Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sensations by Emily Rowe


by Emily B. Rowe
Cover art: Karen Fox
ISBN: 978-1-60521-651-5
Genre(s): Action Adventure/ Suspense, BDSM
Theme(s): Ménage, Bisexual and More, Dark Desire
Length: Novella


Nevaeh Jacobs fell hard for Micah Gregory two years ago, only to vanish. Now she needs help, and the man she abandoned is her only hope. He agrees but his offer comes with strings: a weekend with him -- and his right-hand man Tony Patel.
Unfortunately, the web of lies and deceit following Nevie intrudes on their weekend of sensual control. Unwilling to run any longer, Nevie will be forced to fight a drug-running madman and her own sister. When the smoke clears, who will still be standing?
Emily B. Rowe
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2011 Emily B. Rowe

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Nevaeh and two others slipped in unnoticed while the bouncer's eyes were glued to the up-thrust cleavage of an underage blonde trying to flirt her way into the club. This bouncer wouldn't last long at Sensations at this rate. Laws like the legal age limit were strictly enforced at Sensations, as were the dictates of the owner, Micah Gregory.
"You comin' in or stayin' out?" the woman at the register asked. "Fee's ten if you're in."
Nevaeh pulled out two crumpled five dollar bills and received a stamp on the back of her hand. She braced herself for the ear assaulting throb of the music. Cigarette smoke coated the club's outer area in an artificial cloud, making her eyes water and lungs burn.
Flashing strobe lights matched the body-vibrating beat of the music. People wearing fluorescent paint gyrated everywhere, trying to leave an afterglow behind them under the black lights. Nevaeh maneuvered her way around the packed nightclub toward the hidden door next to the men's room.
Before she could touch the wall panel concealing the door, a hand grabbed her arm, forced her around, and shoved her against the wall. Her stomach clenched and dropped when a man pulled the hoodie from her head.
"That isn't for you... Nevie? Shit, girlie." Hank, a former bodybuilder, had started off as a bouncer and worked his way up to manager. He flinched and looked up at one of the many security cameras around Sensations. "He's going to be pissed you're here, girlie. You'd best get out of Dodge while you can."
Nevaeh shook her head. The smooth strands of her hair caught on her face and lips. She finger combed them away from her face.
"I can't, Hank. He didn't call you, did he?"
Hank shook his head slowly, stealing glances at the closest camera. Micah had all his higher management and bouncers equipped with system earpieces. They all thought it made them look like buffed up secret service agents. No one had the nerve to tell them that with the black lights the wire looked like something was trying to suck out their brains. In Nevie's opinion, it would have been an improvement for a couple of them. Micah could have stopped her progress at any time through Hank's communications. They all knew it.
"All right, girlie, just be careful. He hasn't been the same since you took off." Hank moved the panel and entered the code.
"Thanks, Hank."
She made her way up the stairwell by feel and memory. Micah, while he didn't stop her, didn't welcome her by turning on the lights, either. She hoped she knew what she was getting into, but something told her she was not only playing with fire but walking into the flames.
* * *
Monitors lined one wall of the office, showing the club clearly. Specialized computer programs filtered out the black light and the random bursts of light from the three mirror balls. Tonight Micah didn't see the figures dancing, shouting their drink orders over the music blasting, paying to get in, or the wannabe thief who tried to take money from the bar's main tip jar thinking the chaos would hide him. Luckily, one of the six floor bouncers did catch him and hauled the offender out of the club minus his clutched take, half of whatever he had in his wallet, and being permanently banned from not only Sensations but from all of Micah's establishments. No one stole from Micah or his people.
Two years. It was a long time to forget and to hate. He wished he could say he experienced either, but he found lying distasteful, especially to himself. He had known the second she had walked into Sensations. No matter what she did, he would recognize her: her legs, her feet, her walk. Every woman he'd dated and bedded he'd compared to her, and each had been found wanting, even if they didn't steal and run from him.
With a curse, Micah tossed his whiskey back while he and Tony followed Nevie's progress through his nightclub. Tony barked into his cell to fire the bouncer on the door and to throw out the blonde he'd let in. Hearing Tony, Micah wondered how he had the mindset to do so. Micah's obsession for Nevie was too strong for him to focus on anything other than her. After all, Tony had never had the chance to bed her, or perhaps that meant his own obsession ran deeper.
Micah sighed. After Nevie had run off, Tony had confessed his desire for her. It'd sure explained all the explosions of temper they'd set off in each other. Their shared desire for a woman they couldn't have had brought them closer than ever before. Though they'd searched for news concerning Nevie, not even his best sources could turn up a hint of her.
After a month they'd resorted to asking her druggie sister for news, but of course, her information was unreliable. Angel Jacobs only cared about her next score. Micah had eventually begun focusing on his next big business deal.
Nevaeh had been not just a breath of fresh air but an entire summer. Even now, after all she'd done, the thought of her body, having her under his control, her mouth, her hands, the sexy sounds she made... It took everything he had to not go fully erect at the very thought of having her again. That part of his life was over.
"Micah, she's almost here. Are you sure about this?" Tony asked. "We still have time..."

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