Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thirsty Thursday Excerpts and More!

The Cat's Meow
1 oz Whiskey
1 scoop vanilla ice cream

1) Simply wiz it up in a blender and pour into a small snifter or an old fashioned glass and enjoy! It may sound weird because of the whiskey, but it's delicious


Casey sat in the lobby, waiting for Travis, whose cousin just happened to be working the night shift at the desk of the Holiday Inn Express.
That was a fine thing. Not so much sneaking around needed.
“Dude, you talking ‘bout the city folks? They took the suite for eight weeks!”
“No shit. They say what they was here for?” Travis leaned on the desk, talking quiet, but Casey still heard.
“Nope. The little one, he was looking green around the gills. I bet he gets bit tonight. That big male, he’s looking for trouble.”
“Damn.” Travis glanced back at him. “Can we dip in the hot tub if it’s empty, man?”
“Sure. Sure, it ain’t like we’re all full or nothing.”
“Thanks.” Travis handed over a bag of Taco Bell. “Seven layer burrito and a Mexican pizza.”
“Oh, dude. Dude! You totally rock.” Butch bounced, still ninety percent kitten.
“I know.” Travis chuckled, then headed back to Case. “Come on, babe.”
“Suite, huh? They aren’t sleeping together. The little kit is pouring with need.”
“I bet they were supposed to have two rooms. Why you think the big guy changed his song so fast?”
“Boredom? Jealousy? He’s a psycho?”
“Not helping,” Travis told him.
They made their way back to the pool and hot tub area, and score, no one was there.
They stripped down and slipped into the water, starting the bubbles up straightaway. That was the best, all that hot water and the jets and a naked Travis. Just the best.
“Is that him?” Travis whispered. “Up in the second floor window?”
Casey peered up, and he thought it sure looked like their wee hottie. Pocket kitty. He raised a hand and waved.
Oh, the sheers moved, the curtains fluttering. Hello, kitty.
Travis raised a hand, as well, motioning to the man in the window. Beckoning.
Casey knew how impossible that was to resist.
He swore he could hear the moan, the low, soft moan that meant Robin was with them.
Come on, kitty. Come play.
They could risk it, have a little nibble, a little stroke and purr, couldn’t they? Just the quickest little taste.
Travis chuckled when the curtain dropped into place, the shadow moving toward the door. Casey agreed. Hoo yeah. “This is going to be fun, hmm?”
“We’re going to set the world on fire.”
Robin slipped out of the back door of the hotel, robe pulled tight around him. He tiptoed, looking around furtively. “Um. Hey.”
“Hey. We didn’t mean to get you in trouble, kit.”
“Oh, he was just ready to get some rest, I think.” Robin vibrated, chewing on his lower lip when he looked between Travis and Casey.
Casey held out a hand. “Come and join us?”
“I’d like that. The water looks fine.” Robin slowly untied his robe.
“It is. Bubbly.” Casey floated to one side to let Robin in. No crowding right yet.
“Warm, too. I take it y’all are from here?”

“Yessir.” Travis moved just enough to let Robin have space. His adorable, aggressive lover.

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