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Pack Mentality Collection by Julia Talbot

Pack Mentality (Collection)
by Julia Talbot
cover art by Sahara Kelly
ISBN: 978-1-60521-322-4
Genre(s): Collections
Length: Collection

Pack Mentality: Alpha Bites
Sasha, the dark-eyed Russian, or Liam, the red-headed Irishman -- Jenny just can't choose. They're both amazing lovers. They're also both strong alpha wolves. It's Sasha who finally decides the three of them will make a fine pack. Now all he has to do is convince them both...
Pack Mentality: Myra's Mate
Myra has had the worst luck with men. Even when Colin's pack mates Sasha and Liam assure him that Myra is the girl for him he's reluctant to say the least. He certainly doesn't expect to find her secrets so incredibly intriguing. Can these two turn a blind date into a lifetime mating?
Pack Mentality: Big Bad Wolf
Kamen loves the day-to-day business of running his pack, but he's lonely and bored, and Steve smells like the perfect mate. But when the two of them get together, the pack turns on Kamen, challenging his alpha status, and his love for Steve. Is Kamen enough of a big bad wolf to keep them safe?
Pack Mentality: Natural Selection
Ryan is happy working as a park ranger and living with his big bear of a lover, Loyal, but wolves are social creatures, and he misses having a pack of his own. The new pack in town has been burned before, and Kamen and the others are willing to live and let live, but when Loyal gets kidnapped, will the pack throw in with Ryan and help save him?
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"I don't know, Myra," Jenny said, pacing back and forth, her arm waving wildly as she talked to her roommate on her cell phone. She was on her supper break and needed to vent. "I just can't decide which one I like better."

"Well, you're going to have to figure it out sooner or later," Myra replied.

In the background, Jenny could hear the whirr of a blender. Myra made her living off grinding up all sorts of things to make protein shakes, and she was always experimenting. "Sooner rather than later, I think. Liam doesn't seem to have a clue, but Sasha keeps... sniffing me. I think he suspects."

"He'd have to be an idiot not to." Myra chuckled, the sound merry, like the woman herself. "You can't double time guys like him. Tell them, Jen."

"I will, I will." Jenny bit her thumbnail, watching the clouds gather in the sky outside her veterinary clinic. Looked like rain. "Okay, I gotta go, My. I'll see you in a few days. After, you know."

"I do know. I'll say a prayer to the Moon Goddess for you," Myra said, like she always did. "Be safe."

"You too, honey," Jenny returned. "Later."


The phone flipped shut in her hand, just like that, and Jenny sighed, rolling her stiff neck and shoulders. Really, she needed to hire more help. Trying to make sure all of the animals she was keeping for observation would be safe was, well, trying. The problem wasn't the work. It was the fact that her clinic was so far out of town. No one wanted to commute out there. Hell, no one could really understand why she'd chosen the location except Myra, who knew her dirty little secret.

The small building with its food storage shed and attached dog run was hers though, and it sat on a clearing off the main highway, a patch of woods sloping up the hill behind it. Jenny went back in, smiling as the whines and barks from the dogs and meows from the cats doubled in volume.

"Gotta get you guys bedded down for the night, huh? I promise, I'll get you locked in good and I'll leave you alone.” Jenny petted this nose and that tail as she got the food storage containers out and started laying in dry food for the night. She'd be back to herself in the morning, and could come in and do it all over again.

Jonas the Rottie whined at her and Jenny went to check his sore paw, automatically glancing at the clock as she went. "Poor baby," she said, "still hurting, huh? Don't you worry. It'll heal up in no time."

Contrary to popular belief, animals weren't afraid of her. Now Sasha had caused the cats to sort of hiss and spit a little, but really, that could have been all that testosterone the man exuded as a human and had nothing to do with the other. He was all man.

So was Liam. That was the problem. They both had a lot to recommend them. Sasha had dark hair and kinda golden eyes and this deep, vaguely Russian voice. Liam had deep red hair and green eyes and the Irish lilt and... yeah, well. It was no wonder she was torn.

A shiver wracked her and Jenny hurried through the rest of the chores, soothing yelps and wags, trying to get outside before the sun went down. Just a few more minutes.

Was that her hand shimmering?

She made it out the door, locking it behind her just in time. All of the dogs inside the shelter answered her when she let out her first howl.

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