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Decadent Decade Monday - September Hot Heroes with J. Hali Steele

Nolan from the THIRSTY series at Changeling Press’s Razor’s Edge is a favorite character of mine—maybe my most favorite—and of course he’s hot.

Known as Temperance in Heaven, he is responsible for giving temperance, or moderation, in all things, to humankind. Once he had a fling with the archangel, Gabriel, it was all over. Gabe wanted Temperance exclusively, however, Temperance is exclusive to no one, which makes him kind of a bastard who takes what he wants, when he wants it, and the universe be damned!

Caught by Gabriel in the act of having sex with a female seraphim, Temperance was banished to earth to serve Lucifer as a vampire slayer. Lucifer and Nolan, the name Temperance took from his first kill as a vampire, became lovers and Nolan became no more than a babysitter for the devil’s son in between slaying out-of-control vampires and creatures who all at some point visit Omen’s, a bar for gargoyles, werewolves, and other monsters of the night.

Nolan came about because of my love for vamps and angels, and I wanted to put them together and watch the sparks fly and, boy, do they ever! I love Nolan’s I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude, the fact that he fears no one, and even thumbs his nose at Heaven and hell!

Here’s an excerpt from Thirst to Die For (Book 2), available from Changeling Press at and most all ebook outlets.

Hell is coming to pay a visit, and Nolan's about to lose control.

Omen's, the club where monsters people thought only lived in nightmares come out to play. Many humans brave enough to cross the threshold never leave... Amanda enters Hell's playground and captures the attention of the most dangerous creature, a vampire Slayer who calls Omen's home.

Nolan, at war with one of Satan's sons, has absolute control of his surroundings and his life. He doesn't have time to play. But when the woman enters his domain smelling of pure joy and goodness, he decides to make some time.

But when Nolan gives life to Amanda's carnal fantasies, his own life changes. Hell is coming to pay him a visit, and he's about to lose control.

The smell of brimstone permeated Omen’s.
Nolan entered the club area in a blaze of white light and saw him standing casually at the bar. “Not here, Bane.” Three long welts ran from ear to chin on the left side of his face. One for each word of Nolan’s message. I’m coming, Bane.
“Fuck you.”
Peris, his gold horns protruding and tail swishing, stood in front of Moni.
Damn it. Nolan smelled her the instant she entered the room. “Amanda, don’t move.” Her scent of goodness distracted him.
“Aww, badass vampire, Daddy’s favorite Slayer, finally cares about somebody. Did you tell her you’re Satan’s whore?”
Amanda walked in front of him. Still naked, with her back to Bane, she said, “I don’t care who you fuck.” Her eyes brimmed with tears as she gazed up at him. “Nolan, I haven’t felt you in my mind, so you know this comes from my heart.” Tears slipped down her cheeks and she placed her hand on his heart. “I’m not too good to love you.”
Nolan couldn’t believe what happened next. His cold heart came alive and hammered against his ribs, causing him to hesitate. “No!” It was too late when he flashed in front of her.
Bane’s tail drove through Nolan’s right side, piercing Amanda’s heart and pinning them together. The smell of her blood filled his nostrils.
In disbelief, Nolan watched the spiny tail recoil. Wetness dripped down his face as he pivoted to catch Amanda. The walls of Omen’s rumbled when he swept her into his arms. “Dear God, no… no… no,” he wailed.
Through the fog of pain in his mind, he saw Peris’s tail slash into his brother and drag him to the floor. Red flames jumped from his fingertips, covering Bane in hell-fire.
Satan had kept his word and had given Peris enough power to stop his brother.
“No more. He’s mine.” Nolan left Bane writhing in agony as he lifted Amanda and laid her body in the nearest booth.
Returning to where Bane flailed on the floor, Nolan waved his hands, creating a cold wind that extinguished the flames. Dragging the man to his feet, he slammed him against the bar and ripped his chest open. Nolan leaned into Bane, bit into his bared heart and sucked until his mouth was full. Swallowing every drop, he bellowed, “I will follow you through Hell, and rip your heart out every day of the rest of my ungodly long life.”
The floor rocked violently beneath Nolan’s feet. Overhead fixtures flashed before bursting and sending a hot shower of glass around him. The walls burst into flames. Satan stood before Nolan, his eyes glowing red, his tail swishing high in the air.
“This is what you call change?” Nolan growled. “Why?”
“It’s as it should be.” Satan swiveled on his hoofed feet and went to Amanda. Stooping, he cradled her head and pressed his lips to hers. Air heaved loudly from her lips.
Nolan dropped to his knees.

The other books in the series, Thirsty (Book 1), Bane of Existence (Book 3), and A Vampire’s Thirst (Book 4), can all be found here:

J. Hali Steele wishes she could grow fur, wings, or fangs, so she can stay warm, fly, or just plain bite the crap out of... Well, since she can't, she would much rather roam where her fictional big cats live -- in the high desert of California. She enjoys spending time with her sisters and friends who willingly listen to her ramblings about the paranormal world and anything else that goes bump in the night. They're a captive audience, but she promises to untie them soon!

A multi-published author, and a member of RWA (PAN), when J. Hali's not writing, she can be found snuggled in front of the TV with a good book, a cat in her lap, and a cup of coffee.

My favorite saying: Growl and roar--it's okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele

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