Thursday, September 27, 2007

Swan Song & M Strikes Again!

Okay, for those of you not signed up for the Changeling Press readers loop... get there, seriously. M (owner of Changeling) is losing her mind and going crazy with discount codes. Marketing is going to kick her rear, but in the mean time...

Marie Treanor has a new Hot Flash out titled Swan Song:

When you find yourself confiding in a swan, you know you’re in trouble. When the swan talks back, madness clearly beckons. Throw in a fool of a fiancĂ© about to be dumped, a Russian gangster, and a lustful ballet dancer with tights to die for, and the night becomes strangely magical…

In honor of Marie's sexy swan, M threw out a new coupon code. Here's what she sent out to the loops:

I was poking around in the Coming Soon folder for something to get into and found the most wonderful surprise -- a gorgeous hunk of a -- SWAN! Swan shape shifters?? OK. Had to read it. Let me tell you, Marie Treanor is one wickedly twisted woman. Naturally I had to share. Man, I love my job.

New Hot Flash now available: Swan Song by Marie Treanor $2.99

And just for all you insomniacs up keeping me company, I made a new discount code:
Swan Song -- 5% off any one order, no matter how many books you stuff in the cart. Good till the marketing staff catches me playing with their codes again...

Has she lost her mind? Probably. We've corrupted her with all of our off-the-wall ideas chock full of sex and she's lost what little sanity she had left. Take advantage of it while you can!


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