Thursday, January 21, 2010

FW: Haitian Relief Effort

From the owner of Changeling Press—

I can't open the news without feeling the weight of this week's tragedies. I know many of you all feel the same. The two biggest needs relief organizations have in an emergency like this are always cash and blood.

Together, Changeling readers can help with the financial costs. For every book you buy between now and the end of the month using the "Haitian Relief Effort" discount code, Changeling will donate 5% of your purchase to the American Red Cross.

I don't know if anyone's every tried to organize an Internet blood drive, but why not? US residents can find out how to donate blood in your local area by going to -- the American Red Cross web site to locate local donation locations. This is not an "Official" Changeling sponsored event -- due to the adult nature of our business, we can't even post an official link on our website. We don't care. It's just something that those of us who have the ability need to do.

Margaret Riley
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