Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Naughty Nights: Devoured by Kate Hill


On a diplomatic mission to the planet Shandra, ambassador Passion is abducted by thieves. She is rescued by two rugged warriors, Timber and Red, who claim that she owes them a sacred debt for saving her life. If she refuses to mate with them, the Shand will consider it an insult to their people.
In spite of her anger about a forced marriage, Red and Timber are sexy enough to make Passion live up to her name. Sacrificing herself for her planet might not be as bad as she thought.

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"Sit and rest for a moment," Timber said, guiding her to a tree stump. She perched on it and a soldier brought Timber the key code which he used to release her chains.

Passion rubbed her wrists and Timber lightly massaged her ankles.

"I'm all right," she said and stood. "Thanks again."

Timber turned his back to her to give an order to a soldier and Passion gasped. "Lord, what happened to your back? I didn't see you get cut during the fight."

"I didn't. Those marks are part of a ceremony," Timber explained, straining to see over his shoulder.

"The fight reopened the cuts," Boldeye said. "You're bleeding." His second-in-command approached with a first aid kit.

"I can help him," Passion said, taking the kit from Boldeye. "It's the least I can do."

"That's fine with me," Timber said. Boldeye shrugged and walked away.

Why wouldn't it be fine with Timber? He stared at the woman like he wanted to devour her then and there. It was as if he'd never seen tits before. Though Red had to admit she had a damn fine pair. He watched her snap on protective gloves from the first aid kit. Next she sprayed Timber's back with antiseptic and used a sponge to blot away the blood.

"Am I hurting you?" she asked.

"Of course not."

She turned to retrieve another sponge and her gorgeous breasts swept over Timber. Red swallowed with some difficulty, his mouth dry.

"That must have been some important ceremony for you to accept these cuts," she continued. "But Shand warriors are among the toughest in the known universe, right?"

Red's brow furrowed and he glanced over his shoulder at his stinging back. The injures from the flogger caused far worse damage than the decorative cuts from the leadership ceremony. He wondered if he wasn't already bandaged if he could convince this pretty human to play medic on him.

Red scowled. What the hell was he thinking? He didn't need any involvements with women, no matter how minor. Though he couldn't help thinking it would be nice to fuck this alien beauty. No strings, of course.

The man Red had been tending grunted with pain and he focused his full attention on the soldier's wounded arm. He sprayed the injury with an antiseptic pain killing spray.

When he finished, he rose and nearly crashed into Passion who stood with her hands on her hips, glaring at him. "You nearly killed me."

He cocked an eyebrow. "Excuse me? You mean I saved your life."

"By almost breaking my ribs and knocking me unconscious?"

Was she serious? "Lady, if I hadn't pushed you out of the way, you'd have had a lasar blast in your face."

She stared at him, then shook her head. "You have a point. I suppose I owe you thanks too."

"You owe us the Sacred Debt," Timber stated.

Red glanced sharply at his brother. He didn't seriously intend to hold this alien female to the Sacred Debt?

"I'm sorry, but I'm not familiar with that."

"We rescued you. By tradition an unwed female is bound to pay the Sacred Debt by mating with the one who saved her. In this case, both my brother and I --"

Red waved him off. "Don't speak for me."

"You don't want her?"

Red's gaze swept Passion, who glanced from one man to the other with a look of shock on her lovely face. Her dark eyes widened, her lips parted and her full breasts rose and fell with each exaggerated breath.

No. He didn't need a woman in his life. He'd been hurt once, and refused to endure that humiliation again. Like his teacher, he would never marry, but live for his art alone. He vowed that no woman would get close enough to his heart to manipulate him again.

"Mate with you?" Passion demanded.

Red smiled. He'd heard about the stubborn, obnoxious nature of human females. If his brother expected her to drop to her knees and suck his cock like an indebted Shand woman, he was in for a rude awakening.

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