. Not with what she'd had to do to graduate.

"Well?" She growled the question at him, the tight coil of her body warning him that she was ready to launch herself the rest of the way across the table. But for what purpose? To fight him or to fuck him?

She was breathing too fast if she wanted to fight him, and, even in the low light of the corner, he could see her pupils pulsing. Nor could he miss the smell rising off her -- intimate and distinctly Jeri. She'd smelled like that at the games, out on the bleachers, pressed hard against him and shivering. His cock hard, straining against his jeans, he'd known what it meant then as surely as he knew now.

"Yeah, I'll show you." Capitulating, he rose, dragging her sideways out of her chair and onto her feet. The other patrons, quiet until now as they watched the little drama play out, drew their seats back as he pulled her toward the door. No one moved to stop them. But she wasn't protesting and he was sure the look on his face made it clear -- he'd kill any man who tried to stop him.

He slowed as they neared the door, collecting himself enough to crack it open first and check the parking lot in case she'd brought anyone else to the party.

What the hell was he thinking? Of course she had backup. "What kind of team did they send you with?"

"Nine, holding at half a click."

"Because you told them to?" He looked back in time to see her nod. He snorted. "You really think it's your orders their following?"

Anger flashed across her face and her arm tensed beneath his hand. Knowing it would only piss her off more, he wanted to laugh, but couldn't find any humor in the suicide mission all-father had sent her on. "You should have said no, Jeri."

"Fuck you, Wendel."

"All part of the job, right?" He had pulled her around back to one of the twelve-foot trailers the bar owner rented by the month, week, night or hour -- depending on one's needs. Stopping, he held her at arm's length and fished for his key. Once he had the door open, he pushed her up the metal stairs and inside. No longer holding her arm, he clamped his hand to the back of her head, pinning her forehead-first to the opposite wall.

Always ready to run, he had a pack near the door and he pulled a chem light from it. He snapped the tube and a soft blue glow lit the small space.


She pushed back, resisting the hand that trapped her against the wall. He relaxed a fraction of an instant -- enough to give some distance between her and the wood paneling -- then gave her head a hard knock against the wall.

She responded with a sharp elbow that glanced off his ribs.

Amusing, almost.

He'd seen the small bulge of a gun in her boot and the telltale crease of a blade pocket in the cuff of her right sleeve. And for every weapon he could see, she probably had ten more he knew nothing about.

All he had were his bare hands.

He leaned closer, caught a whiff of her skin and hair as he whispered into her ear. "You're outmatched, baby girl. So stop fighting and start peeling."

With a low growl that hit him directly in his crotch, she ripped her jacket open and let it slide down her arms. Beneath it was nothing more than a black lace bra. His first instinct was to reach out and unhook it, freeing the small breasts for his hands and mouth. Instead, he pressed a fingertip against her spine, mesmerized by the way her shoulders instantly flared back while the tight little ass thrust toward him.

"Unhook it." The words came out strangled, the sight of her like a vise around his vocal chords.

Her hands shook as she fumbled with the bra's hooks and he wondered if the shake was real or a ruse to get him to touch the fabric. Every last thing on her was standard agency issue for a Valk -- which meant each item was deadly in its own unique way.

The jacket, boots, pants, knives, gun -- weapons within weapons until she was a walking minefield. He had no way of knowing if those trembling fingers were a set-up. Not that there was much left of his mind to care. All he wanted to do was pull those leather pants down and sink into her, hear her moan his name as his hands explored her hard little body.

"Faster, Jeri. You can't expect your boys to hold the perimeter all night."

"They'll hold." She toed her right boot off, the one with the gun, then reached down and carefully removed the left one. There was just enough phosphorescent glow from the chem light for him to see the spring on the left heel. She could have gassed him already, sending both of them into la-la-land until the tactical team woke them up.

"Right. They'll hold because you're the boss and that's what you want."

She nodded.

