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Chocolate Bliss by Selena Illyria

Chocolate Bliss

by Selena Illyria
cover art by Marteeka Karland
ISBN: 978-1-60521-401-6
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Interracial, Ménage, Vampires, Magic and Mayhem
Series: Sex and Chocolate
Length: Novella

All Connor wanted was for his significant other Roxi to relax. Opening her new café has been stressing her out. So to help her unwind he concocts his special Bliss Out Hot Chocolate. Only it doesn't go quite as planned.

Roxi's not relaxed at all. The seal containing her succubus nature is deteriorating and the hunger for sex is wearing down her self-control. Connor calls on his best friend, an incubus, for help.
This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

After five years as both vampire and succubus, Roxi was still fighting with her succubus nature. The sexual desires running through her body were stronger than her need for blood. One night, nearly a year ago, during a feeding, she'd lost control and killed someone.

Roxi hadn't even realized what she'd done until the next evening after she had risen. Sheer terror and fear had gripped her as she'd rolled over to find her lover cold, his brown eyes lifeless. A sickening smile had curled on his lips as if he'd gone into eternity happy. She'd scrambled out of bed, far away from the horror, and thrown up. Her body shook as she'd curled into a ball. Roxi'd held her knees and cried until nothing had existed beyond the numbness that had settled upon her.

Everything that made sense in her world was gone. Days, hours and minutes went by. How long she'd been curled up in a ball, she didn't know. Tobias had found her. He'd cleaned up her mess, but the lingering loss of her lover hung on her shoulders.

For the past year, she'd struggled to get the memory of waking up to his dead body out of her head. Tobias had tried to teach her control. His efforts had failed. Her succubus nature was too strong. Just the thought of sex, even a small bit of lust, caused the beast to rise within. The desire would take over. She would black out and find her current lover passed out, his life hanging on by a thread, and yet again Tobias would have to clean up her mess.

Tired of losing control, she'd sought out the advice of a witch who told about the sealing ceremony. "The magicks involved are volatile and dangerous. You could die," the witch had warned her.

"I don't care. Just make it happen." Guilt, fear, anger and desperation had driven her to this point. She wanted either to die or have the monster inside of her sealed away if it couldn't be killed. Roxi felt as if the hungers were trying to claw their way out of her. Every second that went by, a little more of her control eroded away. The arousal extended thin fingers, tracing light touches up and down her spine. It lit nerve endings on fire and caused her pussy to contract. Her clit ached for a touch, anything to ease the need.

The world was a swirl of heat and desire. She swallowed and tried to push it all down. The power only shoved right back. Roxi stumbled backward and gasped as the energy surged upward. It stole her breath and sent her head spinning. She tried to breathe through the heat that was consuming her. A hand settled on her shoulder. Roxi looked up to find herself staring into calm, steady, golden eyes. Rough fingertips trailed over her cheek. She turned into the touch. Her lips connected with his palm. Without hesitation she kissed the soft skin and sighed. The desire simmered in her veins, but for the first time since her changing, she could control it.

Roxi closed her eyes and kissed his hand again. She inhaled his scent, a mixture of musk edged with something wild and chaotic. The effects of his cologne rushed through her. It sparked fires within her. Her succubus nature didn't rise. Instead, it lay content at this man's feet. He pulled his hand away. For a moment the need came roaring back, out of control. Then it was pushed away when he cupped her chin, leaned forward and kissed her.

The first touch of his mouth was tentative, hesitant. When she didn't push him away, the kiss became more. She heard his heartbeat in her head. The sweet and salty tastes of blood rolled around her mouth. Roxi hungered for him to sink deep inside of her until they were one. A thirst for his blood rose up so strong that she bit him. Instead of moving away from her, he groaned. She felt his arms wrap around her. He pulled her close. When their hips touched, she felt his erection pressing against her stomach. Her pussy contracted. Desire dampened her panties. She wanted to feel every inch of him inside of her, fucking her hard.

Roxi broke the kiss. Her breath came out in soft pants as desire threatened to tug under its riptide. She looked up at him. Although her gaze was pulled toward his golden eyes, she studied his features fully from his high brow, to his sculpted cheekbones, aquiline nose and sensual lips. What shocked her most were the scars that slashed through his cheek and dragged the left side of his mouth down.

She reached up and traced the fine lines lightly.

He grabbed her wrist. The world stopped. Fear that she had done something wrong caused her to look away.

"It's okay. The wounds still hurt, that's all. Besides, I'd rather have your nails tearing up my back." He smiled. Heat flushed her cheeks as she imagined their legs tangled with one another as their bodies moved together, trying to reach climax. "I'm Connor, by the way, reformed warlock."

He gave her a kiss which made her smile against his mouth. She kissed him back. Roxi lifted her hand and threaded her fingers through his hair. The silken strands trailed against her palm and sent pleasure up her arm. He rocked his hips against hers, and she moaned and grabbed a handful of hair. Roxi pulled back to look up at him. "Don't start something you can't finish."

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