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Dragon's Song: The Dragon's Queen by Cameo Brown

Dragon's Song: The Dragon's Queen
by Cameo Brown

cover art by Reneé George
ISBN (13): 978-1-60521-088-9
Genre(s): Fantasy
Theme(s): Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures
Series: Dragon's Song
Length: Novella

Emerson, who edits dragon fantasy when she’s not looking for the perfect mate in New York City, wants a man who can dominate her and fulfill her every fantasy. Unfortunately, that man is a dragon who wants nothing more than to complete his mission and leave the godforsaken city in the future where it belongs.
Mojogan, a warrior dragon, comes through the time portal intent on not letting anything, or anyone, stand in the way of finding his lost niece. He doesn’t expect to find a sexy human woman who craves domination and responds so eagerly to his demands, and he certainly doesn’t expect to yearn for her submission.
He’s determined to keep the dragon secret safe, and she’s determined to protect her heart. Only when they give in to their passion will they discover the key to fulfilling the prophecy that will ultimately decide the fate of the Dragon Kind.


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Her essence invaded his soul the moment he passed through the portal, and he fell to his knees. The need to mate overwhelmed his instincts. His cock throbbed, the pulse of life lifting it against the hot flesh of his stomach.
Mojogan crawled away from the red and gold banner bouncing against the window of the Chinese food-serving place, barely conscious of his urban surroundings. All he knew was he hated the city, any city, whether from his time or this one. He didn’t want to die here. He didn’t even want to be here, but duty called.
He neared madness. Mojogan collapsed on the hard concrete and stroked himself, seeking relief from the desperate need to come. Something more powerful than he’d ever faced assaulted his senses. His fingers did nothing to alleviate the burning desire flowing through his limbs and wreaking havoc on his faculties.
Giving up, he rolled over and pulled himself off the main thoroughfare. Huge waste containers dotted the narrow passage, its darkness punctuated every so often by a light strung here and there, offering comfortable camouflage. Mojogan leaned against the cold brick façade of the feeding place and gulped for air, his muddled thoughts racing. Perhaps a virulent plague now threatened the Time After.
He’d crossed through the portal before, a number of times, but never with such results as this. Images of Isyndre drifted into the haze, and his heart flip-flopped. He had to find her, to bring her back to the dragonkind alive and well. He shuddered at the idea of such a young dragonling facing the ravages of this virus, or whatever it was. He had an understanding of the workings of nature; she had none.
If the virus was fatal, he hoped she would at least die quickly and before any mature human could take advantage of her condition. There were those in this time who would do so, and this knowledge fed the acid already churning in his stomach. With all his strength, he slammed his fist into the pavement and bellowed, though it came out only as a determined rasp. By the gods, he would find Isyndre, dead or alive, and get her back where she belonged. Where he belonged.
His groin ached. Isyndre faded into a dusky twilight as the feral need enveloped him once again and he struggled to stand.
“Oh yeah, suck me off.” A man’s gruff voice interrupted Mojogan’s efforts.
A muffled, feminine voice and the fragrance of human desire drew his attention. Mojogan stumbled forward, using the wall and waste containers for support. On the far side of the second filthy receptacle, he could just make out a short, muscular man, pants around his ankles, his back against the grimy wall. A woman on her knees worked on the man’s cock, licking it and sucking at it as if she couldn’t get enough.
His hands yanked at her black hair, and she tightened her grip on his pale ass, taking him deep into her mouth. “Let me fuck your mouth, baby,” the man gasped, pulling the silky strands and thrusting himself into her.
Mojogan watched, dazed, the cool evening air drying the sweat on his skin and sending a chill down his spine. The man stiffened and yelled and the woman expertly twisted and bounced along with him, never breaking their connection as he rode out his orgasm, his hips grinding into her face.
Seconds later they both relaxed, and his flaccid cock plopped from her lips. He pulled up his pants and slid to the ground, laughing. She crawled into his lap and settled there. The pungent smell of sex tickled Mojogan’s nose and he inhaled as if it were oxygen. They still didn’t realize he watched them.
“Your turn, princess. You want me to suck it, fuck it, or lick it?”
The woman giggled. “Just get me off,” she cooed, and Mojogan’s prick nearly exploded.
Unable to resist his desire any longer, he stepped forward, unsteady, and spoke. “Please.”
The couple screamed in perfect sync. The woman scrambled to stand, but the man held her to him in a protective grip, his terrified gaze meeting Mojogan’s. “Leave us alone, dude. We don’t have any money and this get together is by invite only, understand? Beat it, weirdo.” The quiver in his voice belied his bravado.
Mojogan nodded and tried to turn away, but faltered. He stopped to catch his breath and glanced at the woman. Her wide eyes gave her an innocent appearance one wouldn’t expect from someone who’d just given a male oral pleasure in the middle of a public place, albeit a secluded one. The man glared at him, eyeing him up and down. Suddenly, his expression changed, his slanted eyes growing as wide as his lover’s.
As Mojogan watched, both of their gazes drifted to his erection, and he noticed the scent of the woman’s excitement increased. She licked her lips and a small smile tugged at the corners of her mouth.
From the way she shifted in her lover’s lap, the man must have responded to the sight of Mojogan’s prick dripping in front of them too. In his time, Mojogan had his pick of women or men. He hoped his charms, or at least the size of his cock, had some value here. The man cleared his throat and whispered in the girl’s ear. She nodded at him and grinned at Mojogan.
“I’m Joe and this is Molly. Consider this an invitation.”

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