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Thirsty Thursday -- Bloody Mary Vampire Style

Thirsty Thursday -- A Really Bloody Mary

When I lived in California where HURT ME GOOD, Dirty Rotten Vampires 1, takes place, I frequented a bar called Sneaky Pete’s. Their Bloody Mary came with pickled green beans. The bartender, whom I got to know well, told me they use them because they have a longer shelf life than celery. I fell in love with Bloody Mary made this way and have since found spicy dill pickles and spicy pickled okra work just as well. Tabasco has a line of these pickled delicacies!

This recipe will serve about 6 if you use an old fashion glass.

3 cups of tomato juice
6-8 ounces of vodka (you can use peppered vodka if you like)
3 tablespoons of lemon juice (or to taste)
1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon of your favorite brand of pepper sauce (you may want to cut in half if you don’t want it too spicy)
½ teaspoon of Ground black pepper
½ teaspoon of celery salt (This gives a little taste of celery if you use pickles/beans/okra)
6 Tabasco Spicy Beans, Tabasco Spicy Okra, Tabasco Spicy Dill pickles, or you can opt for the celery.

In 2-quart pitcher, combine tomato juice, vodka, lemon juice, Worcestershire, red-pepper sauce, black pepper, and celery salt. To serve, fill glasses with ice cubes (I don’t use ice-no need in diluting a good thing!) Divide tomato mixture among glasses. Garnish with your choice and enjoy!

Hurt Me Good 2nd edition is available at Changeling Press

It wasn’t until she cried, “No!” that Barringer realized what he had done.
It didn’t stop him. “Aww, hell.” He continued to pump inside her pussy, sending his seed deep. “He’ll never do this to you.” He thought she would pull from him, but she didn’t. “He’ll never give you delicious pain or his precious seed.”
Her arms wrapped around him, she spiked her hips up, and took more of his cock. Constricting her muscles, she milked him of every drop. “Yes, yes,” she murmured. “Barr… com… coming, oh God.”
Feeling her orgasm surround his dick caused more semen to pulse from him. “Tell. Him. You’re. Mine.” He punctuated the words he spat at Armada with jabs into her pussy.
She stilled and stared at him. “What?”
“I know why he wanted you away from The Cemetery.”
“Barr, what are you talking about?”
“The name is Barringer, Barringer Ganteau.” Somehow, her calling him anything other than Barringer or Ringer felt too intimate. Realization he knew changed her eyes crimson with anger. “Didn’t you think I’d find out?”
Shoving him off, she jumped from the bed and glared at him. “You think I slept with Split?”
Remaining naked, he pushed back in the bed and rested against the headboard. “Since I have not drawn from his vein in decades, it took me a while to figure out whose old blood soared through you giving you abnormal strength.”
“He saved my life.”
“Honey, he’s no different than me, he’d fucked you just like I did. Shit, he’d fuck the nearest stump if it had a vagina.”
“You bastard.”
His shields slammed down and locked her out, but not before a brief glimpse in Armada’s mind of her naked in the woods, lying in Kryder’s arms taking sustenance directly from his heart. Ringer sank into an angry quagmire of jealousy. No vampire did that unless… shit, now Split Kryder would have stronger leverage when he wished to invade his mind. Was that why he’d sent his lover to him; had he thought to find out if Barringer really was on the edge of being malevolent? Or did he simply tire of her and want her out of Cicalee’s space?
None of what happened tonight could be allowed to leave this room, so he needed to find a way into her mind, close every bit of information from Split. Without her help, that wasn’t going to happen. Barringer was strong, but he didn’t equal Kryder’s strength or abilities. The council already sought an audience with her, and his ass wasn’t on their good list.
“If he learns of this, if the council obtains information on our indiscretion, we will both regret it.” Finding himself in the position of needing a female’s help for any reason rankled him as much as the fact that Split had had his way with her. How many times had he tasted her charms? Did he make her come as hard as she had for him? Stop! Fix this, fix it.
She walked to his dresser, opened a drawer and took out a shirt. “Do you have any pants that would make do?” Stepping to his closet, she threw the doors open. “Lord, you have a shoe fetish or something?” Armada looked over her shoulder. “Let me guess, all man-made.”
“With the finest Italian leather and especially for me. Fabricating doesn’t…”
“I know, I know -- fabrication is not good enough for you.”
He covered her in a pair of white cotton pants. “You could do it if you concentrated with your vampire half.”
She continued to look at him. “You wish to teach me how to subjugate my demon side?”
Did he? Hell, Split had left her lacking in many ways, probably to keep her beholden to him and at his beck and call.
That could be his answer.
“What we did is against the law, and though I don’t give a damn about the council or their edicts, I won’t see you punished for my weakness.”
“You broke the law, not me.” He saw her head tilt. “Why didn’t you stop?”
“I was… irritated.”
Thankfully, he’d managed to keep his feelings from her during the throes of passion. “Let it go.” Allowing her to discover anything more than she already suspected would be stupid and senseless. However, she was right. He knew lodging his seed in her was wrong. Not so much because the council forbade it; Barringer found himself thinking about the resulting spawn, his offspring. Slayers would hunt the creature before it could gain strength and it would disappear as others had. Armada would bear the pain of losing something that grew in her, a living being. That brought to mind Split’s final words to him.
You hurt her, you die.

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