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Full Moon Rising by Lia Connor

Full Moon Rising by Lia  Connor

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Full Moon Rising

by Lia ConnorCover art: Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-59596-255-3
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Interracial, Ménage, Werewolves, BBW
Series: The Pack

Dashika McMartin never expected running a Pack would be an easy proposition. Even with her two mates, Adam and Jake, by her side, she was aware there would be problems. She'd just never counted on a difficulty like Amber.

Amber, who's grown strong enough in her power to walk as a human underneath the full moon. Amber, with a lust medicine that drives men wild. Dashika has no choice but to cast her out of the Pack before they all lose their minds.

Thing is, that's just fine with Amber. She's headed to Las Vegas where she can ply her magic for good, not evil. She'll be a Lone Wolf, but she can handle that. She's a big girl.

Once again, though, life hands our heroine what she least expects. Two werewolf men of her own, who are bent on mating with Amber. Can Amber face up to the challenge of two dominants, one of whom possesses the same magic she does?

Come on, come on, come and get some…
Full Moon Rising
Lia Connor
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2006 Lia Connor

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Out in the desert, a wolf galloped underneath a bright full moon.

Sand shifted beneath his massive paws. It would have sent a lesser creature skittering down like a clumsy puppy, but not Rashaun Proud Foot. Half as tall as a human male, but far more powerful, he ran as if he had been born to race over the rise and fall of the Nevada ground. He yipped a laugh. Native to this barren plain? Not him! But it was where he belonged. He felt right there.

Rashaun lifted his muzzle and howled. The night was a gloriously bold one, and it all belonged to him. Yipping in delight, he took off across a rolling set of shallow hillocks, chasing Brother Snake. He was too clever to be caught, Rashaun was, and he didn’t fear the venom. The slithering thing would make a great entertainment!

God, he loved danger. The way it felt when he dipped his paws into waters he shouldn’t dampen his fur with. Every forbidden fruit was sweeter just because someone had, once upon a time, said “no”. If that person offered the fragrant apple to Rashaun? Rashaun said “yes!” and bit deep with his sharp white teeth.

The pack that had cast him out? Screw them. He was too much Alpha for them to handle. Let them send him away to a place where no wolves should exist, to chase after the lizards and basking sun-creatures for his food during the Moon Times.

Rashaun casually stopped in his chase, letting Snake slither away. It seemed glad to go, disappearing behind a scraggly cactus. Even the angry rattler had known what chased him wasn’t worth putting up a fight over. No one stood up to Rashaun!

Stretching out every strong, bulky muscle in his wolf’s body, Rashaun lifted his legs one after another, then planted them in the sand. He raised his muzzle to the moon and howled again just for the pleasure of hearing the noise echo across the low dunes.

Then, easily as breathing, he shifted back into the form of a mortal man. Dark as espresso chocolate, and he looked twice as sweet, he knew. His hair had been carefully braided into dozens of tiny plaits, each one tipped with a bead of bone. He was naked, just like always after the Change, but who cared? Not him. He could always shower off the sand when he got back to his small apartment. Rolling his head in the sand, he grinned sharply. Life had dealt him a great hand, and he played each card to the fullest.

Life was so much better now that he was his own master.

They had thought they could get rid of him, those of the Texas pack? A lot they knew! He’d been the one to say goodbye to them, turning up his tail. He was beta to no one. Better to be Lone than to bow his head to another. For one who possessed the power of the Heat, there was no scraping in obedience. Rashaun was Master of the Lust Spirits, and an Alpha among the wolves. No one was his equal -- that he had yet to meet, anyway. And so, he led a solitary existence. Mostly.

Rashaun rubbed his cheeks thoughtfully, feeling the slight bristle that told him he’d need to shave. Has to look his best. He had company on the way.

See, he told himself, Lone or not, a man can’t go the rest of his life without a little company. He got bored. There were times when even a solitary Alpha wanted a Lupa. Even Rashaun. And if what the winds were telling him was right…

He chuckled, amused at the luck of his draw. Fortunately for him, the lady he’d been looking for all his life was coming right his way. A woman of fire and passion. Someone who held many of the same powers as he did, and bested him in dozens of others. Oh, but they’d have a grand fight out on the barren sands. He licked his lips, eagerly anticipating the battle of tooth and paw, and then the sweeter taste of her pussy when she understood him better.

Did he fear the woman? Yes. Did he need her? Against his better wishes, he did. Did he want her? With all his might!

Lucky, lucky him. He’d thought he would be Lone all his life, and he’d looked forward to it until the magics had told him she’d be on her way. Soon.

Now, all he had to do was make himself ready…

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