Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Updates to the Changeling Website

While the Changeling Press web site will remain up, our shopping cart and account logins will be off line for the next 24 hours while we institute new account security measures due to upcoming changes in Visa/Mastercard processing guidelines. There may be intermittent interruptions in the coming weeks as some additional systems are upgraded.

These changes should look familiar -- you’ll see them anywhere you shop on a web site where credit cards are accepted or where you use credit card or banking information -- including changing your password quarterly and minimum standards for password security.

Things you need to know -- per Visa/Mastercard regulations, all shopping carts will no longer work in out-of-date operating systems like Windows XP or very old Apple/Mac systems. These systems are simply no longer secure. These security restrictions may also affect your ability to shop online with older cell phones. The Visa/Mastercard deadline for these changes everywhere is June 2018.

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