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Long Time Coming by Emma Ray Garrett

Long Time Coming by Emma Ray Garrett
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Long Time Coming

by Emma Ray GarrettCover art: Reneé George
ISBN: 978-1-60521-469-6
Genre(s): Paranormal, Sci-Fi
Theme(s): Ménage, Bisexual and More
Length: Novella

Genre: Paranormal, Guilty Pleasures
Themes: Ménage, Bisexual and More

Sleeping with your partner and the hired help probably isn't the best idea. Right?
Henley Marks wants nothing more than some personal time with her business partner, Will Atkins, and their inside man, a Felix named Link. However, if her PI business is going to continue turning a profit, sleeping with her partner and the hired help probably isn't the best idea.
Will and Link have had about as much sexual frustration as they can handle. Both men want Henley in their bed more than their next breaths. And they have a plan to get her there.
But when the two men Henley is hot for finally get her between a rock and a hard place, will the outcome be worth its long time coming? Or will it ruin everything the three of them have built?
How about a fabulous ménage excerpt?
 “This could go so bad.” Henley turned her head, watching as Will settled beside her.
“But it could be so good. And I, for one, think the benefit outweighs the risk.” Link scootched closer and lifted his hand above the vee of her silk blouse.
Will’s breath tickled her ear and Henley shivered, her eyelids fluttering, her stomach flip-flopping with desire.
“Damn, I hope I survive this.” Henley sighed the words, but both men heard her loud and clear.
“Thank God.” Will leaned over her, his pine and earth colored eyes filling her vision.
Link purred and Henley felt the tip of his claw brush against her chest, just above her blouse. She felt him hook the material against the razor-sharp edge and the sound of cloth rending never sounded so erotic.
“No bra? Fuck, Henley.”
Link’s aroused groan danced over the newly exposed, and tightly budded, nipple of her left breast. She shuddered, but couldn’t look away from the swirling hunger in Will’s eyes. “Kiss me.” She lifted her hand to the back of his neck and pulled his mouth to hers.
The first touch of his mouth was fireworks, cotton candy, Christmas morning, everything fabulous Henley could imagine. Will’s lips were warm and firm, not too full or too thin. His skin was soft, the muscles shifting under her caress when she tugged with purpose, wanting more of his mouth, more of his lips, just more.
She felt Link shift beside her and then her dress slacks and panties were jerked from her body. She gasped against Will’s mouth, her lips parting, and his tongue slipped inside, confident, knowing. Henley moaned as she moved to wrap more of her arms around Will’s body, his strong shoulders bunching beneath against her grasp.
“You’re as beautiful as I knew you’d be.” Link’s voice deepened, the sound low and dark.
Henley moaned again when she felt the first brush of the Felix’s skin against her own. His large hands encircled her ankles then slid upward. He teased the backs of her knees as he passed them, then applied gentle pressure against her inner thighs, asking without words for Henley to let him closer to the pulsing, wet, wanting core of her body.
Will’s mouth slipped from hers as he sat back to take in her bared form. She let him go, allowing her arms to fall to the bed above her head. She felt each man’s gaze as a caress, their intense stares stroking over the full mounds of her breasts, down her torso. Neither of them seemed turned off by the gentle swell of her tummy or the plump flesh of her full ass. She knew the moment their gazes touched on the smooth, hairless skin of her mons.
Henley moaned and spread her thighs a bit more and shivered at the animalistic growl that spilled from Link. Will groaned as he grazed his index finger along the slick, swollen lips of her sex. His touch searched for the heart of her and when the tip of his finger pressed into her body, Henley cried out and Will uttered a harsh, primal epithet.
“Fuck. Link, she’s tight. So tight my finger’s stretching her pussy. And she’s so fucking wet.” Will stroked deeper.
“God.” Henley’s head spun. She’d never heard such frank sexual things from a lover. Will’s words only served to make her even hotter, wetter.
He added a second finger, burrowing those long, strong fingers deep between her legs. It felt so good.

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