Friday, September 30, 2011

Bound and Determined by Belladonna Bordeaux

Bound and Determined

by Belladonna Bordeaux
Cover art: Karen Fox
ISBN: 978-1-60521-695-9
Genre(s): Sci-Fi, BDSM
Theme(s): Ménage, Men and Women in Uniform
Length: Novella

It's bad enough that Va'Resh Candori is stuck working for the League of Sentient Beings. It's even worse when she is partnered with Logan McNair. Insubordinate and often defiant, he's exactly what she wants, but can't have according to Correllian law. Until her mating cycle takes control of her discipline and he throws a curve ball at her.

Logan McNair was born half Earthling and half Correllian. He's seen the worst of his mother's home planet and experienced firsthand what Correllia has been doing to the few men born of their species. He's got to get over his justifiable rage to fulfill a destiny no longer believed to be true on Correllia. He has to take his life mate to bed during her mating cycle and mark her as his own.

With the help of two friends, he'll rock her world and hopefully forge a new future for them and their species.
Bound and Determined
Belladonna Bordeaux
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2011 Belladonna Bordeaux

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"Can you see where he went?" InterGal Special Ops Officer Va'Resh Candori followed the path her mark had taken less than sixty ticks ago. Weaving in and out of the couples dancing, she kept moving toward the exit and her partner, Logan McNair. Her gaze slashed left, then right. She got an eyeful of half-naked aliens rocking it out to the intoxicating music streaming from the band. Immune to the powerful aphrodisiac created by the Dariean flute, she sidled past the raised platform upon which the band played. The Vorian she'd been sent to tag continued to elude her.
Damn, I hate chasing shape-shifting nimrods who decide they can get away with scamming the League of Sentient Beings.
She skirted a pair of Tallusians about to get down and dirty on the synthe-chol sticky floor when she caught a glimpse of the empty exit. "Logan, any sign of him?"
Static answered her.
Her gaze flew to the only exit out of the bar. Empty. "Logan, come in."
Knowing the earthling the way she did, she didn't doubt he was off with some alien getting his rocks off and his groove on. A sigh slid from her lips. A pang of emotion hit her hard in the chest. Anger rose inside her. The unwarranted jealousy she'd suffered from since seeing her partner in action three months ago was getting the better of her. "Logan, answer me."
She had half a mind to send him back to League Headquarters for his continued insubordination and flagrant disregard of direct orders. Directives that came straight from her boss and she delivered in no-nonsense, do-as-I-say terms. Unfortunately, there was a bit of her that still wanted to see if the human could come up to the bar set for him. She didn't think he could, but she almost appreciated his go-getter attitude, which went against everything her own culture believed possible in the male gender.
She was a Correllian. Strategic. Purposeful. Lethal.
Another problem had reared its ugly head during their last mission. She was so flipping attracted to Logan she'd nearly gotten them blasted to the Mountains of Ornac.
Why me? How many times had she asked herself that question since the altercation with the space pirates? Too many to count. Why does he make me so aroused I can scarcely think straight?
Truthfully, she should have anticipated the space pirates' sister ship hiding behind an asteroid. Another sigh slid from her lips. A tingle of wanton lust tripped up her thighs. She knew why she'd nearly cost them their lives. She'd been too busy watching Logan's hands move across the control panel, wondering what they'd feel like on her skin...
She should have expected the sister ship to be willing to throw everything at her vessel to avoid capture. No. She'd been too busy squirming in her seat with unrequited lust.
If it hadn't been for Logan taking control of the situation, they'd have found themselves captives to be ransomed, sold to a slaver or, most likely, shot out of space.
Mentally picturing the League of Sentient Beings collectively rubbing their hands together in glee if they found out about her affinity for him, she stopped her forward progression to scan the bar again for her target and her partner.
Come on. Where are you?
Her gaze slid over at least a half dozen races but no Vorian and no Logan. Farden frig.
The bar-goers represented a fraction of the races dotted across the universe. In a sick and sad way, they represented the League's current motto: the more intergalactic colonies, the better. The mind-set had begun a massive vidi-screen campaign regarding multi-species partnerships. The intermingling of species was a high priority for the League.
Get your mind back in the game, she mused, using an old Earth phrase she'd heard Logan whisper every once in a while.
She was trying to do exactly that, but it wasn't easy. An image of Logan smiling down at her popped into her head, and she couldn't shake the feeling of dread creeping up her spine. She was on, as he would say, shaky ground. It was a dangerous combination of meeting a man who literally said farden frig to all the rules drilled into her head and wanting someone who epitomized everything the Correllian men would never be -- virile.
At least she supposed that was true. Then again, considering she'd never met a Correllian man, she might be extrapolating to a great degree.
There was one fact that couldn't be ignored. All male offspring on her planet were confined due to an infection that "supposedly" made them insane. Many of the lower castes didn't believe the government's rhetoric. The common belief was the eugenics project begun nearly a hundred stellar years ago had gone awry and now only those females deemed worthy could offer an egg to be matched with complimentary sperm. And that was only after paying huge sums of space credits for the preliminary testing.
Then there were the rumors that the reproduction lab was low on viable sperm. The rebel news sources had reported that the men were worn out from years of squirting the next generation into the breed-chambers. If that was the truth, she couldn't imagine what their lives were like.
Truthfully, she prayed she never had to really understand what it was like to be that alone and without a firm purpose.
"Oomph," she gasped when a club-goer bumped into her. Snapped out of her morbid thoughts, she blew out a breath.
"Fuck." For a moment she wondered exactly how much influence Logan had over her, since she was now using earthling swear words. She negotiated her way toward the exit.
Logan McNair. Bane of my existence.
Her heart beat hard in her chest...

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