Saturday, November 17, 2007

Make Mine a Double (Yeah, baby, yeah!)

Rookery Cove Aphrodisiacs:
Make Mine a Double

Brim and Stone are dragons who were hatched on the island nearly a hundred years ago. Now, they live in the dark caverns below the factory, guarding the Heart, which is the very essence of Rookery Cove. As their first-century birthday approaches, Brim and Stone are experiencing the quickening. They desperately need a female to sexually facilitate their joining so they can complete their permanent transition.

Thanks to her overprotective male relations, Charlotte "Charli" Maguire's current love life is non-existent. She yearns to fulfill her fantasy: Hot sex with two men. Hah. She might as well wish to visit the moon. Then Charli wins a contest sponsored by Rookery Cove Aphrodisiacs: An all expense-paid vacation to Halifax, a tour of the factory, and $500 worth of sex aids.

During the tour, the guide takes her to the "fantasy room." Charli finds herself the sensual participant in a threesome with two gorgeous men. Forget the sex toys. Forget the nearest exit. These two hunks are better than any prize!


"The room I'm taking you to is very special. In fact, we like to think of it as the place where your deepest, darkest fantasy can come true."

With Charli's heart beating a sudden, rapid tattoo, she followed Elwyn through the dimly lit hallway. At some point the concrete floor gave away to the grit and bumps of natural stone. They walked up a short set of stairs carved into stone and through an arched doorway.  

Holy canole! The room was all black marble; the unrelenting dark was softened only by the recessed lighting in the ceiling. Charli noticed the huge, circular bed on the right. The glossy shine of black silk sheets caught her gaze. A dozen black pillows in all shapes and sizes filled the top part of the bed.  

"What's your fantasy?" asked Elwyn.

"Do I have to tell you?" She wandered away the magnificent room, her stomach squeezing in excitement. "This is an interesting place, all right."

"If you sit on the bed and make your wish," he said, walking to it and patting the covers, "you might get exactly what you want."

"So, this is a magic room? Oh, c'mon." Still her pulse raced at the very possibility. Maybe they had researched her and found out she wanted two men to make love to her. Yeah. God. What if they had? What if part of her prize package was trying out Rookery Cover's sex-tastic room o' fun? Charli gazed at the bed. Really, she should be thinking more clearly about this situation.

She was caught between doing the right (and boring) action or taking the risk -- the risk that Elwyn wasn't teasing her or that she wasn't crazy.

"So, if I sit in this room and think about my favorite sexual fantasy… I'll get it?" Her gaze flicked to his. "That's quite a leap of faith."

"That's the thing about faith," he said. "You always have to jump for it."

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