God, how he wished it were true. Not that they'd hold -- he had no expectation of that -- but that she wanted them to, that she really was stripping away every layer of deceit all-father had dressed her in.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bedtime Stories: Kiss of Fire by BJ McCall

Bedtime Stories: Kiss of Fire
by B.J. McCall
cover art by Reneé George
ISBN: 978-1-60521-385-9
Genre(s): Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Hot Flashes
Theme(s): Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures
Series: Bedtime Stories
Length: Hot Flash

Bedtime editor Claire Casson is on the run. Her job as the housekeeper at Dragon Haven is a convenient cover, but the sudden death of her employer and the arrival of his son, Jonas Thornkill, threaten to expose her secrets.
Why his father chose to offer sanctuary to an employee, a shifter with a false identity, perplexes Jonas as much as his intense, primal attraction to Claire. According to dragon law, he's stuck with her.
The last thing Claire wants or needs in her life is the complication of an alpha dragon capable of setting her blood on fire.
For Jonas, it's a matter of honor, and lust.

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Heat flooded Claire's chest, neck and face. She popped a chocolate in her mouth and continued to read the submission for Bedtime Stories. Her job as editor for the e-book publisher required daily reading of erotic tales and this hot story really had Claire squirming in her chair.

She picked up a magazine and fanned her face. The heroine hovered on the edge of climax... then the phone rang. Claire started. Yanked out of the sensual moment, she glared at the disruptive instrument. The Thornkill house phone never rang at this hour. Since she was dressed in her pajamas, Claire answered the call with the vid screen off. "Thornkill residence."

"Miss Casson, this is Jonas Thornkill."

His voice brought forth a flood of emotions, namely her intense unexpected sensual reaction to the ruggedly handsome son of her recently deceased employer.

"Good evening, Mr. Thornkill."

"I'll be arriving within the hour."

The elder Thornkill had given her a safe place to hide when she desperately needed it, and she'd moved into the servant's quarters, an apartment above the garage of the huge hillside home, ten months ago. Hollis Thornkill had refused to accept money for his kindness so Claire had repaid him by taking over the housekeeping duties. A real estate mogul, Hollis had worked long hours and traveled extensively. His unexpected but tragic death had brought his son home to Dragon Haven.

"Is there a problem, Miss Casson?"

Although she'd called the elder Thornkill by his first name, his son had never given her the liberty. "No, sir. Is there anything you require?"

"I realize the hour is late, but I'd appreciate a few minutes of your time."

Claire's heart sank. Hollis had given her a home, friendship and sanctuary. She'd had no expectations of receiving the same from his son. Perhaps it was time to move on.

"I'm at your service."

"Meet me in the study in half an hour."

He disconnected. Young Mr. Thornkill was all business, making Claire miss the warmth and the laughter she'd shared with Hollis.

She shut down her laptop and stripped off her pajamas. Dressed in a white top and dark pants, Claire left her apartment. She turned on the exterior lights, illuminating an expansive flat lawn used as a landing area and the second-story terrace that ran the length of the house. Performing a quick walk-through of the house, Claire double-checked all was in order and lit the lamps.

Returning to her apartment, she strolled out onto the tiny balcony off of the living room. Above, stars sparkled like bright diamonds in an ink black, moonless sky. While waiting for Thornkill to land, Claire wondered if come morning she'd still be welcomed at Dragon Haven.

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FW: Haitian Relief Effort

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Together, Changeling readers can help with the financial costs. For every book you buy between now and the end of the month using the "Haitian Relief Effort" discount code, Changeling will donate 5% of your purchase to the American Red Cross.

I don't know if anyone's every tried to organize an Internet blood drive, but why not? US residents can find out how to donate blood in your local area by going to -- the American Red Cross web site to locate local donation locations. This is not an "Official" Changeling sponsored event -- due to the adult nature of our business, we can't even post an official link on our website. We don't care. It's just something that those of us who have the ability need to do.

Margaret Riley
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Wicked Wraiths: Tori's Secret by Mina Carter

Wicked Wraiths: Tori's Secret
by Mina Carter
cover art by Reneé George

ISBN: 978-1-60521-388-0

Genre(s): Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Theme(s): Magic and Mayhem, Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures

Series: Wicked Wraiths

Length: Novella

Tori's trying to find Mr. Right. So far all she's found are Mr. Arrogant, Mr. Self-Obsessed and Mr. Downright Scary. When her latest date ends in her dumping her drink in her date's crotch, a frustrated Tori takes matters into her own hands. One quick spell later and her very own Mr. Right is standing in her bedroom. So what if he's a wraith, a magical construct. She doesn't care. He'll do the job far better than any of her buzzing friends.

