Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shadowed: Frenzied by Kate Hill

Shadowed: Frenzied
by Kate Hill

Cover art: Zuri
ISBN: 978-1-60521-735-2
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Dark Desire
Series: Shadowed
Length: Novella
Page Count: 89


Every new soul deserves a chance.
Born of two demons, Michael was smuggled from hell by an angel of mercy and raised on Earth. Aware of his parentage, Michael is torn between his desire for a normal life and his demonic nature.
Rich and sinfully sexy, he has cut himself off from relationships other than physical, satisfying his carnal needs by using an escort service that caters to strange and sometimes supernatural clientele. When one of his favorite escorts is brutally murdered, Michael uses his demonic skills to find her attacker, but someone believes he is the one to blame.
Britt is determined to bring her sister's murderer to justice, even if the police can't due to his airtight alibi and a lack of evidence. She knows Michael is to blame and goes undercover as an escort to prove his guilt and mete out punishment on her own, but can a woman with a lack of sexual experience convince a lustful demon she's for sale? More important, can she keep from falling in love with a man torn between good and evil?
Publisher's Note: Kate Hill's series Mate Marks, Mate Marks Cursed, Prowleryns, Inked, and Shadowed all share the same world and some of the same characters.
Shadowed: Frenzied
Kate Hill
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2011 Kate Hill

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Northlight Brook, Maine
Marla's tongue rolled over Michael's cock head, then tickled the ultra-sensitive underside. She licked the shaft as if it were a favorite treat, then engulfed the crown, drawing it deep into her hot, wet mouth.
Staring at her through half-closed eyes, Michael fought to control his inner demon while still enjoying her carnal attentions. "Use your teeth," he said, his voice almost a growl.
She did as he asked, raking her teeth along his shaft.
"Harder! And use your nails. You know how I like it."
Moaning softly, she lightly bit his cock and scraped her nails over his inner thighs, almost drawing blood. Michael groaned and closed his eyes. Pleasure and pain. He would never have one without the other. He just wasn't built that way. No one could truly accept his unleashed passion, so he needed to control the beast with pain while his bedmates fucked the man.
She wasn't biting quite hard enough, and her skilled tongue teased him to the brink. He burned and ached all over. To satisfy his demon, he reached into the leather box resting on the bedside table and tugged out a long, sharp needle. He closed his fist around it and gasped. Hot blood smeared against his palm.
"Michael." She lifted her head. A flash of concern passed through her light brown eyes. "Don't."
"Climb on," he said. "Do it. You want it. I can tell."
"Yeah, I want it."
The aroma of her juices and her floral perfume filled the room, spurring on his almost uncontrollable lust.
She straddled him and her satiny ass brushed against his rock-hard cock. Grasping his shaft, she adjusted her position and guided his cock head to her pussy. She was so fucking wet and hot that he slid in easily. Arching her head back, she moaned again and her muscles squeezed him in deeper.
Michael reached for another needle. He took her hand and curled it around the long, slender piece of metal, then wrapped his fist around hers and guided her hand to his chest.
"Please don't," she said.
"You specialize in pain. The flogging was fantastic."
"One of these days you're going to go too far and I don't want it to be with me."
"There's no such thing as too far. Not for a guy like me."
"Dude, you're flesh and blood, you know. Michael!" she snapped when he forced her to rake the needle across his chest.
He drew a sharp breath and smiled. His hips lunged upward, his cock thrusting deep inside her, rubbing and teasing her.
Marla's eyes closed halfway and she rocked her hips. "I love it when you fuck me," she said.
"I'm sure you say that to all the guys."
"Yeah, but when I'm with you I mean it," she panted, then leaned down and bit his lower lip in a way that drove him crazy. He cupped the back of her head and kissed her hard. Marla tossed the needle aside and caressed his chest.
She grasped his nipple rings and pulled them.
More pleasure-pain tore through Michael and his heart pounded. He tore the needle from his hand, grasped her waist and pushed her onto her back. Covering her mouth in a plundering kiss, he filled her with his cock. Her soft belly rolled upward, pressing against his muscled stomach.
"Hold me," he said. "I want to feel you, Marla. Dig your nails in and show me how much you love it when I fuck you."
An almost pleading look in her eyes, she shook her head, but he kissed her hard again and thrust faster, his cock rubbing her to the edge.
He paused, his hands braced on either side of her head, his breathing ragged. "Give me what I want and I'll give you what you want..."

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