Thursday, September 28, 2006


Yet another place for me to get everyone all excited! C'mon, I'm good at it, LOL!

Oh, in case you haven't heard, the Save the Quiet Kitty Fund is having a Celebrity Auction! Totally awesome, folks. Some of the stuff on the list, and I kid you not, Angela Knights Cy Cops COMICS!! All THREE!! An amethyst necklace *my favorite stone!* from Elayne S. Venton. I have a massive amethyst pendant (68 carats, baby, LOL) I wear all the time, but I can always use more amethyst! And, copies of all of Changeling's print books. This isn't even the tip of the ice berg, either!

Are you interested yet? LOL, I knew you would be. Check out Save the Quiet Kitty for more information!

Til next time, be naughty and love it!

Emma Ray


  1. Hey gang - the blog looks great! (btw it's Zuri here *waves*)

  2. Hey Zuri! Thanks for the post Emma. The auction is going to be awesome!


  3. love the new look. Totally awesome auction prizes. Camille has a very special group of friends.