However, the ghostly hunk standing by her bed is hiding more than one secret: like the fact he's not a wraith at all, but a sorcerer looking for a way back to the land of the living. Jacob needs an in, a chink in some mortal woman's armour. He needs to hear the words "I love you."

Trouble is he doesn't plan to lose his own heart along the way...
This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"She's all right. Not a keeper or anything but she'll do for a couple of nights in the sack." The voice of her date filtered around the pseudo-Grecian column and stopped Victoria Bennett, Tori to her friends, in her tracks.

Not expecting a patron to stop so suddenly, the waiter behind her almost ran into Tori's back. Managing to scoot around her at the last minute he shot her a glare that suggested she was the living personification of all his woes. On a normal day Tori was polite to a fault but today wasn't a normal day; she just blinked at the guy like an owl as she tried to process what she was hearing.

The hits kept coming. Richard's chuckle floated around the column.

"Of course she'll cooperate. Bit of the Cutler charm... liquid panty remover." He laughed again, a harsh sound Tori had never heard from the handsome executive before. "And if that doesn't work, then a certain special..."

Tori's blood started to simmer as Richard lowered his voice. "Yeah, in her drink. No, don't worry... no blood test will pick this stuff up. It's a lust potion. Mate of mine picked it up at one of those paranormal clubs. Says it turns any woman into an animal. They can't get enough of it..."

She was going to be sick. Richard planned to drug her. How freaking low could you get?

"Yeah, sure thing. If she's any good, I'll give you a call. No, not tonight. Sorry mate, I want my share first. Tomorrow night? Yeah, sounds good. I'll get her over to mine and we'll dose her up. Call a couple of the lads around and have ourselves a little party."

Tori went from simmering to boiling mad in the blink of an eye. He was planning an orgy, was he? She'd see about that! Her spine straightened and Tori walked around the column with her head held high.

Richard was still on his cell. His lips curved into a smile as he smoothly changed the subject. "Yeah, thanks for that, James. If you could send the Delaney tender over and I'll review it tomorrow. Cheers, mate, you too. Oh, before I forget..."

Plastering a sickly sweet smile on her face, Tori sidled up and pressed close to wrap an arm around him. With her free hand she reached for her drink. Richard started a little in surprise but recovered well and quickly covered her hand with his own, shooting her a smile as he carried on his call.

"Richard..." Tori breathed against the side of his neck, whispering a kiss across the sensitive skin of his neck.

"Hmmm?" He flipped the phone shut.

"You know the thing about lust potions?" She pulled away as she twisted her wrist and dumped her drink in his lap. "They don't work on those with Fae blood."

Richard shrieked, a full-on girly shriek, as the mixture of alcohol and ice landed in his crotch. "Bitch! What are you doing?"

Tori stepped back smartly and grabbed her evening purse off the table, stopping only to cast a look over her shoulder. "I hope it gets frostbite and drops off. Have a nice evening, Richard. Don't bother to call."

Impassioned by Kate Hill

by Kate Hill
cover art by Marteeka Karland
ISBN: 978-1-60521-128-2
Genre(s): Paranormal, Action/Adventure
Theme(s): Werewolves
Series: Mate Marks Cursed
Length: Novella

 The brutal serial killer Tonia helped put away for life has escaped. To protect herself, she takes a job as a housekeeper on the private island of Dr. Juan Gino Perez.

Mysterious and appealing, Dr. Perez intrigues her from the first, but she soon realizes that her new home might be as dangerous as the one she left.

The victim of another scientist's inhumane studies, Juan has bridged the gap between civilized man and primal beast. As if drawn by magic, he and Tonia can't restrain the lust between them. Her love might be his only cure. He's willing to risk anything -- even his life -- to keep her safe.

Willy the Carver's about to learn that hunting the beast's mate may be his last mistake...

