Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Open Invitation -- Roosters!

Check out the newest additions to the Changeling Roosters series!
SnowFyer (Roosters 7)SnowFyer (Roosters 7)
by Marteeka Karland

$3.99 /Sale Price: $3.39
SnowFyer's lead singer meets his match in a fiery redhead. The only question? Which one is cockier?
Ride Em Cowboy (Roosters 8)Ride Em Cowboy (Roosters 8)
by Anne Kane

Sale Price: $3.39
Bikers don’t do forever, right? Her perfect match! So how did it all go so very wrong?
Raw Materials (Roosters 9)Raw Materials (Roosters 9)
by Echo Ishii

Sale Price: $3.39
When self-help guru Edward Vincent offers very personalized coaching, Graham finds he can’t resist....
With A Whie (Roosters 4)With A Whie (Roosters 4)
by Stephanie Burke

Two gamer geeks, one big problem... maybe love?
Badger (Roosters 5)Badger (Roosters 5)
by Harley Wylde and
Paige Warren

Ten years in prison for a crime I don't regret. Now I'm facing a different sentence... fatherhood.
Party Animal (Roosters 6)Party Animal (Roosters 6)
by Gale Stanley

Casey can get just about any man he wants, except for the one he wants the most.
Spotlight: Innocent and Sweet (Roosters 1)Spotlight: Innocent and Sweet (Roosters 1)
by Megan Slayer

Sale Price: $3.19
He’ll protect her body, but she’d rather give him her heart.
Ryker (Roosters 2)
Ryker (Roosters 2)
by Harley Wylde and
Jessica Coulter Smith

Was it all a setup? Or does Laken really want Ryker - even though he's the son of a rival MC?
Bastard's New Baby (Roosters 3)Bastard's New Baby (Roosters 3)
by Raisa Greywood

Siobhan fights dirty. And she's going to get very dirty when Jackson makes her his wife.

Authors: Does your contemporary hero have a bad attitude and a complete inability to follow the rules?

Pair him up with a kick ass heroine (Or hero - or two - or three -- whatever) and bring him to Changeling!

Rules -- there aren't many!
1) No politics
1) Have fun!

Submissions guidelines:
15K to 30K novella
Contemporary Erotic Romance

Send us your completed manuscript along with a cover letter telling us why we should fall in love with your bad-ass hero. We'll get back to you faster than a Gooney Bird... (Hmm, well, cargo planes weren't all that fast, but hey, we're reading as quick as we can.)

Full Submissions Guidelines available at


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