Friday, October 24, 2008

Mission: Touchdown by Mary Winter

Mission: Touchdown
by Mary Winter

Cover art by Karen Fox
ISBN (13): 978-1-59596-950-7
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Gay and Lesbian
Series: Live Action Hero
Length: Novella


Van’s torn between going back to law school to finish his degree or staying on as a partner in The Fantastic Five. He loves restoring old action figures, and the one he’s working on is special. He finishes the work, wishing the decision before him was as easy as the football games he used to play. When he’s awakened in the middle of the night, instead of the intruder he expected, he finds his action figure has come to life and brought with him a whole new set of complications.
Brice knows the key to Van’s decision lies inside him. All he has to do is follow his heart. But getting a lawyer to trust his emotions is about as easy as making first down on fourth and twenty. It’s a mission Brice will gladly accept. Because once the pass is completed, it’s an easy touchdown.


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.
Perched on a stool, a law book open on the table beside him, Van rummaged through the plastic container holding the civilian action figure clothes. Frankly, he had no idea why the hell he was back here, except he’d helped his buddies get legal papers for their lovers and he wanted in on the action too. Van snorted. He had other things to think about, like whether he could return to college and continue working for The Fantastic Five. Whether his friends would think he’d deserted them, if he couldn’t do both things and chose college over them.
He found and discarded at least four pairs of khaki pants. Didn’t anyone make jeans that fit the larger twelve-inch action figures? He might have to scour the online auction sites again to rebuild their stock. Apparently, his friends’ lovers were repairing action figures at a record pace. Probably hoping to bring more of their friends back to life.
A flash of yellow spandex at the bottom of the box caught his attention. Pulling out the pants, he realized they were part of a football uniform. Hey, now that might have possibilities. Looking at the broken brown-haired figure on the bench beside him, he could easily see the toy in a sports uniform. Van dug a bit deeper in the box and came up with a set of shoulder pads and a uniform shirt.
“Guess you’re going to be a football player,” Van said, laughing at the fact that he spoke to the plastic man. Even if he came alive -- and from where Van sat that was a huge if -- he had too many things going on to add a lover to the mix. Though it sure would be nice to feel a man’s touch, if he wanted that, he could go to any number of college bars in town. Surely some young law student would want a bit of tutoring and could come up with payment. Van grinned as he grabbed a second bin full of accessories. If he went back to college, maybe he’d have a love life.
He lifted a football and helmet from the bin, finding a pair of hip pads shortly thereafter. A pair of cleats from the plastic box holding shoes, and the guy’s uniform would be complete.
It’d be nice to wear a uniform again.
Van shook his head. That voice wasn’t his. It sounded different, like opposing counsel standing across the room talking to him during a trial. He closed his eyes and pressed his fingers to his temples. Too much thinking, not enough action. Maybe he should just get out of here and go do something.
He stared at the football outfit sitting on the bench next to him. Even though the figure was obviously broken, he dressed it, careful to keep the body from falling into its two pieces. He slid the helmet over the toy’s brown hair. There, nearly perfect.
This figure needed this uniform.
Van had no idea how he knew that, or where the thought had come from. Looking at the toy, dressed in the white and gold football uniform, Van knew that this figure had been built for this role. Too bad they didn’t have any use for it in their campaign, but they were a comic shop, not a sports collectible one. And besides, Hugh had Talon, who seemed destined to become The Fantastic Five’s exclusive model.
“Now if you were real, I could totally handle that.” Van grinned, already imagining the figure brought to life, shirtless, his hip pads poking up from beneath his spandex pants. Van would kneel between the man’s spread thighs, tracing the contours of his abs and obliques. The drawstring tantalized him, inviting Van to tug it and open the pants. Rising onto his knees, he’d trace the man’s jaw, then draw his head down to his.
Van’s cock hardened with the thought. He bit back a groan thinking about the tangle of tongues and the stroke of fingers against flesh. A tug at the drawstring, unhooking the pads, and an adjustment of sports equipment, and he could cup the man’s cock in his hands. He’d palm it, stroking him from base to tip, then back again, pausing only to capture the bead of moisture emerging from the tip.
Somehow they’d manage to stand, and stumble, kissing and groping, to the shower. There, they’d take turns soaping each other, paying attention to the bruises and sore muscles a full-contact game like football could leave behind. Then, in the empty locker room, he’d drop to his knees and take the man’s cock into his mouth.
Van’s breath shuddered. The salty taste of the man’s pre-come would fill his mouth, just like his balls would provide a nice handful. Reaching behind them, Van would tease the sensitive skin until the man moaned, the sound echoing with the running water in the empty shower room.
Yeah, that’d be nice.
The voice startled Van out of his reverie. Damn, he must really be losing it if he was hearing things.

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