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Tonia thought nothing could be worse than being the sole witness to a brutal homicide -- until the man she helped put behind bars escaped. She knew few people had taken her testimony seriously. A former exotic dancer who had been on her own since sixteen didn't exactly exude credibility, even if she had worked her way out of the gutter. No matter what a person did, certain people refused to concentrate on anything but the past.

During the entire messy situation, she'd trusted one cop. One. Now he'd been injured in the line of duty and would be hospitalized for the next several weeks. Tonia had a gut feeling that with the murderer on the loose, she wouldn't last several weeks. After he'd been sentenced, the bastard had sworn Tonia would "taste his blade."

She shuddered. His threat terrified her because she'd seen firsthand the result of his fiendish work. How could a person emanate such evil? When she thought about the bloody mess that night in the alley, she could scarcely believe any human had committed such a crime. Even animals killed swiftly and only to survive. There was no reason for what he'd done, except his malevolent pleasure.

Now he was on the loose and no doubt searching for her. She didn't trust anyone to keep her safe, and she had more than just herself to worry about. Her presence at the shelter where she worked put everyone in danger. The women there had enough trouble of their own without the threat of a psychotic killer bursting in at any time.

Willy the Carver wouldn't be content with simply murdering her. He'd relish a bloodbath with those closest to her.

The ad for a housekeeper to work for a scientist conducting research on a private island seemed like a godsend. Willy the Carver would never find her there. To her surprise, Dr. Juan Gino Perez had hired her after only a few brief questions.

Now she sat in the back of a cab on her way to the airport where Dr. Perez's plane would pick her up. She knew traveling to a private island to work for a stranger was incredibly risky, but not as risky as waiting for a known homicidal maniac to slaughter her.

Sighing, she glanced at her bare upper arm, left exposed by her camisole top. Inked upon her skin was a man with two faces. One face was handsome and almost serene. The other was primitive, with heavy facial hair and animal-like teeth.

On New Year's Eve she'd visited a tattoo artist who had opened a shop not far from the shelter. Tonia had wanted a tattoo, but wasn't quite certain what to get. According to rumor, this particular artist took pride in knowing exactly what sort of tattoo a person should have. Some believed the woman had a magical gift.

Tonia had taken the chance and while the tattoo had unsettled her at first, she had grown to appreciate it. The artist had explained that it signified change, and now Tonia realized how well the tattoo suited her. She'd already had so many major changes in her life. This move to the island was just one more.

Before leaving the cab, she pulled on a light sweater and paid the driver. Dr. Perez's personal assistant, Dave, who piloted the private plane, approached her. He stood about her height, five foot five. Slim, yet wiry beneath his simple black pants and T-shirt, he gazed at her with calm, slanted eyes of deep brown. Despite his unimposing height, he exuded a calm confidence that was almost intimidating. He wore his long sable hair bound at his nape, had tiny gold hoop earrings in both ears and a simple gold cross around his neck.

"Good day, Ms. Jones," he said in a soft, clear voice and bowed his head. "I'm Dave. We spoke on the phone. The doctor is awaiting us, so if you're ready we'll leave now."

Tonia also bowed her head and offered a smile. "That sounds fine." He took her suitcase and set a swift pace toward the plane.

Almost too soon they arrived at the island. Though she knew only the doctor and his assistant lived there, the solitude didn't hit her until they landed. The only buildings in sight were Dr. Perez's mansion, a barn, and what appeared to be a storage house.

From the burgundy walls to the stone floor, the house screamed brooding masculinity. An archway to the left opened to an equally dark living room. On the right were two closed doors and straight ahead a long staircase at the top of which hung a painting of a nighttime jungle. "Juan!" Dave called. "We're here."

Several moments passed before the door nearest to Tonia opened.

Dr. Perez was nothing like she'd expected. Tall and lean, he had a sinewy body exposed to his advantage in dark green cargo pants and a chocolate brown tank top. The sharply defined muscles of his torso indicated a strong interest in fitness. Tattoos covered both his arms from shoulder to wrist. In the lobe of one ear rested a silver stud. In the same ear he had a helix piercing with a silver hoop. The outline of his nipples against the snug tank indicated they were pierced as well. His head was shaved smooth and he wore a neatly trimmed light brown goatee. At first glance he looked rather savage, but his angular features were actually refined. The uncommon beauty of his almond-shaped blue eyes nearly took her breath away. She'd never seen such long, thick lashes or such serenity in a man's eyes.

