Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tagline Tuesdays - Hot Heroes, Cool Stories

The setting of the book or movie may in snow, ice or frozen tundra, but that doesn’t mean the hero can’t be hot. According to Celebuzz, Colin Farrell is a hottie.  For this week's movie tagline I’ve chosen a Colin Farrell film, Winter’s Tale.
Winter’s Tale Tagline -  This is not a true story. This is a love story.

Changeling Press has hot heroes in cool settings.

The Adorable Snowman by Stephanie Burke

Not even the coldest of blizzards could chill the heat of his lust

Stalked by Jocelyn Michel

Seeking the Yeti, Cassie finds danger of another kind. Can Andrei save her from malicious vampires?

The Adorable Snowman

Stalked (Wild Things) by Jocelyn Michel

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