Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thursday Thrill! Nap Time...

What's going on with our hot hunk this week? I dunno. YOU tell ME! Post a funny, serious, sexy or all out outrageous caption and be entered to win an e-book download of your choice form Changeling Press. This week, since I was suck a slacker last week, I'll be choosing TWO winners. Yep! Two of you have a chance to win. So what are you waiting for? Get to posting!


  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    OH Baby, I so wish you were here.


  2. You crazy dog, you've got to stop licking me feet!

  3. Snarky1:44 PM

    (Cue dramatic entrance music...)

    The Noble Prince, after countless obstacles and harrowing near-death experiences, arrives at the boudoir of the enchanted, sleeping damsel, his Faithful Sidekick present as always.

    "Sweet, wondrous, Sleeping Beauty, my kiss shall set you free of..."

    Catching sight of the naked, ripped and absolutely gorgeous *man* sprawled in unconscious seduction on the bed, the Noble Prince stops short and does a double take.

    (cue the sound of a needle scratching across a record, halting the climactic "love at first sight" music)

    "Faithful Sidekick," asks the Noble Prince, "Are we in the wrong enchanted castle? I thought Sleeping Beauty was a woman?"

    Faithful Sidekick, whose faithfulness is becoming more and more questionable with each sidled step closer to the bed (not to mention the lustful leer on his pretty, youthful face), whines, "You always rescue the girl, but then you discard her and she wants me to 'console' her, but I don't LIKE girls." A small moue briefly curves Faithful Sidekick's mouth into a dissatisfied, yet still attractive, expression.

    Almost at the bed, within touching distance of all that dusky, velvet skin on display, Faithful Sidekick finishes, "This time, when you discard him, I'm going to get what *I* finally desire."

    With broad, manly strides, Noble Price reaches the bed just as Faithful Sidekick is about to pounce into it, regardless of lack of invitation from the bed's current (and still unsuspecting) occupant. Grabbing his Faithful Sidekick by the scruff of the neck, the Noble Price chastises, "Now, Faithful Sidekick, let's not be too hasty here."

    Casting an appreciative and lingering look on the recumbent form, Noble Prince's face takes on a thoughtful expression. Unused to seeing his Noble Prince use his brains and not his brawn (impressive as such brawn generally was), Faithful Sidekick was smitten anew by his unrequited love and lust for his Noble Prince.

    " don't you?" Faithful Sidekick asks, his voice soft and scared, yet hopeful at the same time.

    Gazing into Faithful Sidekick's tear-filled eyes, Noble Prince uses his free hand to smooth back a lock of errant hair and grazes the youth's cheek with his fingers.

    "How do I know I don't like boys until I've tried one?" the Noble Prince asks quietly, his eyes an open invitation to the young man captive in his embrace.

    A tremulous sigh sneaks from Faithful Sidekick's lips, ghosting over the Noble Prince's own as they touch in the sweetest, softest, most perfect kiss either has ever imagined.

    "My Prince?" questions Faithful Sidekick, still wrapped in the protective embrace of his best friend and hopefully soon-to-be lover, as he notices the Noble Prince's attention focus on the bed once more.

    "He won't wake up until someone kisses his lips," begins Noble Prince.

    Understanding dawns as Faithful Sidekick adds, "And it's a shame to let all that enchanted skin go to waste."

    Matching smiles wreath their faces as they disentangle from their hug and climb purposefully onto the bed together. Pulling a coin out of his pouch, Noble Prince flips it into the air and says, "Call it. Heads," he glances at Sleeping Beauty's handsome face, "Or tails," and his gaze zeros in on the barely covered nether region of their intended target.

    "Oh, tails, please." Faithful Sidekick attempts to sneak a look under the covers. "Please." He says again, knowing he'll enjoy whatever outcome of the coin toss falls his way.

  4. OOOohh... nothing beats Egyptian Cotton....

  5. Wanna take a sneak peak for desert or do you want to join me?