Thursday, November 03, 2016

Now Available - Willa Okati, Marteeka Karland, Kate Hill, Isabella Jordan, Michelle Hoppe, Lia Connor and Marie Treanor

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Chapter and Verse (Omega Wolves 7)
by Willa Okati

Love between two Omegas is forbidden. But Carey’s determined to break all the rules.

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Spotlight: Jack-O-Lanterns (Box Set)
by Kate Hill, Isabella Jordan, Willa Okati, Marteeka Karland, Michelle Hoppe, Lia Connor and Marie Treanor $4.99

Halloween nightmares & flying broomsticks... It's All Hallows' Eve and you can't stop the party!

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2nd Edition Black Star (Box Set)
by Marteeka Karland

When Captain Mikiel captures Black Star Princess, they discover a love that binds them together...
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