Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Cat Marsters

1. I've never done one of these before so I had to go and visit the Thursday Thirteen site to figure out what the hell it was about.

2. In nine days it will be my birthday. On Monday it will be my cousin's birthday, and she's nine years younger than me.

3. I have a new book out today that I wasn't expecting until Friday!

4. I think smock dresses make people look pregnant.

5. I still wish my hair was curly, even though I know it's way more work than I could ever be prepared to do.

6. I haven't brushed my hair for about three years, not counting ruby weddings or funerals.

7. There's a black and white cat who thinks he lives in our house, even though someone else has put a collar on him. We named him Jess after Postman Pat's cat.

8. I eat chocolate muffins for breakfast. They're low fat and used to be really nice, but recently they changed the recipe so they're not. Now I'm wondering how many Weight Watchers points there are in the proper ones.

9. I first went to Center Parcs when I was about three and have never lost the sense of childish wonder I had then. In fact, I'm going back next week all by myself.

10. I have never read Pride and Prejudice. Or any book by Jane Austen. Does this mean I'm not allowed to be a romantic novelist any more?

11. My favourite song in the whole world is Fall At Your Feet by Crowded House, and has been since I was about fourteen.

12. I still can't remember which button makes a space, which makes punctuation, and which cycles through options when I'm writing a text message, even though I've had my phone nearly a year.

13. Even though I got a B in maths I never actually learned my times tables.

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1 comment:

  1. LMAO! I told you not to feed that cat, that once you feed it, you own it. And now the thing has a name! It's yours now.

    Times tables are for people who don't have calculators.

    And I really, truly hate you for getting a 5 day break at Center Parcs! I wanna go baaaaack...