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Wolf Mates: An American Werewolf in Hoboken by Dakota Cassidy

SPOTLIGHT: An American Werewolf in Hoboken
by Dakota Cassidy
Cover art by Angela Knight
ISBN (13): 978-1-59596-068-9
Genre(s): Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Humor
Theme(s): Werewolves
Series: Wolf Mates
Length: Novella


No, no... I know what you’re thinking, but don’t let the cover fool you... this is not a BDSM story!! And it ain’t your typical werewolf tale either.JC Jensen, a hairdresser in Hoboken, New Jersey, is happy living alone and focusing on her career. JC decides that maybe a dog might be a better companion than the boyfriends she’s had, so she heads off to her local animal shelter to find a puppy that needs a home. Like a cute ball of fluff, ya know?When she comes home, it's with a beast that the shelter says is part wolf -- and destined to die. He’s mean, he's ornery, he has enough fleas to require fumigation, and he’s a hairdresser’s nightmare, but JC is compelled to adopt him. The shelter is amazed when he only responds to her (no surprise for you there I’ll bet). After a trip to PETsMART and a bath, JC dubs her new buddy Fluffy. Fluffy loves steak and hates her ex-boyfriend Jess, which is just fine by JC. He’s her perfect match -- so perfect she thinks if only he were a man they could pick out china together.But Fluffy likes to roam and when he takes off one night JC’s new neighbor Max Adams consoles her by inviting her in for pizza. Max is hot and he has a great head of hair. JC and Max have nothing in common -- he’s a country boy and she’s a city girl -- but sexually speaking (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?) Max is like no other man she’s met. He does have some peculiarities though…like a strange affinity for red meat, and his allergic reaction to anything silver. All of this has JC wondering where Max comes from and why -- despite their differences -- she can’t keep her hands off of him… Oh, and the biggest plus of all? Max really digs her big, mangy mutt Fluffy…

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Praise for An American Werewolf in Hoboken

"The erotica is a perfect weave of spice and sensuality. I really enjoyed the richness of the character development, and lots of giggles and full-on laughter throughout."
4 Tombstones! -- Jaded, Bitten by Books

"Ms. Cassidy's blend of humor and lust make for a marvelous read... [This] is a terrific book and I'm looking forward to more sinful humor from Ms. Cassidy."
-- Romance Junkies

"If only we could all meet our soul mates at the pound... In addition to the humor in this short novel there are many erotic scenes. These scenes are scorchers with so much sizzle you need a cold shower to calm down from them."
-- Marina, Cupid's Library Reviews

"This light-hearted romp is sexy and fun--vintage Dakota Cassidy. A fast, fun read--a perfect beach book (though the people in the next lounge chair over will wonder why you keep laughing so hard)."
-- Gillian Fitzgerald for Sensual Romance


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He ran as though the hounds of hell chased him, pounding the pavement with swift, measured strides. The click of his nails echoed in the rain soaked, empty streets. Flashes of buildings passed in a blur as his eyes sought frantically to find food. His long tongue slipped out of the side of his mouth, draping down over the thick hair that covered his chin -- er, muzzle.Panting, he eyed each alleyway from his peripheral vision, searching…The smells of the city assaulted his ultra sensitive nose. He sniffed the air, picking up the scent of broiled steak, pork chops with thick brown gravy, veal medallions in a creamy white sauce with sliced onion, and a sprig of parsley for garnish. Scalloped potatoes… no wait, they were au gratin.Oh, hell he was hungry.Shit, he really loved veal too… Wee little succulent morsels of calf that he couldn’t have right now because he was too damn busy playing this stupid game of “here, doggy, doggy.” Which he wouldn’t be doing if it weren’t for this vision.A sharp whistle stopped him in his tracks and again his ears pricked to the tune of, “Here, doggy, doggy!”Address me as I should be addressed. It’s Mr. Werewolf to you…If he could sigh he would. Instead he flared his nostrils and huffed.Did it get any worse than this? I mean, c’mon… who was this vision anyway? This soulmate who was supposed to rock his world? And where was it written that he had to play Mission Impossible just to get laid? This was above and beyond the call of duty for a little horizontal mambo.He hated all of this mumbo-jumbo folklore crap he’d been taught since he was a child. He really just wanted to hang out and play Nintendo 64. But the call of a good lay beckoned… or that’s what he heard it was going to be anyway. A good lay… good as opposed to none. He sure as hell hoped his soulmate appreciated this, cuz it was a crappy way to hook-up in his estimation.The Prophecy has spoken, Eva said…Prophecy? Hah! What kind of prophecy had you running around a town called Hoboken, with the butt crack squad hot on your heels? What kind of prophecy was found in a bowl of chicken noodle soup? But his family members claimed Eva knew all. How one could “know all” from processed chicken in a can was beyond him.Although, legend had it that if he didn’t follow his stupid path of destiny, he was shit for shineola. He’d have to face the mojo of all mojos. So, rather than risk the possibility that this destiny of his was flat-out stupid and it wasn’t worth a really freaky curse, he ran.Fast.Because he couldn’t afford to be caught and miss this prophecy thing.Racing down a deserted, dimly lit street, he spied a chain link fence that might be his ticket outta this.Except he had four paws and not a pair of legs to climb said fence.Well, shit.The thunder of feet diminished behind him. Maybe they’d given up. His ears pricked to the tune of the clink of the fence as the men climbed it.A bright light cornered him as he swept past a dumpster, only to find a dead end.Fucking ducky…“Hey look, he’s friggin’ huge,” one of the men commented.Ahh, the animal catching engineer… isn’t that what they called them now? Bright indeed, very bright. Damn right he was huge and he was going to take a bite out of his engineer ass if he came any closer.“Wait,” one of the bright twins said, “I’ve got something for him.” He began to dig around in his pocket and pulled out a plastic bag.He watched skeptically from the corner he was backed into and sniffed the air.“Look, puppy… look what I have…” Wiggling the meat in air, the animal catching engineer shook it at him. Obviously this was meant to entice him.He sniffed liberally the air that surrounded the meat. Oh, fuck that. It was going to take a helluva lot more than some cheap round steak to get him to bite. He was a filet mignon kind of guy…His stomach growled in protest, meaning, round steak was better than no steak.Well, okay, he’d bite. He could easily knock this guy out as he snatched the meat from him. Snarling, he came closer, moving in on Einstein’s hand, exposing his teeth.Teeth… it was all about showing them the teeth. Freaked everybody out.He leapt in an arc Bruce Jenner would be envious of, snatching the meat and gobbling it halfway down his throat when he felt the sting of the dart.If he could, he would have sighed at how predictable that had been. Well, fuck, he thought as he fell to the ground with a hard thud and the world began to spin… looked like he was going to the pound.

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  1. Ok, yeah, I would have thought is was BSDM but the blurb and excerpt sound like a really really good read!