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Final Cut, Miami-- Come, Go With Me by Belinda McBride

Final Cut Miami: Come, Go with Me

by Belinda McBride
Cover art: Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-60521-696-6
Genre(s): Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Theme(s): Shapeshifters, Magic, Gay and Lesbian
Series: Final Cut Miami
Length: Novella
Page Count: 64

One impossible night, two young men made love in a magical Caribbean bay, only to be separated by a violent storm. Decades later Dave Riley still remembers and grieves for a love long lost. Forever drawn to the ocean, he never stops looking for the boy named Kai.
Kai is the descendant of a powerful Polynesian deity. His nomadic life was disrupted when he became infatuated by a young human... one who slipped through his fingers and into the darkness of a tropical storm. He should have been able to move on, but Kai's heart is no longer free.
A good deed and some well-intentioned magic reunite the couple. After so many years apart, can an aging surfer and an immortal demi-god find anything other than heartbreak? 

Final Cut Miami: Come, Go with Me
Belinda McBride
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2011 Belinda McBride

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Riley lay on the mesh sundeck that stretched between the pontoons, staring down into the water of Stardust Bay. His father had already retired for the night, heading off to bed with a can of beer and Hemingway in hand. It was off-season, summer, and the end of Riley's year of freedom before college. He'd spent a lifetime on the water with his dad, and true to form, the old man had saved this amazing trip for last.
The bay had been beautiful in the daylight, but as it grew dark, the water became alive around them. Billions of tiny, photoluminescent plankton lit the water with the slightest touch. Fish glided along in eerie schools and the edges of the Melody's pontoons glowed. Riley slipped his hand down into the gap between the deck and pontoon, grinning as his fingers made a bluish-green trail in the water.
Deep down, a shape began to form. It glowed, leaving a line that lit briefly, and then went dark. He swallowed. It had to be something big, a dolphin or a large fish of some sort. As the light approached, it went deep, vanishing under the boat. Riley scrambled to his feet, crossing to port, but the light didn't emerge from that side. He heard water slapping against the pontoons and slowly, reluctantly, turned back to the sundeck. Nothing was there, but still, his heart didn't slow. He stepped from the slick deck of the boat to the nylon netting and knelt, peering over the edge. At first, there was nothing. He pillowed his head on his arms and slowly relaxed. It had simply been a fish.
The lapping of the water against the pontoons began to carry him off, and deliberately, Riley thought of Sasha, the pretty blonde girl he'd met back on St. Thomas. She'd been on vacation with her family, and before they'd set off for Miami, he and the girl had snuck off to a sheltered beach, having sex under the full moon.
His cock grew hard with the memory, and Riley ground his hips into the flexible netting, enjoying the memory of that night. With his eyes closed, he replayed the evening: the taste of beer on her breath, the taste of her pussy against his mouth. They'd spent hours doing everything in their limited repertoire, and had ended up sweaty and sticky, swimming away the sand in the warm, gentle water.
He rolled onto his back and opened his board shorts, clasping himself, lazily stroking, fueling his arousal. There'd be girls like her in college, girls who were willing and as curious as he. He stared up at the stars in the sky and imagined her face, but he couldn't remember it that well. Instead, he saw sea green eyes and tumbling dark hair.
It was Kai, the young man he'd run into dozens of times over the past year. He was a bit older than Riley, handsome, and the best surfer he'd ever met. They'd talked for hours about the waves in Hawaii, California and Tahiti. He'd taught Riley to windsurf, and Riley'd taught him about classic surfer music. Riley had learned something else about himself. His cock didn't discriminate. It liked the idea of Kai just as much as Sasha. Maybe more. Oddly, it didn't freak him out. So his fantasy shifted from a blonde girl to a dark haired boy, and his dick didn't mind at all.
Beneath him there was a slight splash and Riley went still. He should be afraid, he knew that. Out here in the middle of nowhere, it could be a pirate. Even in this day and age, they were still about, stealing everything from cameras and jewelry to yachts. Or it could be... no. He should get off the mesh deck and up to safety, but maybe safe wasn't what he wanted. His throat went dry and oddly enough, his cock stayed hard.
"Riley." The voice was odd, accented. He'd met people from every corner of the world, but he still didn't recognize the accent.
His heart started pumping, and he didn't bother to fasten his shorts. The stars above grew blurry past the tears in his eyes. Kai had finally come to him. It was crazy as hell, but here he was. Riley had never wanted a guy before, and now... he was scared.
Third time was always the charm. He dragged a deep breath into his lungs and tucked his erection back into his pants, sealing the Velcro closure. Slowly, carefully, he rolled back to his belly, peering into the water.
The water glowed around the young manĂ­s form. The moon shone down on his face. There was just enough light to tell Riley that Kai was even more beautiful -- too oddly lovely to be human, yet he had a face, hair, and arms like anyone else. Granted, his eyes were large and languid, the face almost fey in its beauty. His wet hair waved into spirals down his neck and shoulders, drifting out to halo around his body. He'd never before noticed it was that long.
Kai was naked, and Riley continued to look, following the lithe, muscular torso to where his hips and legs faded into darkness. The young man smiled and hooked his fingers into the rope that lashed the net deck to the pontoons. He kicked and rose higher, lighting the water around his... tail. Riley pressed his eyes closed and opened them again. The boy was almost to the deck, and Riley drew back, torn between fear and fascination. When Kai smiled, he smiled back.
"Riley, come, go with me..."

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