Thursday, August 14, 2014

New From Stephanie Burke, Ashlynn Monroe, and Willa Okati

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My Protector Part 2 (Angel Falls) by Stephanie Burke $4.49
Crippled without his Shadow Self, Richard must protect Amber from the darkness of her past.
Genre(s): Paranormal, Romance
Theme(s): Interracial/MultiCultural, Shapeshifters (Other)

Star Bride by Ashlynn Monroe $3.99
Tas and DeMarcus are finally ready to tie the knot, but not everyone is happy.
Genre(s): Futuristic, Sci-Fi , Romance
Theme(s): Menage, Bisexual and More

Wild Ones by Kira Stone $4.49
It'll take a lot of fast talking and hot sex to convince Billy his rightful place is in their pack.
Genre(s): Paranormal, Romance
Theme(s): Werewolves, Magic, Gay

Lust Magick (Box Set) by Willa Okati $4.99
Each Novice must win the challenge against his or her chosen Master. Do they have what it takes?
Genre(s): Paranormal, Box Sets, Romance
Theme(s): Bisexual and More, Magic

My Protector Part 1 (Angel Falls) by Stephanie Burke $4.49
He'll do everything he can to protect her -- even if he can't protect himself.
Genre(s): Paranormal, Romance
Theme(s): Interracial/MultiCultural, Shapeshifters (Other)

Love Rains by Kira Stone $3.49
When love rains down, childhood friends meet to see what's possible when the past is washed away.
Genre(s): Razor's Edge Press, Guilty Pleasures (Contemporary), Romance
Theme(s): New Adult

Eden's Reprise by Mikala Ash $2.99
Being a security officer at a nudist resort for the rich and famous isn't all beer and skittles.
Genre(s): Paranormal, Action Adventure & Suspense, Hot Flash!, Romance
Theme(s): 10th Anniversary Editions, Werewolves, Big Beautiful Women, Men and Women in Uniform

Charmed Lovers (Box Set) by Zenobia Renquist $5.99
With humans caught in a war between vampires and mages, three couples love endures amidst the chaos.
Genre(s): Paranormal, Box Sets, Romance
Theme(s): Interracial/MultiCultural, Vampires, Alternative Universe

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