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Interview with Hans and Pietro from Savage Protector by Megan Slayer

Hans, what kind of job do you have?
I’m a protector. I keep people safe and weed out the dangerous ones. I specialize in shifters.
Hans, describe yourself in three words.
Hardass, Harrowing, Handsome
Hans, who is your love interest?
Pietro. I couldn’t have survived without him. I wanted to kill him at first, but he’s not so bad. (grin)
Tell us about your first kiss with Pietro.
Oh my. It was a dangerous situation. We’d been held captive and Pietro helped me find freedom…then he kissed me. It was like fireworks went off around me. I never wanted it to end.
List three things about Pietro that turn you on.
His blue eyes, his faith in me and that body. Damn.
Pietro, are you a top or bottom?
Pietro, how did you and Hans meet?
We were locked up together. Love and fate threw us a few shackles. (shrugs)
Hans do you have any pets?
Not yet, but we want to adopt at least one wolf—hopefully he’s not a shifter. There isn’t any room in the relationship for a third.
Who is your arch enemy?
The Captain. The bastard. He wanted me locked up.
Pietro, whipped cream or Marshmallow?
Whatever I can smear all over Hans works for me.
Hans, what's one thing about Pietro that pisses you off?
He has faith in me when I don’t have it in myself and he pushes me. The outcome is better, but I hate his pushing. Feels like nagging sometimes.
Pietro, what do you like to wear to bed?
Nothing. Who wears anything to bed?
Boxers or briefs?
Hans: Naked.
Pietro: Yep, commando all the way.
Would you share the blurb from your story?

Sometimes it takes a strong man to get the job done.

Who knew walking in the woods would lead to the adventure of his life? Not Hans. Being held captive by robbers isn't his idea of fun, but there's a silver lining in the form of a hunky wolf shifter. Hans is coming into his own and realizing the depths of his brawn, but things aren't what they seem. Can Hans sort out his feelings for the wolf and defeat the forces working to keep them from their happily ever after before time runs out?

How about an excerpt?

Hans’ mind worked overtime. He sat up, albeit shakily, and placed his hand on Pietro’s chest. A spark shot from his hand to his groin, then up to his heart. Yes, Pietro would be dangerous to him, but so hard to resist. And why was Pietro being so nice to him?

“Don’t worry about it. I didn’t plan my strategy.” Hans scooted away from Pietro. “I’ll figure it out.”

“Hans.” Pietro closed the gap between them. “I don’t deserve a second thought from you. I should’ve helped you before when I could. I’m sorry.” His shoulders sagged and he closed his eyes. “You have the books and the knowledge from the stuff your mom had you study. You have the brains and strength to beat them all. But that rat bastard gets off on seeing you in distress. He’s winning at this game. Don’t let him win.” He opened his eyes. “Use that big old heart and your brain, and you will destroy him.”

“What about you? Why are you telling me this?”

“I like you, Hans. More than I should. I know you figured me out. I came into this group because I thought I liked danger. What I liked was you.”

Liked him? Big old heart? Pietro had to be toying with him. “I won’t tell you when I’ll strike. You’ll use it against me.”

“I understand. You’re right, I could.” He sighed. “Trust must be earned. Starting today, I’m ready to earn yours.”

Uh-huh. Hans fell backwards onto the heap of blankets he called a bed. If there was going to be a fight, then he’d plan out precisely when he’d strike. If Pietro wanted to help, he could help when the shit hit the fan. No more allowing the filthy Captain to win. He’d make sure payback was a royal bitch.


He turned to face Pietro, who helped Hans out of his shirt. He smoothed one hand across Hans’ chest. He licked his bottom lip and dragged his teeth over the blood-engorged skin.

Hans had seen Pietro a thousand times, but never expected him to want anything more than awkward friendship. He shivered into Pietro’s touch. “What are you doing?”

Pietro popped the button on Hans’ jeans. “Attempting to help you recover.”

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Megan Slayer, aka Wendi Zwaduk, is a multi-published, award-winning author of more than one-hundred short stories and novels. She’s been writing since 2008 and published since 2009. Her stories range from the contemporary and paranormal to LGBTQ and BDSM themes. No matter what the length, her works are always hot, but with a lot of heart. She enjoys giving her characters a second chance at love, no matter what the form. She’s been the runner up in the Kink Category at Love Romances Café as well as nominated at the LRC for best author, best contemporary, best ménage and best anthology. Her books have made it to the bestseller lists on

When she’s not writing, Megan spends time with her husband and son as well as three dogs and three cats. She enjoys art, music and racing, but football is her sport of choice. Find out more about Megan and Wendi at:

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