Dave made a polite introduction, but neither she nor the doctor paid much attention to him. They stared at each other, as if drawn by an unnamed force.

Tonia's heart skipped a beat. She'd never felt like this before. With her history, she'd become jaded about men, but in Juan's presence she felt like a girl again.

Once she recovered from her initial surprise and attraction, it struck her that he didn't look like a research scientist, or at least what she thought one should look like. Though she tried not to stereotype, she couldn't help feeling wary.

What if he wasn't who he said he was? She had verified that he was a licensed doctor, but that didn't mean he was safe. After all, Willy the Carver had worked as a computer programmer by day. Still, he hadn't looked unusual. His "normal" appearance had put his victims at ease before he lured them in for the kill.

"Welcome, Tonia," Juan said, offering her his hand. Like the rest of him, his hand was long and slender, but also quite large. It swallowed hers, his grip snug and warm and his palms calloused. "Dave will show you to your room and explain your duties. You don't have to start until tomorrow. Use today to acclimate yourself to our island. Lunch is in an hour."

"Thank you," she said. Despite his soft, tranquil voice, something about him unsettled her. Though he had no problem making direct eye contact, she couldn't read his expression.

"Please excuse me. I have work to do in the lab." He stepped through the door from which he'd come, but before closing it, he glanced at her. His brow furrowed the slightest bit before his expression turned serene again, then he disappeared behind the door.

Dave guided her upstairs and showed her to a spacious bedroom with a sitting area and a breakfast table in front of a picture window with an ocean view. "As you can see, the door can be locked from the inside," he said, gesturing toward three serious-looking deadbolts. The door also had a peephole, as one might find on a front door. Strange. "We don't have many rules here, but we do ask you to use the bolts at night."

A new knot of fear formed in her gut, but she forced a smile and asked, "Why? Am I in danger?"

"Sometimes wild animals are brought here for research purposes. Should one happen to escape, you could be in serious danger."

Her smile faded. "I see."

"Sometimes the doctor or I might ask that you stay in your room with the door locked. When we do, it's important that you heed us."

"No problem." Tonia wondered again if coming here hadn't been a mistake. Then she thought about Willy the Carver and knew she had to give this place a chance.

Next Dave gave her a tour of the house and explained her duties. The basement, where Juan's lab was located, was off limits. She would only be required to vacuum and dust his and Dave's rooms once a week. Her job mostly entailed light cleaning and cooking meals. Perks included use of Juan's extensive home gym and vast library as well as lots of free time to sunbathe on the private beach. He also offered good pay.

With the tour over, she returned to her room and freshened up in the adjoining bath, then rested for a short time on the big, comfortable bed. She couldn't help imagining sharing this bed with Juan. The man's unusual appearance and sinewy body turned her on so much that she wriggled a bit. Her nipples tightened and clit ached when she pictured him looming above her, his chiseled lips hovering over hers and those gorgeous blue eyes gleaming with lust.

She closed her eyes and shook her head. Off limits. He was the boss.

A glance at the clock on the bedside table told her it was time for lunch. She stood, glanced at herself in the mirror, then made her way downstairs. Dave met her in the foyer and they walked to the kitchen where lunch was spread on the table. Juan approached with three glasses of iced tea. They sat down to eat.

Tonia thought talking to Juan might be difficult, but she found him quite pleasant.

"You have a degree in social work," he began. "What made you apply for this position?"

"To be honest I wanted a break," she said. "Your ad said this job is temporary, so it worked out very well for me."

"I see."

"Well, I'm sure you'll find this is a good place to relax and think," Dave said.

Juan looked at him almost sharply and raised an eyebrow. The men exchanged glances and Tonia felt another warning flag go up in her mind. "What exactly do you study, Doctor?" she asked.

"I'm researching animal behavior and the similarities between that and basic human emotions."

