Saturday, March 11, 2017

Interview with Chiara DaeJanay from The Siren’s Challenge by Alice Gaines

What kind of job do you have?
I’m the commander of a moon with large deposits of iridium, a mineral used in water purification systems.  I’m responsible for collecting large fees for iridium.  I’m equipped to do sexual battle with competitors, if necessary.
Describe yourself in three words.
Loyal, fierce, sexual
Who is your love interest?
Wing Captain Jeffrey Holst of the Alliance High Command.  He’s also my competitor in the Challenge, a sexual duel.
List three things about Holst that turn you on. 
He’s also fierce in the bedroom and out.  He has all the right equipment and knows how to use it.  My body has decided he’s my mate, even though he’s not from my home planet, Teles.
Do you like using sex toys? 
Anything that enhances sexual pleasure is fine with me.
How did you and Holst meet? 
He’d been sent by his Alliance to take our moon for its iridium.  When he confronted me with his intent, I offered him a Challenge—whoever made the other climax first won a round.  Best four rounds out of seven.
Who is your arch enemy? 
Right now, it’s the Alliance High Command.
Whipped cream or Marshmallow?
Definitely whipped cream.
A relaxing bath or a long, hot shower?
A bath with a lover.  Otherwise, a shower is more efficient.
How about an excerpt?
Here you go.

Better get to work.

After turning the glass over, he parted her legs and centered himself between them. The scent of hot, aroused woman immediately invaded his brain. Part of a Siren’s arsenal in a battle of lust, no doubt. Herbal and exotic, it went right to his gut and sent his imagination into hyperdrive. In any civilized setting, he’d take his throbbing cock and drive it into her to bring them both to climax. But this was a damned Challenge, and he had to undo her without satisfying himself.

He pressed his face to her curls and found her clit with his tongue. The minute he touched her, her whole body went rigid, and her hips lifted from the bed.

He raised his head and looked at her. “Not quite as uninterested as you let on, eh, lover?”

“Just do it,” she answered between clenched teeth.

“Oh, I plan to.” He lowered his face again and set to the task at hand. He sucked on her clit and licked it, letting the rasp of his tongue linger on the tip. She tried to stifle a moan, but it slipped out, anyway.

“Good, baby?” he murmured into her muff.

She trembled and whimpered, and her breath grew loud and ragged. He slipped a finger into her pussy. Her muscles clenched at it, so he slid another finger in and thrust them in and out. Juices flowed out of her in a hot gush of need. She couldn’t take much more without coming.

He glanced up briefly and found her staring at the glass, her fists curled around handfuls of the sheet. A deep flush of arousal colored her chest, neck, and cheeks, and she’d opened her mouth to take slow, even breaths. She was doing her best to control her response, and the water was running out. She might outlast this, after all, and then she’d get another turn at him. He couldn’t let that happen.

With his tongue, he teased the capsule out from behind his back tooth and bit down on it. Immediately, his mouth filled with an astringent. The oil tasted like mint but was nearly strong enough to burn his tongue. Once he got some of that on her, she’d climax but good.

He buried his nose in her sex and brushed his tongue over her clit. She gasped loudly and tried to pull away, but he curled his arms under her legs and held her against him.

She fought bravely, but he continued with his lips and tongue, bathing her in the icy, burning essence. Finally, she stopped resisting and let him finish her. After another moment, a low growl began in her chest and built to a cry. She tensed and shuddered, and he slipped a third finger inside to feel her contractions. She convulsed around him for the longest time and then collapsed against the bed. For several more seconds, her pussy continued with fluttering reverberations.

Author Bio:  Award winning author Alice Gaines has published several sensuous and erotic works. She prefers stories that stretch the imagination, highlighting the power of love and sex. Alice has a Ph.D. in psychology from U. C. Berkeley and lives in Oakland, California, with her collection of orchids and her pet corn snake, Casper.
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