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PROMO ADULT Excerpt: Alpha Colony-- Unwanted Desire by Aubrey Ross (Paranormal, AA, BDSM, Shapeshifters)

Alpha Colony: Unwanted Desire by Aubrey  Ross

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Alpha Colony: Unwanted Desire

by Aubrey Ross
cover art by Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-60521-352-1
Genre(s): Paranormal, Action/Adventure, BDSM
Theme(s): Shapeshifters
Series: Alpha Colony
Length: Novella
Book Summary
When Barbary Pride lions are blamed for the brutal murder of a she-wolf-shifter, animosity flares and tempers ignite. In a moment of desperation, the victim's mate kidnaps Jizette and threatens to return her, one piece at a time, until the murderer is turned over to Timberline pack.
Kage is afraid his grief-stricken friend will follow through with his grisly threat, so he hides the terrified cat, giving her pride time to investigate the murder. Jizette isn't sure what to think of her rescuer. He's gruff and aggressive, and stirs feelings she doesn't want to feel. Interspecies couples are shunned. Forbidden. Yet, the flash of his eyes, and the press of his muscular body, make her burn as never before.
To protect her, Kage must take her beyond the walls of Alpha Colony, and expose her to a world she's never experienced before. His rash plan might incinerate the sheltered beauty, or free her to become more than she ever dreamed possible.

Alpha Colony: Unwanted Desire
Aubrey Ross
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2010 Aubrey Ross

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"Halt! Who are you and what's your business in our village?" Duff, the younger of the two Barbary pride sentinels, moved to the edge of the shelter as Amara emerged from the surrounding trees.
Moonlight revealed the purity of his features and a subtle sway in his stance. Good. He was just about ready for her.
She held up both hands and smiled. "I'm unarmed, and I have no interest in the village." She tossed back her hair and licked her lips. Nudity was far less common in the village than in the mountain and forest communities. The cool night air had hardened her nipples, and young Duff was having one hell of a time keeping his gaze on her face. "I came to see you."
"We're on duty, miss." River stepped forward, putting himself between her and Duff. "You'll have to continue this once Duff has finished his rotation."
She brushed her hands down her sides, skimming the outer curve of her breasts as she smiled into River's dark eyes. "I came to cause trouble, and I was hoping both of you would be willing to help me."
"What sort of trouble?" Duff shoved River aside and pulled her into the shelter's relative privacy.
Senauta root freed inhibitions and made the mind susceptible to suggestion. She'd slipped it into their drinking water while they performed their last perimeter sweep. The extract appeared to be working better on Duff than River. Or Duff's youth and inexperience was simply making him easier to corrupt.
She chose her words carefully, not wanting anything she said to make them complicate her mission. "I recently found out that my mate is mounting other females. Not just one, mind you. He pokes his cock into any female who will hold still long enough."
"So you thought you'd repay him in kind?" River's voice took on a dark, smoky quality that made Amara tingle. That was more like it.
"Can you think of a better way to illustrate my disapproval than to crawl into bed beside him reeking of other men?"
"What will keep him from coming after us?" Duff held his ground, but his eyes were wide and luminous.
"He can't identify breed by smell," she assured him, "and we live way up in the hills. Why do you think I came all the way down here to misbehave?"
"This can't take all night," River warned. "Our team leader will turn us in without a second thought if he catches us at this."
"Fine by me." Ulli was the only sentinel who could positively identify her. She had no intention of running into the cantankerous team leader. Shifting position, she made her breasts sway. River was obviously a breast man. The slightest movement drew his gaze like a magnet. "I have only one condition."
River snorted and folded his arms across his chest. He was taller and more muscular than Duff, probably quite a few years older. "Why are there always conditions?"
"You have to come in this." She held up a container by the long leather laces connected to its cap. Though fairly small, the vial's mouth was wide, then graduated, like a built-in funnel. "As I said, we live way up in the hills. I want to make sure I still reek of sex by the time he gets home."
"You are one twisted fuck." River shook his head, but reached for her shoulders. "If she wants this fast and dirty, Duff, we better get to work."
Amara sank to her knees in front of River. Duff knelt behind her and moved her legs farther apart. Despite his apparent youth, Duff obviously knew how to mount a female. She placed the vial within easy reach of the men. Collecting their cum was the purpose for this mission, and she would not let them forget.

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