Monday, January 07, 2008

Welcome to 2008

Woot!! Here's the list of winners of Changeling's annual "Free Books for a Year" megacontest:

Grand Prizes Winners:
Free E-Books For a Year -- All Changeling 2008 New Releases -- Meghan Griffin
Free Paperbacks For a Year -- All Changeling 2008 New Releases -- Gwen Kirchner

First Place Winners -- All Changeling New E-Books for January 2008:
Regina Gordon, Kaz D'Spana, Susan Rericha

Runners-Up -- One Free E-Book Download:
Diane Campanaro, Evelin Davis, Pamela Cullison, K Clark, Robyn Lee,
Tommye Rios, Stephanie Dixon, David McKinney, Yvonne Lundine, Melissa Watson

And congratulations to our Changeling Press Authors and Staff!

Love Romances Cafe Best of 2007 Best Cover Nominee
Battles of the Sidhe 1: Fairy Tales by Beth Kery (Artist: Bryan Keller)

The Romance Studio 2007 CAPA Nominees
Sundown Investigations 3: Get Lucky by Cat Marsters (Fantasy Erotic Romance)
Pact of Princes: Silent Siren by Alexa Aames (Fantasy Erotic Romance)
The Shadow Zone: Taking Julia by Isabella Jordan (Paranormal Erotic Romance)
Members Only: Rx for Submission by Ann Jacobs (BDSM)
Isabella Jordan (Favorite Author)
Eve Vaughn (Favorite Author)
Sierra Dafoe (Favorite Erotic Author)

We wish all of our authors and staff the best of luck!

In other news, the Spaceport is now available for travelers!! Join some of your favorite Changeling author's as they take you on a futuristic ride into the unknown (but definitely erotic) future! This is a multi-author series and each book is a stand-alone novella.


  1. WOW- Congrats to all the book winners- how awesome! And a special congrats to all the nominated authors- yall deserve it!!

  2. wow.

    most pictures here make you enticed ><