Thursday, March 15, 2007

Final Installment of Diary of a Demon Hunter...

The last installment in the Diary of a Demon Hunter series is now available from Changeling Press! Woo-hoo!

Maggie Mortis goes after the demon king Abatu -- who plans to give "hell on Earth" a whole new definition. Maggie will risk everything to entrap the demon -- even the love of Raphael. It will be a battle that will either save her soul... or condemn it.

Publisher's Note: This title is part of a serial -- books which share a universe and are meant to be read in order.

“This one is nice,” said Raphael. He held up the magazine. The dress looked like something Cinderella would wear to the ball, all big and fluffy and diamond-speckled.

“You like that gown?” she asked as she took off her weapons.

“Don’t you?”

Maggie took off her boots then wiggled out of her demon-hunting suit. Still in her black lace bra and panties, she crawled onto the bed and snuggled next to Rafe. As she stroked the hard muscles of his stomach, she looked at the picture again then at her fiancĂ©. “If you like that frou-frou shit I guess I could wear it.”

Rafe’s blue eyes twinkled. “You must love me, Maggie, if you would even think about showing up to our wedding dressed in frou-frou shit.”

She lightly punched his shoulder. Then, feeling vulnerable and guilty and in love, she sat up and cupped his face. “I would do anything for you.”

His eyes went dark and he leaned forward to capture her lips. Electric heat raced through her, and she slid onto his lap. Pressing her sex against the lengthening bulge in his jeans, Maggie broke their kiss long enough to unclip her bra and throw it to the floor.

Rafe cupped her breasts, bringing one succulent peak to his mouth. He tugged the nipple between his teeth, flicking the aching tip with his tongue. Maggie moaned, her hands drifting down to stroke at the juncture where her pussy met his jean-clad hard-on.

Rafe seemed to be in a lazy lovemaking mood, which suited Maggie just fine. She wanted to relish every moment in case… well, in case nothing. He would forgive her. He would understand her reasons. Maybe he’d be pissed off for a while, but he wouldn’t leave her. And even if he did -- her breath caught in her throat—then he would be alive. That was the important thing. If he was walking around and breathing, wasn’t that worth sacrificing his trust?

I would do anything for you, Raphael.

Her heart kicked up a frantic beat, caught between the unfurling lust heating her inside out and the adrenaline-spiked guilt threatening to cool her ardor.

Goddamn it. As despair jabbed her, she pushed aside all her worries and focused on Rafe and on how he made her feel.

Right now, there would be only love.

She would think about all the rest tomorrow.




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