"That's very interesting." Tonia sipped her tea. "I don't mean this in a derogatory way, but how do you think this will help people?"

"Originally this island was owned by my mentor and adoptive father, Dr. Juan Gino Perez, Senior. He had hoped our research would help us to better understand fear and violence and possibly help us control those impulses in the criminally insane."

A wave of dizziness swept over Tonia and she attributed it to yet another surprise. It seemed almost too much of a coincidence that Dr. Perez was researching the very type of person she was running from.

"Are you all right?" Dave asked.

"Yes," she said. "I think the plane trip over affected me a little."

"Then take the afternoon off and start tomorrow as I suggested," Juan said.

Tonia tried to focus, but couldn't keep her eyes open. She attempted to speak, but no words formed on her lips. She slumped forward against the table.

When she managed to open her eyes again, she found herself in Juan's arms. He walked briskly down a long stone corridor. She moaned softly and tried to protest, but her limbs felt like lead.

"Did you give her enough?" Dave asked, though she couldn't see him. She guessed he walked behind them.

"She's fighting it. I'll give her an injection when we get to the lab," Juan replied, his voice deepening then fading as Tonia sank into blackness.

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New Reviews for Changeling Press!

New Reviews for Changeling Press: 1/18/10

Congratulations to Kate Hill, Marteeka Karland, Selena Illyria, Elizabeth Jewell, Jordan Castillo Price, and Marie Treanor!

Four & ½ Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews

These characters are real and deep and caring, and I loved the happy ever after that comes with it.

LIONSHEART (Marteeka Karland)
Five Nymphs from Literary Nymphs

There's nothing like a bit of subfreezing weather to create the perfect setting for a steamy erotic encounter.

Reviewed by Teasing Tidbits

.a sizzlin' good romp filled with mind-blowing sex.  Selena Illyria packs a lot of punch in this short story and you won't be disappointed with the results.

Four Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews

Chocolatier is an indulgent, light-hearted love story that will speak to everyone's inner hedonist. Pick it up if you're in need of a smile and a happy sigh.

SWEET OBLIVION 5: ELIXIR (Jordan Castillo Price)
Reviewed by Joyfully Reviewed

As ever, Jordan Castillo Price's talent shines. a final wild ride into Wild Bill's and Michael's world!

WOLF HUNT 2: FOREST WOLF (Marie Treanor)
Four Hearts from Love Romances & More

You can always expect a story that is different with lots of twists and turns from this clever author.

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Shifter's Station Collection by Silvia Violet

Shifter's Station (Collection)
by Silvia Violet
cover art by Reneé George
ISBN: 978-1-60521-300-2
Genre(s): Paranormal, Sci-Fi, BDSM, Collections
Theme(s): Ménage, Shapeshifters
Length: Collection

Years ago, the Terran Government betrayed special forces officer Marc Devlin, forcing him to flee for his life. He rescued several fellow officers and built a new life as the head of mercenary force. When he captures a beautiful Cerian diplomat, he thinks to torture the man to learn Cerian secrets. Instead, he finds a lover. Months later, Marc and his Cerian lover, Kirlos, take a young woman captive, fearful she might be an agent of one of Marc's oldest enemies. The two men strike a bargain with her that lands her in their bed for a month. As they dole out exquisite torment with their Cerian sex table, passion builds and turns to love. But Marc and Kirlos must fight to keep her and the life they've made for themselves.

This e-book collection contains the previously released Shifter's Station series novellas Pilot's Bargain, Pilot's Heart, Loving the Enemy, and Eye of the Tigress. This collection is also available in print

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

The commander cut off whatever Captain Devlin was going to say. "I have the ability to probe your mind to determine if you're telling the truth. And if you are lying, I can compel the truth from you."

Larissa studied him for a moment. He seemed sincere and somewhat dismayed by the captain's brusque manner. "Do it."

She felt pressure on her head, as if someone were mashing the heel of their hand against her forehead. Then the pressure turned to pain. It grew sharper until it felt like a needle was boring into her skull.

She felt tension radiating from Adesta. "Stop fighting it."

