Friday, November 03, 2017

TGIF Changeling - Jessica Coulter Smith, Gale Stanley, B.J. McCall, Anne Kane, Danni Price, Kate Steele

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Abbie and the Alien Official (Intergalactic Brides 14)
by Jessica Coulter Smith
Sale Price: $4.24

Abbie is strong, independent-and pregnant? What's her reluctant, sexy alien going to do about that?
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Cyclops (Watchdogs 1)
by Gale Stanley
Sale Price: $3.39

When Cyclops hooks up with a cop, the hitman becomes the target.
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2nd Edition Scavenger (Spaceport)
by B.J. McCall
Sale Price: $3.19

When he discovers the woman of his dreams is a thief, Davis must decide between love and duty.
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A Deliciously Bothersome Cyborg (Terras Five 3)
by Anne Kane

He wants her. She wants him. All they have to do is agree on some rules.
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2nd Edition Once Upon a Touch (Forever Wicked)
by Danni Price

Will Lady Charlotte find a man amongst scoundrels who will treat her as both a woman and an equal?
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Hoosier Werewolves Print Edition
by Kate Steele

For Ethan, Dustin and Nick, werewolves are all too real. The family tree is about to get furry.

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eBook: Hoosier Werewolves $5.99 ($1.99 Kindle Matchbook)

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Print Edition: Hoosier Werewolves at $10.95

Midnight Howl (Hoosier Werewolves 1) $3.99 -- $0.00 Kindle Unlimited

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