Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cat's news and a contest

The August issue of my newsletter is now online! I've also done a teensy bit of redesigning on the website (call it a work in progress): let me know what you think! Some pages might need to be refreshed before they load correctly--don't ask me why, it's just the way they go. A quick check on the News or Contest pages should tell you if it's loaded right: News will be headed August, and Contest will have the Drive Me Daisy details.

While you're on the Contest page, don't forget to enter to win a download of Drive Me Daisy.

Adam was the first man Daisy ever saw. When the faeries sent her back to the mortal realm, his werewolf pack took her in. Adam was the first man to make love to her, and the first to break her heart. Now, fifteen years later, Adam's back, and he needs Daisy: in his work, in his life, and in his bed.

But fifteen years can change a person, and now Daisy's not so sure she can forgive Adam for what happened all that time ago. Plus, there's the little matter of the secret she's been keeping since she last saw him...

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