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Price of Passion Collection by Aubrey Ross

Price of Passion (Collection)

by Aubrey Ross
Cover art: Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-59596-365-9
Genre(s): Action Adventure/ Suspense, Sci-Fi, BDSM, Collections
Theme(s): Ménage, Bisexual and More
Series: Price of Pleasure
Length: Collection


Price of Passage: Moments after departure, Ivy Slane discovers an escaped sex slave hiding in her cargo bay. Kade is convincing her not to turn him in when her ship is attacked by pirates. Seeing no alternative but death, Kade offers his services to Traborn Morel, commander of the pirate ship. Traborn isn't opposed to the pleasure Kade offers, but he's even more interested in teaching both his prisoners the true meaning of surrender.
Price of Pleasure: Mason has guarded the fact that she is a shapeshifter, knowing the Sabrotine Federation will not offer the same respect to a woman they extend to a man. Her new body guard, Kade, arouses her as no other lover ever has, but can he accept her complex nature?
Price of Passion: After Jazz and Bluz rescue Treena from an angry mob, she's strongly attracted to both brothers. Jazz knows a past betrayal is making Bluz overly cautious, so he agrees to help Treena seduce his reluctant sibling. She knows they can be happy together. All they have to do is erode the barriers Bluz has erected around his heart.
Price of Passion (Collection)
Aubrey Ross
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2011 Aubrey Ross
Excerpt from Price of Passage

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Ivy held her breath as her ship slipped past the Sabrotine blockade. Black market shields assured the patrol cruisers were unable to detect the nimble Chrysalis. Still, Ivy never breathed easy until they were well out of range.
"Almost there," Bluz said.
The previous owner of the Chrysalis had offered to throw in the indenture contracts of Bluz and his brother Jazz, if Ivy would pay full price for the spaceship. The brothers knew more about the Chrysalis than anyone alive, so Ivy had reluctantly agreed. When the terms of their contracts matured, Ivy offered them paid positions and they had been the heart of her twelve-man crew ever since.
"All clear, captain." Bluz winked at her. "You can exhale."
She smiled and blew out an exaggerated breath.
"Jazz to Slane," an agitated voice transmitted over the general comlink. "We've got a slight... complication." Jazz was head of security and he was extremely hard to rattle, so his obvious hesitation sent a chill down Ivy's spine.
"What's the nature of this complication?" She glanced at Bluz. He shrugged his broad shoulders and turned back to his scanner console, likely identifying his brother's exact location.
"We have a stowaway."
"A what?"
"An unauthorized passenger in cargo bay three."
Any passenger would be unauthorized. The Chrysalis was strictly a cargo ship. "I'll be right there."
Jazz had the stowaway backed against a waist-high crate. The cavernous bay was nearly empty as they had just off-loaded on Palonti. All Ivy could see was sleek black hair and the person's upraised hands. The echo of her boot heels against the textured alloy floor drew a quick glance from her head of security.
"He hasn't said a word," Jazz informed her. "I'm not sure he understands Standard."
Ivy approached cautiously, making sure Jazz had a clear shot at their uninvited guest. Tall and lean, the man shared the rich bronzed skin of those native to Palonti. Thick-lashed pastel blue eyes and the most sensual mouth Ivy had ever seen momentarily muddled her thoughts. He was saved from being pretty by a firm jaw and broad shoulders, but her nipples tightened and her body stirred just looking at the man.
"Are you able to understand me?" She spoke in a calm, non-threatening tone.
"Aletro din rakins tro'slen mentle?"
She recognized the cadence of the Palontian language, but she didn't comprehend his words. The Sabrotine Federation had been in the process of incorporating Palonti into their mighty empire when the local government rebelled. Would he understand Sabrotine?
"Do you know these words?"
"No Palontian willingly utilizes them, but we appear to have no alternative." He spoke Sabrotine with an intriguing accent, which only added to his exotic appeal. His dark blue jacket was elaborately embroidered in gold and left open, displaying the firm planes and rippling definition of his torso. Similar embroidery ran down the side seams of his formfitting pants and a golden cord crisscrossed from waist to crotch, accenting the considerable bulge beneath. The gaudy outfit, and his haughty stance, reminded her of an ancient matador.
She dragged her gaze back to his face and inclined her head. "I'm Captain Ivy Slane and your presence here is a violation of --"
"You command this vessel?" He glanced at Jazz and made a derisive sound. "Are there no able bodied males for such duties?"
"Sorry. You're stuck with me." She pretended indifference to his arrogance. "I'm within my rights to shove you out the nearest airlock. Do you realize that?"
"You will not." He made the statement with absolute confidence. "I am far too valuable."
"Valuable to whom?"
"Take me to your quarters and I'll demonstrate."

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