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Decadent Decade Monday - Hot August Nights with Ayla Ruse

Welcome to Hot August Nights. My name’s Ayla Ruse and today I’m sharing a little about the first kiss between two of the three main characters in my latest Changeling Press release, Fever Hitch (Earth Con).
I like first kisses that have a build-up. The characters know each other, there’s sexual tension building between the pair until their desire can no longer be ignored or denied and there’s an explosion between them that simply makes me melt when I read it.
Ah, such is not the case here, however. Yes, as much as I love a build-up to kisses—just like a build-up to love—there are times when fate plays its hand backward. Just as there are relationships where love blindsides those involves, sometimes kisses can come from out of nowhere before something more meaningful develops. Does it cheapen the experience? No, not when a relationship DOES develop, and the participants can reminisce fondly of their different beginning. 
In this excerpt from Fever Hitch, Felicia is not acting completely herself. She’s sworn to take it easy with men, to look around and find her true love. When she takes something that affects her in ways she’d never imagined though, her wishes fly out the window and she’s left to ride out the storm…or in this case, a very handsome pair of aliens by the names of Ryker and Slate.

She didn’t seem to notice him other than to grind back against him, wiggling to the beat. Taking this as a good sign, Ry slipped a hand around her waist and spread his palm over her bare stomach. Her skin felt smooth and burning hot, and the way she moved made him want to stroke her even more.
She straightened then, but kept dancing. Pressing her thick mane of hair to his shoulder, she spoke to him over the music.
“Hi, handsome. You smell so good. Are you human?”
He lowered his jaw and brushed his lips across her cheek. “No. Do I have to be?”
She turned then, her arms sliding around his neck. She matched her body to his and asked if he was married.
“What’s that?” he wanted to know.
“You know, with someone? Forever?”
He shrugged. He’d be with Slate forever, but he and Slate didn’t fuck each other. “Not yet.”
“Good. Question number three --”
What was he, on some kind of interview? He thought the F’ldae didn’t care who or what they screwed. Maybe some had preferences after all.
“-- do you have a cock?”
Ry threw back his head and laughed. He’d been asked a lot of things in his lifetime, but questioning his male parts had never been one of them.
“It’s a legitimate question,” she argued. He supposed she did have a point. There were sexual parts of some aliens that even he wouldn’t go near.
“You tell me if this is what you need,” he said, and slipped her hand down his body to his thickening erection. She ran her palm over his slacks and scraped the bulging tip with her nails. He shuddered and pulled her close.
They danced that way, with her fondling him, until he couldn’t take it any longer and grabbed her agile hand in his.
“I’m supposed to have sworn off sex,” she said, lifting on her toes to nibble his neck, “but I can’t seem to help myself tonight. I want… no. I need to fuck so badly.”
“I know,” Ry told her, bending down and speaking against her lush lips. “Why don’t you come with me so my friend and I can ease your ache.”
Her breath caught. “You have a friend that would… have sex with me too? Is it a ‘he’?”
Ry nodded. Her eyes glazed over and he’d have to be dead to miss the way her body trembled. Yes, she’d be perfect for them for tonight. They would get what they needed, and Slate would see that a threesome could be possible. That they couldn’t just give up, that they had to keep looking for the one female to match with them perfectly. “C’mon,” he told her, pulling her gently off the dance floor. “Let’s go.”
She hesitated for all of half a second before she flung herself into his arms and pressed a kiss to his lips that made him dizzy. He wrapped his arms around her waist and the next thing he knew, her legs were twined around his hips and she pushed herself against his cock while rubbing her barely covered breasts against his chest.
The overheated female kissed and nibbled his neck while Ry navigated his way back to the table. Slate raised his brow at seeing them but otherwise didn’t say a word.
“Slate, I have a surprise for you.”

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