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Beautiful Music: Finding the Chords by Faith Talbot

Beautiful Music: Finding the Chords

by Faith Talbot
Cover art: Marteeka Karland
ISBN: 978-1-60521-635-5
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Ménage, Bisexual and More, Cougar
Series: Beautiful Music
Length: Novella
Page Count: 81

Finding the right balance is as important in life as it is in music. Kayla, Jason, and Erik have settled into Kayla's suburban Chicago home. But just moving in together hasn't solved all the problems of their complex threesome. While they work to iron out the wrinkles in their new status quo, Jason faces health issues that could sideline his career as a singer, while Kayla struggles to balance herself emotionally between her two very different lovers.
Beautiful Music: Finding the Chords
Faith Talbot
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2011 Faith Talbot

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Jason had never stayed in a hotel in Indianapolis. Having lived there most of his life, he'd never had the need. Now it felt strange, lying stretched out on crisp hotel sheets only a few blocks from what had once been his and Erik's apartment.
But they didn't live there anymore. He and Erik had made the move a few weeks ago to Chicago, leaving their ratty apartment to move in with Kayla Thorn. It wasn't Chicago proper -- she lived in a semi-suburban area considerably different from the downtown Indy area they'd previously called home. It would take some getting used to, Jason knew, but then again everything about Kayla's role in his and Erik's life took getting used to. And it was worth it.
There were two queen-sized beds in the hotel room, but Jason, Erik, and Kayla were on the bed closest to the window, luggage and a couple of guitar cases piled on the other. At the moment Kayla and Erik lay spooned together, Kayla's body curved into Erik's. They were both sound asleep still, while Jason lay staring out the window behind them, where morning had just started to turn the sky pinkish gray.
He didn't know what time it was. The hotel room clock had been blinking twelve o'clock since they'd checked in, and none of them had bothered to reset it. His phone was just far enough out of reach that he would have to roll over to lay hands on it, and he didn't feel like moving at the moment. He just wanted to lie there listening to Kayla and Erik breathe, feeling their shared warmth as it seeped through the blankets to him. He could smell Erik's musky morning smell, the softer scent of Kayla's skin. He wanted to touch them both, but he held back, unwilling to disturb them.
He and Erik had been together nearly as far back as he could remember, starting as children sharing the vagaries of the foster care system. From an early age, it had been apparent that they simply couldn't be separated -- when they were sent to separate placements, they'd both become sick, weak, surly, unmanageable or any combination of the above. Eventually, the strange, seemingly symbiotic relationship they shared had led to their becoming lovers.
For Erik, the relationship had been exclusive by necessity. He couldn't have sex with anyone but Jason. He'd tried, and the attempt had nearly killed him. And without the intimate connection to Jason, he faded. Jason was almost certain Erik would die without him, but they hadn't tested that theory. Just thinking about it made his heart race and his hands go clammy.
On the other hand, Jason could have sex with anyone he chose -- and had done so with impressive thoroughness even for a good-looking, healthy twenty-something man who fronted a moderately successful rock band. His sexual exploits created an energy of some kind -- mystical, metaphysical, electromagnetic, who the fuck knew -- which he then shared with Erik by fucking him silly. It was strange and weirdly perverted in its way, but it was necessary. They'd discovered the hard way that trying to function like normal people led to serious, potentially deadly consequences.
All that had changed when they met Kayla. Somehow, she completed a circuit they hadn't known existed. With Jason, with Erik, with both of them, she made them a single unit. Made them whole.
He let his gaze fall from the window to look at her, there where she lay in Erik's loose embrace. Her blonde hair was tousled, and he could see the red edge of a love bite peeking out past the neckline of her nightgown. He couldn't remember if his teeth or Erik's had made it. He assumed his own -- Erik wasn't nearly as fond of biting as Jason was.
She was older than either of them. By how much, he didn't know, and he didn't care. He'd find out eventually, he was sure, but all that really mattered was what she meant to him, and what her presence in their lives meant to Erik. He glanced out the window again, and when he looked back, Kayla was watching him. She smiled softly as his gaze met hers, and he smiled back and scooted a little closer.
"Hi," he said quietly.
"Sleep well?"
She nodded. Her hand moved to cover Erik's where it lay loosely against the curve of her belly. The movement seemed automatic, as if she simply sought his touch without thought.
Jason moved closer to her, careful not to jostle the bed too much. He didn't want to disturb Erik, but he wanted very much to kiss Kayla.
So he did, leaning forward until their lips just brushed, then leaning in a little more. Her mouth opened softly under his, her body shifting slightly toward him without disturbing Erik's arm across her stomach.
"You taste good," he murmured against her mouth.
"No, I don't." She laughed a little, the sound of it self-conscious.
"You taste like morning."
"Not really a good thing."
He made a noncommittal hum in response and shifted his weight to one elbow so he could cup her breast with his free hand. The soft, warm weight of it fit his fingers perfectly. She made a soft sound in the back of her throat as her nipple grew erect, pressing against the middle of his palm. Her eyes had gone dark, eyelids lowering in obvious desire. The look on her face, that open, uninhibited lust, made him want her more than anything he'd ever wanted in his life. Except maybe Erik. Which was as it should be. He would never get tired of this. Never. He bent closer to kiss her again.
Nothing about this, Kayla thought, would ever get old. She couldn't imagine ever looking into Jason's blue eyes and not wanting him. His mouth moved over her body, taking in every inch of her skin as if he were trying to memorize her. The soft flow of heat had already begun, bringing with it that inexplicable flow of power that was more than lust, more than need, that poured over her skin and through it, that made her stronger and fuller and so filled with life that she shook with it.
He felt it too, she knew, but it wasn't as new to him. He'd lived with this all his life, with the way sex filled him up and made him alive. With the way he shared that with Erik. She'd only been involved with them for a few months, and it all took some getting used to.
This didn't, though. Jason's tongue traced over the curve of her lower belly, dipped into her navel. His mouth was hot on her skin, and she let out an involuntary mewling sound, forgetting that Erik lay sleeping behind her. He stirred slightly, but didn't awaken. That wouldn't last long, she was certain, not the way Jason was working her over. Especially if his mouth kept moving down...

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