Thursday, February 02, 2017

Thirsty Thursday -- Cupid's Kiss

Cupid's Kiss Cocktail Ingredients

1 1/2 ounces Irish cream liqueur
1/2 ounce dark créme de cocoa
1 ounce amaretto
Hot chocolate
Whipped cream
A dash of rum

Steps to make a Cupid's Kiss Cocktail

Pour all the spiritz in a mug. Top it with the hot chocolate. Garnish with the fresh whipped cream and chocolate flakes. Serve Cupid's Kiss Rum Cocktail chill.

by Crymsyn Hart

Krampus led him through the house. As they passed the kitchen the gingerbread woman cook whistled at Cupid. He chuckled as they went up the stairs. They made it into the bedroom where Krampus shut the door. Cupid jumped when the lock clicked.
“Planning to keep me here locked up forever? If you do, love will wither and die around the world. Would you want to be responsible for that?”
“I could tie you up with tinsel to the bedposts, shove a candy cane up your ass, and watch as the gingerbread men suck your dick. It might be a fun show, but I’d rather not let any of my minions have at you.”
Cupid sauntered over and tugged on the waistband of Krampus’ pants. He worked the buttons loose and slipped his hand over Krampus’s cock. He hissed in a breath and kept his gaze focused on Cupid. His dick firmed even more, but he held in showing his passion. Cupid’s perfect mouth turned up into a sneer. “You’re a big boy. Bigger than I thought. I like that.”
Krampus walked his fingers down Cupid’s torso and over the shorts. His guest was already hard and ready. He wanted to take the man and make Cupid cry his name. “You’re not half bad yourself. You sure you know how to use that?”
The other incarnation cupped Krampus’ balls and squeezed them. A zing raced from the base of his shaft and through him until his heart slammed into his chest. His legs wobbled. He could barely hold in the moan from needing to give into the craving to be claimed by the other male. He understood it was part of Cupid’s power overwhelming him so he could make Krampus do what he wanted. The first instinct he had was to fight him off, but Krampus let that power wash over him until the yearning encompassed his entire being. The pressure built in him as Cupid moved up his shaft. The silky flesh of his hands worked over him until he couldn’t hold it back any longer. He grabbed Cupid’s arm and cried out. His guest snickered.
“It looks like you know how to use yours, too. Although, you’re almost there.” He grabbed his shaft and squeezed.
The pain brought him even closer to orgasm. “What are you doing?”

“Just making sure you’re focused on me. You’re not going to come yet.” Cupid released him and left him panting. “Take your pants off and get on the bed.”


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