Friday, January 13, 2017

TGIF Changeling - Kiernan Kelly, Mikala Ash, Sarah Barimen

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School Boy Blues (Set in Stone )
by Kiernan Kelly
Sale Price: $3.39

Will anger and fear turn to love when two schoolboys reunite after ten years apart?
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Talent Scout (Tales From the Margin 2)
by Mikala Ash
Sale Price: $4.24

Why do free will and common sense always go out the window when love crashes through the door? 
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2nd Edition: Terms of Payment (Soul Debt)
by Sarah Barimen
Sale Price: $2.39

Jack makes a Faustian bargain, but missed the bit where he'll be making payments to a male demon! 
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Alexa (Married to the Aliens 1)
by Ashlynn Monroe

Post Economic Collapse Earth, Alexa's only commodity is her future as a bride - to a pair of aliens.
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The Guardian (Las Vegas Tales 1)
by Amber Malloy

Jack Stone's high school sweetheart is back in his life -- and she has a secret.
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2nd Edition: Repossession (Soul Debt)
by Mychael Black

His soul for twenty-four hours of sex. Who could say no?
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