"I... can't. I don't --"

Then the pain spread as if her skull had cracked. She fell to her knees, panting. The world began to go black. But just before she passed out, the pain disappeared.

"Fires of hell, she's strong."

The captain snorted. "Did you get through?"

"Yes, she's telling the truth."

Thank the gods. They would have to let her go now. Larissa heard the men speaking, but they sounded very far away. A dull pounding still echoed in her head. Nothing like the tearing pain of the scan, but she still wasn't sure she could stand.

Then she felt a hand on her arm. It was the commander. She wanted to refuse his assistance, but she didn't want to be on her knees in front of the captain. He was arrogant enough without her prostrating herself like a slave.

When the commander helped her to her feet, she stepped away and forced herself to focus on Devlin. His dark eyes were narrow and cold. "Who taught you to shield your thoughts?"

"My boss."

Devlin raised his brows. "You need this ability often on cargo runs?"

"When you take these kinds of jobs, you do."

He laughed. "I suppose you are right. Federated Transport isn't exactly a legitimate business."

"And yours is?"

Adesta's lips curled into a wicked smile. "You seem to be losing your touch, Captain. You usually have them trembling in their boots by now."

Larissa just managed to keep from rolling her eyes. The captain might be one delightfully put together man, but she had no intention of rolling over for him. "Can I go now?"

Devlin scowled. "No."

"The commander has established my innocence."

"He has established that you were unaware that the weapons were faulty. But I still have one dead crewman and several more injured. Someone has to pay."

"Yes. That someone is my bastard of a boss."

"But he's not here, and you are."

"Captain." The warning glare in the commander's eyes gave Larissa hope he might convince his superior to let her go.

"She stays."

Larissa's heart pounded. "You can't be serious."

He gave a cold smile. "I'm always serious."

Larissa clasped her hands behind her back to hide their shaking. "You can't just keep me here."

"I can do anything I damn well please."

"But --"

The captain stepped toward her. She stabbed her nails into her palms, hoping the pain would dull her fear and help her hold her ground.

Devlin grasped the single braid that hung down her back and jerked her head to the side. "I am the law here. No one questions what I do. If I wanted to shove you out an airlock, that's exactly what I'd do. No one would dare protest."

She held her breath, and commanded her suddenly rubbery legs to keep her upright.

He let her go and stepped back. "Fortunately for you, I have something far more pleasant in mind as repayment for your crimes."

Larissa's lungs burned, but she couldn't seem to fill them with air. She forced herself to look him in the eye. "I have no intention of letting you punish me for a crime I didn't commit."

Adesta smirked. "I like her spirit."

The captain stared at her intently. "So do I. The spirited ones are so much more fun to break."

Larissa's heart hammered against her chest. She knew her eyes were wide and her fear shone all too plainly. She felt like a rabbit cornered by a wolf -- a big bad wolf with plans to eat her.

Now why the hell did that thought make her body feel hot and tight? She was so damn wet she'd likely soaked through her flight suit. What was wrong with her?

Devlin took a long, deliberate inhale. "Mmm. I think she likes us more than she wants us to know."

Shit! The last thing she needed was for him to be aware of how she was responding to them. She needed to convince them to let her go. But before she could think of anything to say, Devlin's lips curled up in a wicked smile.

"Since you seem so interested in the issue of fairness, why don't we strike a bargain?"

"What bargain would that be?" Larissa mentally cursed the quaver she heard in her voice.

His smile widened. "I will spend the next two hours convincing you that you want to stay. If you can resist, you go free. If you can't, you agree to remain on the station as my servant for the next month."

Larissa took a deep breath. Her initial reaction was to tell him to go to hell, but something told her this might be her only way off the station. "How will you convince me to stay?"

"That's my secret, but you have my word you will come to no harm."

"Why should I trust you?"

The captain's face froze, and a sound too like an animal's growl rose from his chest.

Larissa glanced at Adesta. He shook his head. "I wouldn't go down that road if I were you."

"Fine. If I were to lose, which I have no intention of doing, how would you expect me to serve you?"

The captain's smile returned instantly. "With every last inch of your naked body."

Excerpt from Shifter's Station 1: Pilot's Bargain