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Seducing Gracie by Cameo Brown (Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Dark Desire)

Seducing Gracie by Cameo  Brown

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Seducing Gracie

by Cameo Brown
cover art by Karen Fox
ISBN: 978-1-60521-348-4
Genre(s): Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Theme(s): Dark Desire
Length: Novella

Book Summary NYC detective Gracie Usher sets out to find a lost child and ends up in the arms of a demon whose bloodlust can only be satisfied by a sacrifice every five years -- or by a woman whose desire is as insatiable as his.
When Detective Usher stumbles into Wayland, New York, looking for a prominent business owner's young daughter, she finds instead a horrible beast who wants not only her blood, but her soul. Giving in to his desire would be much easier if she were a mere mortal, but Gracie's a different kind of human. Logic is her best friend and leading with her head, not her heart, is what she does best, at least until she meets a demon who decides he won't be complete until he makes her his... for eternity.

Seducing Gracie
Cameo Brown
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2010 Cameo Brown

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Gracie liked having Kevin as a fuckbuddy, and during their time together he'd improved considerably in how he used his God-given talents. She'd miss the sex and the time she'd invested in training him, which couldn't be recouped. However, it was obvious to her he belonged with Esther, whether he realized it or not. She'd never stand in the way of their true -- whatever it was they shared.
Any woman who'd put up with his sloppy technique for two years must love him desperately, and Kevin loved her in return. Gracie had known it from the moment they met at the bar and Kevin told her up front he was playing the field, trying to decide.
She often wondered if he'd chosen her because she and Esther were human antonyms -- her long blonde hair and dark blue eyes a distinct contrast to Esther's short curly do and brown ones. She wondered about everything, curiosity being her best friend for as long as she could remember. Kevin, to her knowledge, was only curious about one thing, and it didn't take a genius to figure that out.
"I know I told you we were on a break cuz I couldn't figure out what I wanted, but lots of chicks would, you know, get mad I want to go back with my ex. Specially after all the fuckin' we been doin'." Kevin's voice dropped an octave and his re-energized cock poked her leg. "After the wedding on Saturday, we can't be screwin' like monkeys no more. You wanna go another round, like a one-for-the-road type thing?"
Gracie's pussy twitched and her logic kicked in. How long before she might get laid again? It could be weeks or months. Better to do doubles even though second orgasms so soon after the first usually weren't as intense? Or better to savor the afterglow of the first climax and take her chances on the horny male population in the great state of New York?
She lay there, calculating, until Kevin wisely positioned himself on his back and his magnificent erection bounced into view. Oooh. Aaaah. She grasped its slickness and made her decision. After all, a cock in the hand is worth two waiting in a bar somewhere on 57th. Gracie straddled his hips and rubbed the tip of his cock against --
Beep! Her cell's generic ringtone pleaded for her attention. Gracie bit her lip, hovering above the most inviting, thick... Beep! Shit. It had to be Patrick, and, thus, the precinct. She straightened, preparing a dismount that would make Béla Károlyi proud.
"Don't answer it, Gracie." Kevin grunted, grabbing her ass and lifting his hips until the tip of his engorged cock...
Yeah, yeah, you got it, bebeee! Yeah, yeah, let's let it happeeeen... Kevin's ringtone blared from his jeans' pocket, mixing with Gracie's to create a cacophony of technogark frightening enough to scare the devil himself. Kevin's expression changed from lustful to horrified in an instant. "Esther," he mouthed, as if his fiancée might hear him all the way over in the Bronx. Frantic, he nearly knocked Gracie off the bed to get to the miniature radio station broadcasting from his pocket.
"Don't answer it, Gracie," she mimicked in a falsetto voice, making a face as he flipped his cell open and gasped into the mic.
"Hey, baby, I'm missin' you so much. What's up, honeypot?"
Shaking her head, Gracie crawled across the bed toward the bedside table, ignoring Kevin's hand signals to silence the annoying beeping beast more quickly.
"That beep? What beep? I don't hear no beep, baby. It's probably your phone," he lied, then held the phone away from his face and whispered furiously, "Don't that thing go to goddamn voicemail?"
"Never," Gracie mouthed back, waving him off with her middle finger and pressing the call button on her phone with the other. He grabbed his jeans and T-shirt and headed to the bathroom. She glared after him. So much for one for the road.
"What do you want?" Gracie snapped at the unlucky caller on the other end. It might be a long time until she got laid again, and if her needs weren't met, her libido got in the way of her focusing on the job. Logic dictated she get enough sex or it could affect her job performance, and Gracie was all about logic. Except for now.
Hearty laughter greeted her on the other end of the line and the insane urge to kick her partner's ass fought with rational thought for control of her faculties. Rational thought won, as usual, but barely. "I interrupt an interlude, did I, Detective Usher?" Patrick's cheerful voice only darkened her mood.
"This better be good. He's a construction worker, and I was just about to set his two-by-four into place, if you know what I mean."
"Were you going to clean his petcock, too?" Patrick baited. Gracie shook her head. After five years of being her partner, he still sucked at classifying her lovers.
"That's a plumber, idiot."
"Sorry. Get all those handymen mixed up," he jibed. A loud bark exploded in the background and suddenly he went somber on her. "Look, Gracie, I think you need to get down here. Something big is happening. Don't know what, but if Fields is here, then he doesn't want you on whatever case it is. Which means it's important."
Gracie winced. Shit. Commissioner Fields had hated her ever since she refused to fuck him in the den of a house owned by a government official who spent more money on floral arrangements than she made in a year -- and during a holiday party no less. He'd tried to get rid of her several times since, but her ability to solve cases over the years had impressed the right people.
Her skill meant good PR for the department, and good PR outranked a philandering, drunken bastard police commissioner any day. Unfortunately, his low self-esteem allowed him to wrongly assume she slept with everyone else in the precinct, probably the city, and he chose to take her rebuke of him as if he were the only man in America she hadn't taken a tumble with. Her insistence that she rejected most guys on the basis they were losers like him only pissed him off even more. Rats.
"Thanks, Rick. Be there in twenty," she said, already on her way to kick Kevin out of the shower. Or maybe not. Perhaps a quickie on the bathroom floor? Tempting, but her intuition told her she needed to get downtown as soon as humanly possible. Loud bickering filtered over the line and the strained edge in Rick's voice confirmed her suspicions.
"Better make it ten, Gracie. It doesn't look good."

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