Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Open Invitation -- Roosters!

Bastard's New Baby (Roosters 3)
by Raisa Greywood
Sale Price: $3.39 Coming Soon

Jackson needs a wife. Siobhan needs a husband. Perfect match - except they can't stand one...

Ryker (Roosters 2)
by Jessica Coulter Smith and
Harley Wylde
Sale Price: $3.39 Coming Soon

Was it all a setup? Or does Laken really want Ryker - even though he's the son of a rival MC?

Innocent and Sweet (Roosters 1)
by Megan Slayer
Sale Price: $3.39 Coming Soon

He’ll protect her body, but she’d rather give him her heart.

Authors: Does your contemporary hero have a bad attitude and a complete inability to follow the rules?

Pair him up with a kick ass heroine (Or hero - or two - or three -- whatever) and bring him to Changeling!

Rules -- there aren't many!
1) No politics
1) Have fun!

Submissions guidelines:
15K to 30K novella
Contemporary Erotic Romance

Send us your completed manuscript along with a cover letter telling us why we should fall in love with your bad-ass hero. We'll get back to you faster than a Gooney Bird... (Hmm, well, cargo planes weren't all that fast, but hey, we're reading as quick as we can.)

Full Submissions Guidelines available at


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