Saturday, December 21, 2013

Interview with Banning Hayes from Red Velvet Christmas: Merry Mate by B.J. McCall

What kind of job do you have?

A year ago, I inherited a rundown cattle ranch. The land sits at the base of Elk Mountain. I love the place and the life suits me. I plan to grow old here.

Who is your love interest?

When I moved to Elk Mountain, all I thought about was the fixing up the ranch. I never expected to find love or fall for a she-wolf. The pack elders aren’t too happy about it, but Sierra is the one for me.

Tell us about your first kiss with Sierra.

It happened at the annual Elk Mountain Christmas cookout. I’ve wanted to kiss Sierra since the first time I’d laid eyes on her, but the werewolves of Elk Mountain tend to stick to themselves when it comes to dating and mating. Sierra asked me to try on this Santa hat. I’m partial to my own hat, but I wasn’t about to disappoint her. She put the red hat on my head and when I looked at her I couldn’t resist. We weren’t on a date. It sorta just happened. Can’t say I regret it.
Odd thing is, I can’t get the hat off. It’s stuck on my head.

Do you have any pets?

I have a dog, Lucy. She’s good with the cattle but not with werewolves. Lucy’s never growled at Sierra so I’m hoping they’ll become friends.

Are you a night person or a morning person?

I’m a rancher. I have my first cup of coffee before sunrise and I’m in the saddle by first light. By sunset, I’ve put in a long day. Werewolves love running when the moon is high and Sierra is no exception. I’m not sure how we’ll work out this night person/morning person thing, but wolves need to howl at the moon and I want to make Sierra happy.

Would you share the blurb from your story?

Sure, and Merry Christmas.

A red velvet Santa’s hat that only fits one’s true love? Sierra doesn’t believe in magic, but she’s willing to give it a try and find her merry mate.

Banning is in love with Sierra, but the werewolves of Elk Mountain stick to their own kind. Banning would do anything to spend time with the beautiful she-wolf and he’s more than willing to try on a Santa’s hat to please her.

Humans are off limits, but what’s a wolf to do when the hat is a perfect fit?

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