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White Hot Christmas: Emmy's Wish by Ayla Ruse

White Hot Christmas: Emmy's Wish
by Ayla Ruse

Cover art: ReneƩ George
ISBN: 978-1-60521-721-5
Genre(s): Urban Fantasy, Hot Flashes
Theme(s): Magic, Christmas, Seasonal Themes, Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures
Series: White Hot Christmas
Length: Hot Flash
Page Count: 29

Hey Santa,
This year, I want a BIG, real live man as my present. In case you aren't sure what I mean, I want BIG, um, male parts. I'm willing to negotiate to have him only one day -- preferably Christmas Day.
Your ever faithful worker ~ Emmy.
White Hot Christmas: Emmy's Wish
Ayla Ruse
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2011 Ayla Ruse

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Emmy woke up Christmas morning hopeful, excited, and with eyes squeezed shut. She took a deep breath and peeked to her right.
Damn. No hulking male. Instead, there was a shiny little golden bell resting on the pillow next to her head. "Thanks, Santa," she mumbled as she picked it up and gave it a little shake. Its tune spread high and bright through her room, and Emmy sighed. In truth, she wasn't surprised to find her bed empty -- again. Hopeful, but not surprised.
"No sense staying in bed if it's empty." Determined to enjoy her Christmas day, she climbed out from under the red satin sheets, naked -- ever hopeful -- and rummaged through the top of her messy bureau. Finding what she wanted, she picked out a shiny red and green twisted ribbon, which she threaded through the bell. She hung this around her neck, admiring how the bell rested perfectly in the shallow valley of her breasts.
She tapped the bell, smiled at the pretty tinkling sound, then cupped her small breasts and flicked her nipples. "Sorry, girls. Looks like we're flying solo again this year." Shrugging her shoulders, she bounced out of her bedroom.
Her destination: the kitchen, and breakfast. Even though it was still early and not much sunlight filtered in, she didn't turn on her lights. She'd decorated the high, open beams throughout her cottage with bright, twinkling, multi-colored rope lights, lending a festive glow throughout her home. Dancing a little to make her bell sing as she made her way into the living room, she didn't pay attention around her, and her leg banged against something solid.
Off balance, she fell over the obstacle and landed hard on the floor.
"Mmm, Merry Christmas to me," a low, male voice resonated through the room.
Emmy froze with her forearms on the floor, and her waist caught over what she quickly realized was a male leg.
"Does that sweet ass come with a face?" the voice inquired seductively.
Her initial embarrassment fled and excitement poured through her. She pushed up to her hands, turned her head and became speechless at the sight of the male draped across her couch. As she looked up his length, his clothing stood out first. His pants and shirt shimmered a blue and white blend that reminded her of the frozen lakes out back. She smiled at the bulge growing under his pants, but moved her gaze up to his face. His dark skin stood out starkly against so much white. It was difficult to pinpoint under the glow of the lights, but she'd put his coloring at a light smoky gray. Like the first shadows to fall at dusk. His white hair was long, thick, and shaggy -- not in a derelict way, but more of a blending in with nature kind of way.
She stopped breathing when their gazes locked. His eyes were white, with icy blue irises and a brighter starburst of white for pupils. He tilted his head and her gaze averted to his pointed ears. Elf's ears. It couldn't be. "You're an Elf?" she asked incredulously.
He nodded. "I'm a Border Elf."
"The ones that protect and patrol the North Pole? I'd heard you guys were ugly."
The Border Elf laughed out loud.
"You are definitely not ugly," she said hurriedly, teetering on his leg as she worked herself upright. Once on her feet, she didn't stay there for long. She crawled right up and over the male and straddled his hips as if she'd done so a million times before.
"Whoa." He grinned. His blinding smile dazzled her. "What's this about?"
"Santa sent you, right?"
"He did. He told me he had an Elf who wanted to play with a Border for a day."
She clapped her hands and, raising her head, whispered, "Thank you, Santa." Looking back into the arresting face of the male underneath her, she said, "You're my gift. I get to play with you all day!"

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